Friday, 27 June 2008


I'll probably get arrested or something for saying something other than "Nelson Mandela is a god!", Happy Birthday to the guy anyway. He was arrested in 1962 and sent to prison in 1964, he was only arrested because the CIA (3+9+1=13) tipped off the authorities, which I find ironic considering Nelson Mandela's campaign against aids and that the CIA probably created it. Nelson shouldn't just give up after Africa (obviously with him being African it is understandable though), what about the apartheid Palestinians are living under currently, are they less important than South Africans? He is someone who I regard as a media tool, who just supports whatever the media is pushing at the time (aids, war with zimbabwe etc.). But that's probably just me being overly cynical. The 46664 thing has 666 in the middle of it and also has mirror symbolism as it would look the same backwards and forwards, 64 is the number of checker squares on a chessboard (important to Freemasonry). 46664 is the name of his aids awareness ting because 64 was his prison number and was the year he was put in jail, not entirely sure what the point of it is (people already know about aids...), aids is so 90's... (joking, South Park quoteish) it is also apparently the exact number of people attending the concert tonight, all seems very occult and ritualistic to me.

By the way, Robert Mugabe... could anyone be more obviously mind controlled (by the generals who are really running the show in the country), he even has the Hitler-esque moustache which seems to be a symptom of it (Hitler was a mind controlled British pawn)... looks like they're cooking up a war over the "sham election", why the hell didn't we invade America then, over both of the previous elections, the epitomy of sham elections (Bush won neither, now millions have died).

Zimbabwe flag, note red pentagram, white triangle, yellow Zimbabwe bird which reminds me of Canopic Jars and Horus.


Newspaceman said...

Mandela/Mandala is meant to be a symbol of how we are now all equal.

We see him and we think how well the world has progressed in terms of equality, yet forget it is the other way round.

We are all now slaves


aferrismoon said...

A couple of years ago there was a lot of controversy from South Africa about AZT - some docotrs and politicians appeared to infer that it was causing the 'aids'. They main point that they made was that Africa's problem = malnutrition
And what about calling the disease AIDs I mean , trying to do the old double-bind - it helps , it hinders.

Apologies to Mr. Mandela , I've never done time - BUT both he and the Dalai among others only have to appear , speak and thus it = the Truth which = Monotheistic Totalitarianism

South Africa was the State that most pushed for the State of Israel , see General Smuts. Its also a state that described its 'inferior' members as Kafir , a word used by Jews and Moslems to denote the ' disavowed, or not one of us, or untermensch'
We're apparently supposed to believe that it's a 'white man's word' ??????


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice one Ben!

I see the "Knighted" Bono is squeezed in there, another British "pawn" for all this "show and glow".

I am convinced Aids is a Eugenics agenda push to wipe out Africa, the CIA I think expected it to work much faster then it did. Like Aferris said, more double bind for confusion coming up. There's that 64 again, I guess I'd better get going with my article based on 8's and 64...

Thanks man!

The Secret Sun said...

Zimbabwae was once called "the bread basket" of Africa- it provided much of the food grains for the continent.
Now they can barely feed themselves. Not because of drought or natural disaster- because of Mugabe and his murderous thugs.

Tracy Twyman has an interesting interview with a former Rhodesian on the Mugabe situation on her blog.

Newspaceman said...

"Zimbabwae was once called "the bread basket" of Africa- it provided much of the food grains for the continent".

Which tells us something else surely Chris - that it is the most "rich" in natural resources and therefore the most profitable.

This is more about the conquest of the "3rd world" by our "new world". There is an interesting documentary coming up on BBC2 this week about cigarette promotion in the "developing" countries. Just think back to our development, 100 years ago or so - look at the revenue that was obtained from smoking and whisky and how the former product dominated the USA, Australia etc.

Look at the brands and their logos, Johnnie Walker - On the square, James Buchanan with the black and white terriers (K9) etc etc.

Now they move on to Africa.

Michael, what is you take on the 33 in freemasonry, you think it maybe reflects part of the chessboard, ie 32 black 32 white squares.


Benjamin S said...

Amazing comments all around, learned so much from them. Nice to have some educated insight in there as opposed to my constantly spitballing about mind control and vaguely Freemasonic symbolism. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

The 2 sperate legal firms placed 666 in my references attached to letters between the hospital I was suing for unfair dismissal because I raised protected diclosures. Certain masonic doctors needed protecting. The Medical protection society apionted Masonic law firm based next to the houses of Parliment and corrupted my case. even the Employment Tribunal allowed the Trust 9 witnesses but refused to let me bring one. Thats GB Justice. in 2008. If it were not for my christian upbringing and investigative mind I would have not noticed. The Rapture is soon to be on us, Do not take the Mark 666 if you are forced, in order to buy goods . The church is being divided over Homosexual bishops and The British Legal system is run by masonry , see the Knights Templer, Freemason Watch, Google it. The media is under Mason rule and people need to know about Law firms using 666 to prejudice their cases.

Benjamin S said...

anonmyous, just wanted to say fascinating comment (sorry for delay if you read this), I'm with you 99% although I've rejected christianity and organized religion in general (probably has something to do with my being raised a Catholic ^^), so I don't think I'll be raptured out of here but the next few years are certainly going to be intriguing. The media is 100% controlled, and I never heard of 666 being used by Masonic law firms, v interesting. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

4 is a complete number like 4 seasons. 6 is an imperfect number and is one less than 7. Three 6s means its imperfect because if it was 4 sixs it would be a good number.

So Mandela was born good revolutionist, had a turmbulent life on earth 666 and died an icon freedom figure for the world 4.

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