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Model Tragedy at 2.30 in Madhattan

Note interlocking rings, from FOX News "Report".

Edit: More info in this Daily Mail link. "My dream is to fly. Oh, my rainbow it is too high." She wrote on a social networking site (aka data mining + mass mind control project). She was wearing a purple tank top when she was triggered to fly over the rainbow, the netting (grid) had been cut which would have broken her fall I guess. Below she is pictured with fellow Mind Controlled Models lost down the rabbit hole/on the yellow brick road, in the centre is Lily Cole.

MPDisney Princess / Russian Rapunzel

Tragically a model died yesterday at 2.30, her name was Ruslana Korshunova and she had been on the cover of European Elle and British Vogue (who called her "a face to be excited about") and various others. Debbie Jones said ""She looked like something out of a fairytale!" Jones told the magazine." One anonymous commenter points out in this blog, that "Her soul looked empty even in life." This occurred in the (Madhatter) Manhattan Financial District, I've spoken many times of my disgust and outrage at financial districts around the world (square mile in Britain). I posit that this was a Freemasonic Mind Control ritual sacrifice, involving symbolic falling from a tower at 2:30 (23), it occurred on a date resonant of total control 28 (88) June (6, 9 mirror/reversal), 2008 (88) and look at all the 8's around the street she lived on... just a coincidence I'm sure. She plunged 9 stories, onto 130 (13!) Water Street... (where she lived) Her modelling agency was IMG Models, symbolic logo below. She seems to have been programmed in Paris... "Ruslana, jump into the water when xxxxxx(trigger)"... the whole thing almost brings me to tears.

11, 8, 13, 8, 88... head explodes from numerology synchs.

"One of her friends, who has spoken with The New York Post, said that Ruslana Korshunova had just returned from a modeling gig in Paris. He noted that she seemed to be "on top of the world" and there is no apparent reason why she would commit suicide.[6] However, she appeared brokenhearted and angry in some of her postings on a social networking site. Korshunova's most telling message came three months ago: "I'm so lost. Will I ever find myself?"

Yellow police tape symbolises the yellow brick road (seen in various movies I've mentioned, one example in The Hole)

Zoolander was on Channel 4 last night (the exact same day FFS the 28th! It was also released in the US on 28th September 2001)... which is about Mind Controlled Models (seriously... go watch that film, you might learn something, I want to do a post on it), the synchronicity is painful to say the least. The sick scumbags that run the fashion industry need to be brought down from their ivory towers in a colossal controlled demolition a la 9/11! (Metaphorically speaking of course) And I'm sure they know it themselves too.

R.I.P. At least she has reclaimed her soul...

A video I found on the excellent Aftermath News, blog section. Note them focusing on the Sunflowers and whatnot.


Michael Skaggs said...

Ben! Knew you'd catch this one! I was going to snag it off yahoo and do a write up but didn't have time! Great work!

Although...I don't know if she actually got to reclaim her soul...more like recycled if she was under MK. :(

Take care bro!

Michael Skaggs said...

This really pisses me off...damn it, the fashion industry should be...sorry am too angry will go off on a big rant.


Alex Robinson said...

Can't help but think just a little of Rapunzel, esp as you mention the word fairytale - she with the long hair, imprisoned high up in a tower - however in the story it is the prince who falls/is pushed, from the tower

Anonymous said...

From one of the article(s):

Her distraught ex-boyfriend, Artem Perchenok, 24, said that he dropped the model at her apartment at 5 a.m. after they watched the movie "Ghost."

Last time I saw that movie I was still sleeping. Wonder if there were any triggers in that...

As for Zool, do you really want me to watch a Ben Stiller movie? Man, that guy bugs me!

Nice catch on Rapunzel, WW.

PS. Ben, can you delete my duplicate comment of this that was posted to the wrong article?

Benjamin S said...

Mike, you are probably right there, though I like to think there is some part of herself she has reclaimed (wishfull thinking). This story did mess with my head alot, I'm just a sucker for ridiculously attractive models I think, and also the fact that the suggestion that this could be something other than suicide is lunacy to most people is very frustrating. I'm finding it kind of "interesting" how social networking sites are now being incorporated into the mind control (her leaving cryptic messages about 'dreaming of flying over the rainbow').

Cheers wise woman, good thinking on Rapunzel, no doubt played some part in it (as well as other fairytales/Oz based tings and whatnot).

Celtic, should have seen that cheers! Ben Stiller also produced that Mayan Ruins movie a few posts back. The most famous scene from ghost is the "clay moulding" scene I think, which probably has some "moulding a personality" and God allegedly made man out of "clay", so maybe some kind of a trigger. That period (late 80's-early 90's) produced a hell of a lot of "mind control movies" (and they all seem to being put on telly now, The General's Daughter was on the other night with John Travolta, watched it the same night as "The Serpent and The Rainbow" which was about Haitian voodoo turning people into zombies ((mind control))).

Thanks all. (p.s. apologiez for not replying to comments sooner)

Michael Skaggs said...


She had posted "flying over the rainbow"??? Shiva H Vishnu! I mean straight out of MMC good grief! I know I wish I could be hopeful for her to break through the barrier and not be "recycled" back here into the system. Reincarnation my butt, more like recycled for your energy over and over and over...

Distraught ex b/f huh? Probably more like "her handler" literally "dropped her" (pushed). WTF is right, this is so odd.

I hear you on being a sucker for ridiculously attractive models...but for crying out loud, this just has a odd feeling to it.

Cheers for the post bud!

Benjamin S said...

Yeah man, see my Edit at the top of the post (worth a look at, a few new pics and tings, Miley Cyrus comparison too), specifically she wrote "My dream is to fly. Oh, my rainbow it is too high." I thought it was an amazing synch, especially considering your Part 3 post of Illuminati Formula of Mind Control which starts talking about just that. So thanks muchly!

Also, it's worth noting that she modeled for something called Ghost (see wiki) and, as Celticrebel said she died after watching the movie Ghost the night before. I don't know if you saw this Wise Woman, but she was actually nicknamed the "Russian Rapunzel" after she was "discovered" at age 15. And she lived at 130 Water Street (13). ARGH! It can be painful seeing beyond the bull shit.

Here's a link for's article "A Face To Be Excited About" And another one about the "Conspiracy theories" surrounding her demise, not one mention of mind control funnily enough, LA Times article. Good to see the commenters actually questioning it (why was her face upward, why was the trap/net cut which would have stopped her falling, why was she so far into the road) instead of blindly accepting the suicide theory. Another good link that details a conspiracy theory and other things is here

She desperately "wanted out", wonder why...

Unknown said...

listen to the Lyrics...."My dream is to fly Over the rainbow so high"

Popular club song

Benjamin S said...

Ah, didn't know that, thanks alot david. Makes sense and very predictable; the club scene is loaded with MK, thanks for providing more evidence. That song would be an extremely useful (the line is repeated over and over in that remix anyway, 'hypnotic repetition' [probably why she posted it randomly]) song there for dissociation (the Cyclone taking Dorothy 'over the rainbow' into Oz is a metaphor for dissociation/trance [google 'Wizard of Oz Mind Control' if unaware], combining it with 'my DREAM is to fly' only makes it more symbolic of dissociation) in MK programming. Imagine a whole arena full of drugged people, repetitive beats, flashing/strobe lights and other MK tech, along with that song with it's Wizard of Oz/dissociative phrase, and it it being hypnotically repeated...


Anonymous said...

what does this mean??

"My dream is to fly. Oh, my rainbow it is too high." She wrote on a social networking site (aka data mining + mass mind control project).

i think they are spying on us via social networking sites such as facebook and myspace...

there was also a pyramid shape on the building behind the reporter...

how sad! why would they show zoolander? what did her death really mean?? was she some sort of sacrifice?

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