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Is tomorrow, 8/08/08, the luckiest day of the year?

R.I.P. Kentroversy, Kent Daniel Bentkowski's work will never be forgotten and continues to be inspirational to us all (directly or indirectly, through people using his work such as an Eyes Wide Shut article I linked to in this post a few weeks ago, you really cannot overstate how much he will be missed).

Click image. [remember the "terrorist group" expected to be blamed for this are the "Turkestan Islamic Party" (or TIP, and Tip is the name of an Oz character) so we have Disney mind control themes at the Beijing Olympics and Oz themes in the terrorist group's name]

I recently posted on the potential for a "terrorist" attack targeting the Olympics that start tomorrow, which I will be watching with great interest (might even do some live-action blog posts pointing out the symbolism in the opening ceremony or something, probably not though). This was confounded by an attack one week after my post that killed 16 (note their mentioning "3.3 million" near the end). "The attack is believed to have been carried out by a terror group that has threatened to strike at the Olympics and is said by the Chinese authorities to have links to Al Qaeda." [Links to Al Qaeda = Links to CIA] I would surmise that everyone involved in that attack has been brainwashed (obviously), but also that they are (and other "TIP" members) probably mind controlled and will be triggered into more action when the Olympics kick off tomorrow (or not, who knows?), if we talk about it then that decreases the chances of it happening which can only be a good thing. Those smog masks the media was talking about as some kind of controversy because the Americans were wearing them reminded me of the masks that the 9/11 first responders/clear up people should have been wearing had they not been systematically lied to by the government (telling them the air was safe to breath). Here, Interpol predicts the potential attacks back in April suggesting they may have fore knowledge of the forthcoming false-flag terror attack, "

Meanwhile the head of Interpol has warned that there is a "real possibility" that the Beijing Olympics will be targeted by terrorists.

"We must be prepared for the possibility that al Qaeda or some other terrorist group will attempt to launch a deadly terrorist attack at these Olympics," Ronald Noble said."


So, bearing that in mind, here is some twisted irony/humour (got to love their mentioning of all the organized chaos at home as well) from the Daily Mail. "Is 08/08/08 the luckiest day of the year?" where a commenter helpfully points out that Princess Beatrice (who I did a few brief posts on) was born on August 8 1988 (08/08/88) which I did not know and certainly adds to her "mind control mystique".

You might not wake up tomorrow feeling very lucky. And what with falling house prices, rising food costs and the ever-increasing cost of motoring, you may well consider yourself quite the opposite.

But don't fall into complete and utter despair just yet. For tomorrow - in some circles at least - is held to be one of the luckiest days ever.

Its significance is said to lie in the importance of the number eight, which is linked to good fortune by many cultures. [Total Control, China is the most brainwashed society of all, no wonder the number 8 is considered by them in particular to be a "lucky number"]

And as this is the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of this millennium, there are three of them in a row - 8/8/08 - which apparently all adds up to a pretty darn cosmically good state of affairs.

The number eight is a lucky number for millions around the world

The belief is particularly strong in China, where eight is very lucky.

This is because the words for the number eight are ba in Mandarin and paat in Cantonese, which sound similar to the words for prosperity, fa in Mandarin and faat in Cantonese. [among other reasons I'm sure]

It is no mere coincidence [no it isn't, but it has nothing to do with "luck"] that the Chinese chose to start the Olympics in Beijing today - and at exactly 8.08pm. The date and time were specially picked in a bid to bring them luck. [or occult numerology as part of a massive ritual]

Chinese tradition aside, numerologists say eight is known as the 'great balancer' or the karmic 'you reap what you sow'.

The internet, meanwhile, is awash with entries from those of a superstitious disposition from all over the world reminding us that this is an auspicious day to do everything from open a new business to move house.

The cynics among us will no doubt be quick to echo the words of Edmund Burke, the 18th century politician, who famously said 'superstition is the religion of feeble minds'.

Nevertheless, Tom Woods, of Little Clacton, Essex, will be counting himself a very lucky little boy today - because it is his eighth birthday.

He was born eight days overdue, weighing 8lbs 8oz, and has lived at house number eight in his street all his life.

His mother Andrea said: 'He is very excited. It was only last year that we twigged he would be eight on the eight of the eighth 2008.'

The Chinese timed the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for 8/08/2008 because of its lucky connotations [note the spirals, interlocking rings introduced (as the main symbol of the Olympics) by Hitler, Chinese dead-man blood resonating logo]

A quick glance back at what has happened on previous August 8s may partly back up the notion it is a lucky date.

Famous people born on 8/08 include the Duke of York's daughter Princess Beatrice (and in 1988 too), tennis champion Roger Federer (1981) and former Grand Prix ace Nigel Mansell (1954)..... but then again, August 8, 1963 was the date of the Great Train Robbery.

Yet such is the draw of 8/8/08 that couples are queueing up marry tomorrow.

Register offices have been booked up months in advance as couples hope to reap the fortune of 'all the eights'. In some parts of the country it is proving to be a more popular date to tie the knot this year than Valentine's Day.

In Newbury, Berkshire, bride-to-be Rosemary Donnan, 54, will wed fiance Wayne Lock, 45, today with eight bridesmaids and her wedding cake has been designed as three interlocking eights.

'I lived in Hong Kong in the 1980s so I picked up a bit of their culture,' she said.

In Liverpool, Rochelle O'Brien, 32, and Anthony Ellis, 24, have added yet more eights to their wedding by arranging it for 8am and having an eight-sided wedding cake. Keen observers will note they were also born eight years apart.

But while these and many other couples look forward to the happiest day of their lives, some numerologists and astrologists warn it might not really be that special after all.

In brow-furrowing internet discussions, they say a luckier day would have been the August 8 of 2,000 years ago - the pure 8/8/8. Today's date, despite its three eights, contains 'negative energies' from other numbers and therefore is not as favourable.

So it seems you just can't win - and maybe, after all, the only superstition worth abiding by is that it is bad luck to fall out of a 13th storey window on a Friday.

I'm hoping for a safe and explosion-free Olympics tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about 8/8/8. I don't think it's lucky either.

I have an ominous feeling about 8/8/8, but not in the sense of any terrorist attack. I think there are ritualistic overtones to the choice of 8, related to why Chinese revere the Dragon, which is an especially prevalent symbol in inner city, older Forbidden City Beijing.

I am speculating, but I believe this is almost like a public coronation or some type of power acknowledgment ritual asserting a return to a divine right to rule with China as the leaders for the NWO hierarchy/pyramid. And as per Matthew Delooze (dragon equivalent to serpent cult) a big event such as this showers devotional/worship-like energy upon the Dragon.

I'd have to write a blog post to cover this topic thoroughly, but dragon bloodlines = grail bloodlines, and it doesn't have anything to do with Jesus or Mary Magdalene. And divine isn't what I'd call it.

I stumbled upon a Masonic like site which said that 8 was the number of the dragon. I speculate it's considered lucky and prosperous because those in the power structure who do the bidding of the dragon have been rewarded in material wealth, (and not quite so lucky the rest of humanity.) And it said that Asia had been most worshipful through the ages to the "dragon", and that the balance of power had been transferred from US to China recently by these their gods (I say theirs because it's not mine). (If I can find site again, I'll forward on.)

"The origins of China's imperial rulers lie in a time when the worlds of men and gods were closer than they are now...[Until 20th century,] the Chinese emperor ruled by Heavenly Mandate as the divinely appointed Son of Heaven, intermediary between the world of gods and mortals - Heaven and Earth - in an unbroken dynastic tradition some 4,000 years old." - Time-Life series on Myth & Mankind, "Land of the Dragon"

Cheers, Ev

Michael Skaggs said...

Nice post Ben, looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies too!

I like what Anony added in too!

Cheers mate!

aferrismoon said...

Quite synchronous that your last post included KENTWOOD and this one highlights the passing of KENTROVERSY.
Sometimes I feel we have a deal more intelligent sensitivity than many of our articles give us credit for.
Perhaps we write about them but the subject matter often highlights something happening in our 'sphere', as the passing of Kent.
What I mean is that sometimes it may be worth waiting for the '2nd wave' of synchronicity to come through.
Thus I see your last article , now, less about Britney and MK, but at your sensitivity to the happenings in the world - if it don't sound too 'king pompous.
Anyhow will include it in a post about this kinda going on.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

I'm saddened to learn of Kent's passing, another great mind in the sphere of bloggo having left us. Synchros? My Jungian analyst's middle name is Kent, the third Brendan Fraser vehicle of the mummies kind, "The Mummy: Curse of the Dragon Emperor", enjoys its theatrical run currently, the Mickey-Mouse-inspired costuming of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies's entertainers have ears that are their currency, the yen ("Hey, look me over, lend me an ear!"), I attended an elementary school Public School #8 in Yonkers, NY, built in 1893 (and progressively added on to), and it was used in the third remake of "The Manchurian Candidate" wherein Liev Schreiber enters a voting booth & casts a ballot for himself.

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for the comments, seriously fascinating info all round. Thanks all!

Anonymous said...

jerry garcia died on august 8th.

nofx has a song about it.

"Birds sing there's not a cloud in the sky, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day,
I see a bunch of hippies crying, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day,
Like waking up from a real bad dream, suddenly everything is ok.
The storm has passed and the sun is shining, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day.

What's going on, what's going on, is something bumming your scene?
There's something wrong, there's something wrong, I'm not trying to be mean.

The air is sweet the summer flowers blooming nowhere in sight is there anything grey,
Feelings of joy are filling the street, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day.
Like waking up from a fucked up dream, suddenly everything's looking good.
There's been no permanent damage done, yeah August 8th came right when it should.

What's going on, what's going on, is something bumming your scene?
There's something wrong, there's something wrong, I'm not trying to be mean.

Poor Jeff,
Poor little Timmy Turtle,
Staying home on such a beautiful day."

Riad said...

the 8 is symbolic of the 8reptilian/frogs creator gods called collectively the ogdoad.they symbolise every element that takes part into Creati"as above so below" aswell as infinity/cycle of times.

those are its true and foremost meanings.
does live 8 Concerts make more sense now? ( great site with plenty articles of truth.)

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