Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Following the Yellow Brick Road to Wonderland

The Wizard of Oz: The Musical comes to London's Royal Festival Hall on the 23rd July (7), to 31st (13) August for a 6 week run. Some interesting facts at the bottom of the article this image comes from, here. It should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been reading my blog that they've brought this musical back after 20 years. Performances will be at 2.30 or 7.30 for added effect, coincidence no doubt ;s. Quote from the South Bank website:

"This summer there is no place like Royal Festival Hall as it transforms into the mystical Emerald City. With a click of your heels and a sprinkle of Southbank Centre magic you'll be swept away on a bewitching adventure to the Land of Oz. Follow Dorothy and her friends Toto, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion on their quest to find their heart's desire and a way back home.

This new stage version of the unforgettable film is directed by acclaimed Artistic Director Jude Kelly, and features the classic songs 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', 'Follow The Yellow Brick Road' and 'We're Off To See The Wizard'. A rare opportunity to experience this spell-binding musical live on stage, this is a must-see summer event."

Kate Moss has been dropped by agent provocateur for Alice Dellal and no I did not make up that name, link here. You see she has messed with her hair (mind control symptom) in a Madonna-esque way and various things (purple, yellow, one eyed etc.) in the images below, this fashion forum has been 'tracking her'. Dazed and Confused, no doubts. Welcome to their Brave New World.

Flicking through this weeks Vogue (matriarchal household, so they're everywhere) I picked out a few mind controllian/symbolic adverts from it (July ed). The above one is for jewels (used in mind control), note the butterfly, ice, purple background etc.

This one, though not strictly mind control I thought was interesting as we have the purple colour, love their ironic motto "Our Strength Is Your Individuality". I wonder if purple is used in mind control because it is what is created when the colours red and blue are mixed, football teams and such are usually either red or blue so we have an emotional investment in the polarizing colours. So to have the colour purple constantly shown might confuse the subconscious making it more easily suggestible... if that makes sense. Also, I guess this acclaimed book by Alice Walker (walking on the yellow brick road) has something to do with it, called simply The Color Purple. Later made into a movie by Steven Spielberg, you'll see why it's relevant when you click the link.

Below, is the kind of advert that I think would trigger an abusive husband/parent into violence, the red colour and fire coupled with the phrase "How far would you go for love" with no question mark. Abusers tend to say they are doing it "out of love" (usually because that's what their own parent/guardian did, horrific cycle), I personally think these type of subversive adverts might be the subconscious trigger to push them over the edge. Also, this one was on the back of Vogue, maximising the amount of people who see it and get effected by it. Note the hexagons on the inside of the bracelet (2 bracelets symbolising ownership, like shackles) the O with the line through it, symbolising a split mind (probably), 33 in the phone number. I don't know if this is appropriate, but a few domestic violence numerology synchs which tells me "they" claim responsibility for a large majority of it through their subliminal advertising and outright total mind control slaves. Somehow, they've figured out the monetary value of domestic abuse is £23 billion per year. To blatantly show the mirrored symbolism I've been going on about, it apparently costs the state £3.1 billion, it costs employers £1.3 billion, the "human suffering" cost is £17 billion. From WomensAid.

A couple of one eyed ones to end. This one is in Emerald City Green, again with the jewels, some subliminal pentagons in the bottom left.

This one for ROLEX, has zebra/valis resonating watch, the hand with said watch on is not her own I think, it appears to be coming from behind (it looks as if the wrist is draped over her shoulder, impossible angle to do yourself I think) as if she is about to be attacked by a man :S. Worried/anguished look on the model's face.

This one of Uma Thurman sums it up, "Capturing the Mood of the Moment".

This twisted madness needs to end. But I fear they're only just getting started.


Phiwizard said...

The green advert reminds me of the coming movie "The Incredible Hulk". The power of the Id to overwhelm the ego. Like the movie promos suggest, the pure enjoyment of the Ids uncontrollable power over conscious reason.

Michael Skaggs said...

Nice one again Ben! UMA really looks quite "empty" in that photo! Pretty blatant there with that one...

Also, with the gems, some are used to identify what kind of Mind Control slave they are (i.e. Diamonds=Presidential level), and Gems also refers to child alters as well. I am sure your well aware, but possibly some new readers aren't.

Again, great work! I always enjoy reading your stuff my man!

Anonymous said...

This pic reminded me of the Uma pic:

Beyonce Butterfly picture

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