Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sex and the Masonic City

Quick post, watched a trailer for Sex and the City and the Masonic Checkerboard floor was a common theme (King Solomon's temple is usually said to have had a checkerboard floor in speculative freemasonry, I'd like to clarify that most Freemasons are just good people doing charity for the community, so this isn't necessarily anything sinister... probably is mind). Having not seen it, I cannot comment on the motives for having Carrie's wedding (or whatever) over a Masonic checkerboard... but I very much doubt they are educating the 20something year old girls watching it (they grew up, slowly being programmed by it... find me one that doesn't think it is like the best thing EVER!) about spiritual dualism in this orgy of materialism and ego. At least Carrie got back with Mr. Big in the end.... kill me now.

5 pink/purple pentagrams (5 points of fellowship)

Checkerboard/dark+light symbolism

1st Degree Masonic Tracing Board

Seals of Solomon, checkerboard floor, twin pillars etc.

Another thing worth noting is that one of the girls from Sex and the City, "Cynthia Nixon" in the ninth season opener of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, she played a character with Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder), it was called "Alternate" and the whole MPD issue is pretty well explained throughout the episode (obviously lacking in overt mind control, but there are some clues as to the subtext of the episode, with plenty of butterflies in her apartment, one of her alters is an expert on spiders, she specifically looks for the black widow which has an hourglass ((Dick Cheney's Pentagon office, Oz programming)) on it's abdomen, and other subversive hints). The psychiatrist in the show is Dr. Wong, Ice T says "I'll call Wong and tell him to bring the butterfly net." Dr. Wong, in his infinite wisdom states on MPD/DID, "From what you're telling me she has Dissociative Identity Disorder, or what we used to call Multiple Personality Disorder... it's almost always the result of long term childhood sexual abuse ... tell me about her alters... When a child is repeatedly abused she can detach and imagine that it's happening to someone else, additional personalities are created to cope with the trauma... It's a question of finding the right trigger (to bring out the alter that knows where her baby is)... People with DID are easily hypnotized" She and her sister were abused by their father, Janus (Nixon) kills them both (the mother too, who did nothing to stop it) with a shotgun. It is interesting to see the different personalities being brought out (overly sexed ones, overly violent ones etc.) and whatnot, in the end you find out whose side the program is really on (the abuser or the abused), and it is the abused; as they end the episode with you finding out that she faked the whole thing, and her fellow abused sister is taken off to jail... nice. But again, the subtext (not the overt plot) throughout the show is where the real message is.

Sex and the City trailer, note the Freemasonic Chrysler building that kicks off the trailer and various other synchs throughout.

New Line Cinema - Sex and the City, in Cinemas Now

The Corrs guitarist (Jim Corr) has the right idea: "Corrs guitarist: I’d enter politics to save us from Freemasons and the tyranny of global government" This link.


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice work Ben..so what do you think? Do you think all these things coming out with MC as the basis is to (1) show the public how mind controlled we are or (2) a continuance of mind control on those already programmed disassociativly? You know my stance on Hollywood is doing us no favors, I am curious on your viewpoint now after seeing it all?

Cheers bud!

Dedroidify said...

"Sarah Jessica Parker? Her face looks like a foot!" Peter Griffin

I think Jim Corr would get assassinated, succesful assassinations are usually a good indicator of how benevolent a politician was :p

I wonder why they are 'hiding' so many things in plain view too, maybe they are just running out of ideas to keep the masses distracted . Let's face it, they may be cunning but they aren't really smart. Just keep bringing out more shit we can use as evidence :p

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for your comments Mike, your right about purple being used because it is a red/blue mix (shown in the Middleman post, with the MPD slave wearing purple in between red and blue lines), which is something I've tried to put across a few times (there's a good link in the Enchanted post about the emotional impact of colours, you could also make the Masonic red/blue connection too I guess).

Can't be sure obviously, but I would guess that it serves multple purposes: bring out a few alter personalities with their programmed (through trauma based mind control) seemingly random act of violence (increasing the useful chaos), slowly make the masses more suggestible with dissociative themes (purple, spinning/spirals, fractured faces, individual parts of the face ((like an eye)) slowly compartmentalizing your mind etc.) in movies and TV which would make them more likely to believe any bull shit the mind manipulating media feeds them, and probably various other reasons that only HIGH level Freemasons/Jesuits/Zionists/etc. could tell you.

That's just speculation of course, but I'm just trying to show that the MC symbolism is there with my blog, and that we need to wake up to it and start raging against the machine already!!!

I think it is being stepped up now because we are drawing closer to 2012 and they've got some serious shit planned, so they need as much distraction as humanly possible in order to get away with it.

I agree with your stance on Hollywood, but having grown up watching movies, playing video games, and all sorts of other dissociative activities I still can't get enough of watching them, dire effect on my psyche be damned! Hell, if I was making movies I'd probably put these themes in, they do make it more interesting... in a twisted kind of way.

Dedroidify, I think SJP is the star because robotic teenage/20something girls instantly dislike anyone who seems more attractive than themselves, so by putting a "foot face/horse face" as the main character they're more likely to not be put off... (which is why it has achieved so much "success") that's how fucked their heads are in my opinion (shallow egotism or something). They spend so long looking in the mirror that to have someone more attractive than themselves would subconsciously make them feel inadequate (having invested so much of their time obsessively working on their own self-image). But I'm probably just bitter due to my own social inadequacies ^^.

Cheers all (enjoyed writing that rant), plenty more shit to come!

thursday said...

haha sarah jessica parker..she didnt look as bad when she was younger in 'flight of the navigator' lol

i personally HATE sex and the city...it holds no appeal basically a show about a group of old hags who should know better than to be having sex with every man they meet...

what is this for? to encourage older women that they should go out and fuck random men they meet in bars???? great...

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