Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Illuminati Terror Has Evolved

Their City. Their rules. No Prisoners.

Keanu Reeves (Neo: The One, christ/horus resonator, see Matrix films) takes on the corrupt police (yes the police are corrupt everywherein real life too, see Ian Blair...) in the film Street Kings. It is 107 minutes (though imdb has it as 109) long or 1 hr 47 mins, another 17 and 47 synch, the same as Enchanted. It was originally titled "The Night Watchman ". As Keanu Reeves is a christ/horus resonator, which (Jesus) is the sun, so it makes sense then that the sun would open and close the movie (it starts by having the sun setting behind the above Street Kings title, and ends with Keanu angled with the sun setting also).

It would also then fit, that the Eye of Horus would be on display, as they ascend the stairs to the undercover cops who have lost their minds. It is seen on a light and is inside a triangle (Illuminism/Illuminati, Occult Dollar Bill), the film was distributed by FOX Searchlight Pictures again showing more illuminated symbolism (they are Luciferian worshippers of the light). Forest Whitaker is the main corrupt cop in the film, he says: "Those guys were so deep undercover that they lost their fucking minds!" Which is basically what I think happened to the "Illuminati" and Freemasons, they spent too long doing things in secret, which inevitably breeds corruption and has led to where we are today (and partly by their own design of course). The film itself is a bit rubbish in my opinion.

Note the serpent on the door to the corrupt cops too.

Fractured face (by the green plant with red flowers), half of the face/ so one eye illuminated (symbolising a split mind)

Another film you should probably not watch which I thought was really well put together was The Ruins and is 1hr 31mins (13 synch). It is set atop a Mayan pyramid (without it's capstone, in typical illuminati fashion), the plant growing on the pyramid (with red flowers, rose resonant) is sentient and gets inside your body (they remind me of tentacles), they are made to stay there as sacrifices to it (like the new Kill yourself to Save the Earth Global Warming cult) by modern day Mayans. It's poster reminds me of the War of the Worlds one (and the US green party logo, see Secret Sun post) and this motif is probably being used to create a sense of terror and fear around it, so when we see something like (tentacle UFO's or sumit?) our reaction is already programmed (trauma/psychological impact of watching these films, Indiana Jones included). It sucks you in emotionally as an extremely attractive blonde girl who you are made to have a subconscious emotional connection with (by showing her nude, and by contrasting her to her shocking and annoyingly naive friend), then she is the one who is most brutalized by the sentient pyramid plant, which got me pretty choked up. I don't even want to go into the potential for it being a metaphor for trauma based mind control (victims at the top of the illuminati pyramid having their skin penetrated by tentacles and whatnot) because there's been too much of that lately (and a whole lot more). Produced by Spyglass (looking glass) Entertainment, and distributed by Dreamworks, here is the wiki link to the book it is based on (link to film near top). Good summarization of the film from a reviewer: "The Ruins does what a good psychological horror movie should do: rely on tension rather than gore to achieve its aims. This bleak, edgy motion picture isn't concerned with appealing to the masses that flock to multiplexes to enjoy the spatterings of the latest serial slasher or the hollow weirdness of a PG-13 ghost story." Worth a watch, I agree with the reviewer, I've noticed that these horror films which I usually hate have been appealing to me more on a psychological level (being focused on fragmented personalities etc.) and they have been doing a lot more similar types of themes in things like Doctor Who (regular personalities who you can absolutely relate to, being put in horrific situations), look out for typical "spin camera" motion just before something insane happens and the like. (I watched the Unrated DVD rip by the way)


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Michael Skaggs said...

Thanks for the lowdown and heads up with these movies!

Did not know Keaneu was in another film...and The Ruins, geeze louise! WTF, they put out the double bind with all the Maya crap huh? That's the rub I guess...they have so much of the Mayan stuff out, is it out there to make us sick of it before 2012? Or are they "spinning" it to confuse us? or is it out there to keep it buried in the subconscious to be constantly referenced by our conscious mind while things unfold?

Thanks Ben! Keep the up the outstanding work my friend, some amazing breakdowns.
Peace bro.

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