Monday, 4 August 2008

Twin Serpent Freemasonic Banking Wars in LA

The "Library" (or "Liberty" according to GWB and D-Wars, see link) Tower, or the U.S. Bank Tower has 73 (777) floors, has a floor area of 1.3 million sq ft (13), and to the roof it is 310.3 metres high (13), it was built by CBM Engineers (C=3 B=2 M =13 so 32 13), it is the 31st tallest building (13) in the world as of March 2008, it cost (according to this article) $130 million (13). The U.S. Bank logo signs on the "crown" are 23 metres tall. Might as well check out the "777 tower" for some blatant Crowley naming that is also in the Los Angeles area. It is used often in many films, including most recently Hancock (Will Smith) where it features prominently apparently (have not seen it). In Independence Day (Will Smith) it serves as the place for alien greeters to party, before hilariously being blown to pieces by our future fake invaders (Crowley [777 earlier] ties in here with his "Lam" entity, which has become vaguely the popular image of an "alien"). "In the 2007 movie Southland Tales, the US Bank Tower stands as headquarters for US-IDENT, a Big Brother surveillance agency under the guise of a national security think-tank. The tower is later seen on fire after raided by rioters." To me, all this just symbolizes the bankers' (mostly Freemasons and other groups) self-perceived control over humanity's past and future (the building's "crown" also shows this). In Dragon Wars (budget $33 million), the serpent's path helpfully went through the banking (and generally establishment) areas which are all full of pyramid capped buildings and other buildings apparently built with occult architecture in mind.


Note All Seeing Eye resonant building to the right of it (there is a circle within the square helipad).

2012? Tie into the Independence Day alien invasion party up there, which many think will happen in 2012.

Note the pyramid.

Note Los Angeles Library Masonic pyramid [and on it in closeup note hexagon, sun, gold and blue (thourh it's more yellow and green I think) checker pattern etc.], near the U.S. Bank Tower. More info on it here.

Los Angeles City Hall, with it's Egyptian Pyramid atop it and it's 32 floors, it was destroyed in the 1953 movie War of the Worlds.

Note Karl Marx with illuminated triangle/pyramid on his head (he was just as controlled as the rest of them, don't fall for the "neo-marxism" described in the movie, I see a lot of "communists" who worship this guy at Uni), and symbolic mind controlled ritual sacrifice ("He's going to die. And there's nothing we can do about it.") and false christ [Roland Taverner is the real Messiah] Boxer's two faces (mind control symbolism), and obviously checker pattern red/white.

Burn Freemasonic architecture BURN!!!!! (Think it'll collapse from the fire?! I joke, unless they filled it with explosives when they were building it like the twin towers, built to implode.)

Have a nice apocalypse! everyone in that zeppelin symbolizes the so-called "elite" (hence all the images of the A-bomb in it which they created, hatched up in Bohemian Grove) they know their time is up, can't get away with so much evil for so long.

click image.


Michael Skaggs said...

Excellent post Ben! Looks, IMO, to me like Serpent/Solar (K)ult symbolisms "in battle" via Holly-weird, for supremacy maybe? Just find it odd, unless they are "one in the same" (i.e. Illuminati/Masons, Solar/Serpent)?

Great finds on the numerological symbolisms too! People have to remember numbers ARE symbols are hold much significance.

Great work! Peace bro!

skrambo said...

That D-war movie looks repulsive. In some screenshots it looks like it's nothing but serpents, helicopters, phallic skyscrapers, esoteric symbols, violence and the heavens. Ugh. Be careful, subjecting yourself to these awful movies can affect you on a subconscious level, even if you understand what they're trying to get across "completely".

Anonymous said...

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