Friday, 27 June 2008

More than meets the Eye

Cracking enemy codes... or cracking the recruits' fragile minds?

Let's bomb people for Queen and Country... why not? it's just like the Matrix and xbox 360 dude...

Army Jobs ad (couldn't find it w/o the geek humor).

I'm not so sure about this one, but when I initially looked at it it seemed a perfect symbol of "Illuminati" trauma/drugs based mind control as I thought it showed a father with his hand in his pocket, the mum standing in the foreground looking a bit anxious (or a kind of blissful uncaring of what's going on behind her), with the kid sitting down to the left... and look what she has; a big glass of champagne. It is in bluey purple, note the phallic Big Ben has been purposefully framed in the shot, the choice pictured (with champagne) is unsurprisingly £33 again giving you more clues (they love to hide things in plain sight) and if you add up the phone number (after the 0870, not counted because that is something they cannot have a say over, unlike the following numbers) you get 13, it was opened by Tony Blair on December 31 1999 at 8pm. This type of advert is designed to increase your anxiety (by having a potential child drinking a glass of alcohol), but again I'm not so sure about it (apologiez if I'm way off). It is operated by the obviously dodgey Merlin Entertainments Group (note the 6 pointed star, it's Merlin FFS etc.), who run a whole bunch of crap, including Thorpe Park (note infinity symbol etc.) which I recently went to. By the way the London Eye has 32 capsules, it will have the ZION (I mean 2012) Olympic logo put on it throughout the duration of the 2012 olympics...

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Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Ben, nice one.

Looks like the green,purple,and gold of the scarf around her neck screams something...and from a different male viewpoint, the add screams have the best of both worlds..blonde and a brunette! Why not right? And the champagne cock-tails capsule is 33.20 or 33+20=53 which equals..wait for it...8, total control. Wonder if that centrifugal eye consumes the energy of its riders? ;)

Lead on Ben! Good sleuthing!

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