Sunday, 10 August 2008

Heath Ledger's Two Hands

One for Heath Ledger's MK File, his 1999 movie Two Hands, set in Australia (Oz, his homeland) primarily in the red light district of King's Cross. The recent stories about Mary-Kate (MK, the twins are 3rd in the Forbes young rich list with £7.7 million from their "Dualstar" company, just behind Miley Cyrus and Harry Potter) Olsen's involvement in Ledger's death is interesting, not sure what to conclude from it though. Just like to mention Ledger's performance which I found quite exceptional in this. There are some numerology synchs (i.e. Pando [pronounced panda, black/white animal], the main "bad guy" gets a 131 score in Scrabble) and other MK phrases I noted throughout but I just wanted to upload the images from it. I'm obliged to mention the predictable butterfly mention though (showing the massive effect something so small can have), when sitting alone on the beach about to lose his money; "Sometimes, small things can magnify themselves into big things. The flap of a butterfly wing can turn itself into a raging tornado..." before jumping under water and two ill-fated street kids run down the stairs to steal his $10,000 (leading to all the problems, just from taking a swim).

Heath Ledger's octgasmic room (lots of octagons, interlocking).

Thug police wear their Freemasonic symbols (checkerboard) all over the world (well Australia and UK anyway, America has its occult star symbols and such).

33, 13. Below is the #13 apartment he was supposed to deliver £10,000 to, but the occupant dies.

Not sure what the tattoo is of, perhaps a heart with a snake in/around it?

Note his yin-yang (duality) black/white symbol (his dead brother symbolic "zombie philosopher" also has this) framed with a valis/zebra dress.


Jimmy (heath ledger) works at #37 (777 Crowley) strip joint. Below he is framed with "LAM", more Crowley.

Twin pillars scene (he's the one on the floor being beaten up).

Prophesizing Heath Ledger's involvement with Batman, ultimately leading to his demise.

Masked Ledger.

Standard shattered glass scenes, during a bank robbery.

Heath walks through a hallway of mirrors towards the "bad guys"' room with a checker pattern floor.

Heath is strangled (hanged manish) by a coiled telephone wire with triangles (up and down, as above so below) near him, note his head is positioned over a light square on the checkerboard carpet.

The child above has DRAGONs written on the jersey's front, and 12 on the back, 2012 is the year of the dragon (time for some payback?). The "street kid" gets payback (for her friend being run over in a chilling scene by them) and shoots the gangsters on the checkerboard floor, with the chess board also in the room. After the "street kid" (which 'kid' by the way, is the same word for a baby goat which should tell you something about society as a whole and who created the language, REVOLT! We are not goats ready to be sacrificed in their future wars!) has killed them we get the standard one eyed shot (it zooms into the eye), with fire in her eye (same as his brother had at one point).

Octagons (8) (back to his room near the end) and 7 in the frame.

The film ends with Heath and his love interest taking a plane "up north", obviously note the Sun which symbolizes the Sun worshippers that controlled him [the guy pictured is just a random geezer]. Below is an interview with Heath about the movie and the first 10 minutes of the movie (click if for the rest of the parts), it is very good imo. Edit: Had not seen the new soundlessdawn/jake kotze video (great stuff, do not agree with some of it though) which briefly mentions the yin-yang in this too, without going into mind control, obviously.


The Secret Sun said...

Is it that he hadn't developed his chops yet or does he look like he's in some post-hypnoptic trance in this film? Very odd career, that one. You could spend the rest ofyour life looking into it.

By the way, I know the cops in Chicago wear the checkerboards. Probably elsewhere here, I'm sure.

Benjamin S said...

I know what you mean, especially during the "butterfly" mentioning scene on the beach when they zoomed right in on his face before he jumps under water, he looked in a total trance (I'm starting to think a lot of these actors actually are in post-hypnotic trances during their performances with the lines and actions [and the general demeanor of the character in the scene] already programmed in through hypnosis... but that's obviously an insanely wild theory). Really enjoy these type of "spaced out" performances though for some reason, they seem more "real"... wonder why! [maybe these actors actually think they are real situations, programmed to blank out the cameras and all that and live truely in the moment that exists in the scene being filmed]

Cheers for the comment Chris, did not know that some American police wear the checkerboards, not really surprising though :|.

Conspiracy007 said...

Director Gregor Jordan grew up on an air force base in Oztrailia

Anonymous said...

The lights on the stairs (as well as the vertical lights in the hall on the walls) are the types of lights used during certain types of MK torture. No suprise tht most performers have these lights around the mirrors in their dressing rooms.

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