Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Do you have the crazy? These movies will give it to you.

Thought I'd do a post on a selection of (potential) mind control movies I've watched recently. This was really rushed, apologies. Obviously it will contain some spoilers (though I don't reveal many major ones). One that I watched last night was unbelievably relevant to the post I had written that same day, I'll start with that one, called: The Signal. "Imagine every cell phone, radio, and television in your city suddenly broadcasting the same mysterious signal over and over. Now imagine these "terminus" transmissions evoking violent, uncontrollable, psychotic chaos from everyone who comes in contact with them." The mysterious signal, is a metaphor for the media in general, as we are seeing this type of thing happening in real life (though on a much lesser scale, so far).

I had been writing about the rise in youth violence, particularly involving knives. During one showing of this film, "On February 23, 2008 two men were stabbed in a Fullerton, California movie theatre during a showing of The Signal. One suffered non life threatening injuries to his arm, while the other suffered a lung puncture." Knives are constantly focused on throughout the film. I was utterly amazed by the synchronicity of it all, it was constantly about how their personalities were changing, how each person was viewing another person as a different personality to who they actually were. Until someone pointed out that it wasn't the person they thought it was, which triggered them into seeing it, but then they moved onto another delusion. It was all extremely disturbing (the first few minutes made me think I'd made a colossal mistake in downloading it, but it gets better), do not let anyone who doesn't know about mind control and all that, view this film. This contains everything I've mentioned in previous posts, fractured glass, altered personalities etc. The "good guy" is Ben Capstone (pyramid, he is the one who does his best to remain sane throughout) and there is loads of numerology synchs (Mya is grabbed at the end of part 1 in room 213 with an octagon on the door, lots of stuff like that, fractured glass etc.) I do enjoy jet-black humor, this was very funny in parts too. Quite the synchronicity viewing that considering what I've been writing about (alter personalities, viewing things in an alter reality like this one guy thinks a severed head is telling him the answer when it's a subconscious thing making him think that ((but you see it as he sees it, with the head talking)), media causing random violence etc.) Also, I did a quick music video post saying that music was vital the same day, in the movie Ben makes a mix-CD for his lover Mya (Maya, her husband is abusive called Lewis ((with the name written on him))) which she uses to escape to from the madness going on around her (listening to the music). Their 'emerald city' is 'Terminal 13'. The music was excellent throughout. Might do a post on it with screens etc.

Next up, The Oxford Murders, the film itself was alright, though some dodgey dubbing and other things made it a bit hard to watch. I downloaded it because of the title, figured it would be symbolic, it was. Without your symbolic cognisance, it would not be half as entertaining (if entertaining is the right word). The very last line (after the whole plot gets turned on its head) of the film is (whilst focusing in on John Hurt's mouth, then Elijah Wood's eye), "The butterfly that flutters its wings and causes a hurricane on the other side of the world. Sound familiar? Are you that butterfly Martin?" (Wood) He appears to be in some kind of a trance after this (supposed to think he is just realising that he was the cause of all the murders), then the film ends. The line is spoken earlier (hence the sound familiar) showing the kind of mirrored use of phrases I've shown in other mind control movies like Mirrormask. A couple of symbolic scenes below (loads more, like John Hurt wearing V for Vendetta style Guy Fawkes outfit and whatnot). It's worth a look if you're into your illuminati/freemasonic symbolism and Pi type stuff.

Next up, the film that Murdoch demands you watch! I've seen it listed on Sky Movies Sci-Fi like 777 million times, so thought I might as well watch it as it was about to start when I was looking at what was on anyway. Why would they show such an awful film over and over, perhaps it's because of the blatant alien/ufo mind control programming contained within it (prepping the masses for the fake alien invasion). Let me clarify, aliens are real, most UFOs are probably gov't black op projects (and the like), my opinion is that the universe (including different dimensions, string theory n all that) is probably teeming with life and it has been covered up by those in power (or they're being controlled by a minority of said entities). For gods sake the name of the film is Altered... (altered personality). "Five friends are abducted by aliens, only four come back. Fifteen years later, the survivors capture one of their extra-terrestrial torturers, planning bloody revenge, only to find themselves caught up in a deadly cat and mouse game." The whole thing is of course ridiculous (why there would be one random alien just lying around waiting for them to find is anyone's guess) but it's supposed to be. They make the "alien" wear a mask, the alien controls the girl's mind at one point as it's eye can be seen (looks like a subliminal female organ) due to the glass at the front breaking revealing a gap for his eye to be seen (if you make eye contact with it, it controls your mind). Awful film (though watchable).

Next up is WaZ which I watched about a week ago so don't remember much of it (probably amnesia due to the trauma of watching it!). This is another total mind control film as far as I could tell, it stars the lovely Mellisa George, who plays Helen. The show's plot keywords include, psychological trauma/torture you find out that the killer had actually undergone this trauma so was probably being mind controlled. When first reading out what was carved into the victims' bodies Helen describes it by saying "woz" so we have Oz symbolism here as well as a triangle. Standard one eye/half face focus you should expect from these type of films on the covers (The Signal also, and the guy on the below poster).

The film Suspension was excellent in my opinion. It is a simple premise, man goes through significant trauma in a car wreck where his wife and son are both killed and his mind breaks (symbolised by the broken glass of the car wreck, and other things throughout the movie), he then can stop time and becomes infatuated with the wife of the guy killed in the opposite car (he was on his mobile phone) and ends up stalking her, thinking that he has a relationship with her. There is one scene in particular that I will not spoil that was quite powerful I thought (and the aftermath), note the mirror positioned to reflect him as he does it. Great low budget psychological/sci-fi drama in my opinion, with quality music too.

Lastly, a kids film The Forbidden Kingdom where it starts with a dream (confusing between the dreamworld and the real world is a major mind control movie theme). There are loads of trauma sequences (done by some teenage maniacs at the beginning in the real world, then jackie chan and jet li in the dreamworld) and whatnot. I'm starting to think martial arts is one method of programming (loads of western kids are obsessed by it, like the kid in the film) "kung-fu programming" I'll call it, with movies like "Kung Fu Panda" coming out I'd say this could be a distinct possibility. Every logo that kicked off this movie (Lionsgate mind control symbolism, Weinstein company 3 V's, Casey Silver productions red square) was symbolic, so I knew there was something to this. Really great music in this one too by the way and some symbols I've recognised from other things (circle of dots round a central point and others).


Alex Robinson said...

Hi Ben
Interesting write up.
I wonder if you have something there with the martial arts idea.
I remember how amazing Kung Fu seemed when I watched it as a kid - lots of suggestion of special powers, along the lines of a comic book hero

Michael Skaggs said...

Nice one Ben, very interesting movies out there huh?

I was and plan on never getting a cell phone period, but my roomate (the dufus) just recently got one, and now there is one in the place. I was not amused.

That's an interesting idea on the kung fu by the way.

Peace bro!

aferrismoon said...

The part about WAZ when u say I don't remember much of it [ probably the trauma of watching it] seems a statement of sublime intuition.
Gaps in memory , like vacuums, nature abhors, apparently

Anonymous said...

I've seen two of these movies now. WaZ I plan to see ... uh ... never. :-)

I've added some of my findings on The Signal in my last post. Really shocking (for me) to see so much overt mind-control/symbolism in a film of an indie nature.

As for Suspension, I too found the film an enjoyable view.

Thanks for the good work and volunteering for the front-lines of the mind-programming war. :-)

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