Sunday, 29 June 2008

Toy Soldiers in the New World Order

Examining the New World Order
(This post is entirely opinion, the soldiers are doing all they can in the impossible situations the corrupt government has forced them into)

Today the 13th British soldier this month (since the 8th of June, the BBC article is specific to state) died in our "noble" attempts to capture the elusive Osama Bin Laden (Joke! They never intended on capturing this probably dead, extremely useful "boogieman".) and bring stability to Afghanistan and the region (again, joke! the polar opposite was the true motivation). He became the 110th British soldier in total to die at, specifically 11 AM on the dot. I wouldn't say they are dying for nothing because that would be unfair, they are dying to satisfy the elite's blood lust and to further their "new world order" agenda (they desperately needed total chaos in the middle east to kick off world war 3, hence why they carried out 9/11 and invaded Iraq etc). REVOLT!

For Darth Queen and Country. Below occult monument was opened by the Queen last year.

One of many occult monuments to their blood sacrifices throughout history. (# 11, split circle or 2 mirrored C's, so 33 etc.)

'Nothing else to do round here' I think the illuminists that write this shit get off on what they've done to these poor kids' minds.

Signing up to join the armed forces (of any kind, not including local independent militias) is, in my opinion akin to willingly walking up the steps of a Mayan pyramid to have your heart ripped out, soldiers are nothing more than occult blood ritual sacrifices for the twisted elite and also mind control guinea pigs, naturally.

Opening the eyes of the world to America's freedoms, next to an inverted US Army pentagram, all 3 of this trinity of sacrificial lambs are only 17 years old. (note the advert with mi6 (and A) on the overlapping page, there was also an advert for Panasonic with the Olympic interlocking rings in this segment)

Brainwashed tools, look at their entraining policy... isn't the opposite the case at the moment (with the credit crunch and all that).

You have to feel for the soulless, brainwashed army of the new world order (on every "side", there are no sides except the elite vs us ^^), it is in no way their fault, the government that sends them off to die clearly does not give a crap about them... REVOLT!! AND FREE THEM FROM THIS BONDAGE!

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aferrismoon said...

Check out COMMON PURPOSE, some kind of NGO mould-and-grow 'educational org.

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