Saturday, 14 June 2008

Fractured Glasstonbury and Fringe Leaked

Glastonbury is back! (So the "anti-establishment" youth won't give a **** when the establishment blows something up around the world later this Summer) This is an excellent article from Matthew Delooze on Glastonbury that is worth a read, love the comments! Pyramid stage etc. See their official website for more info, including a rainbow coloured pyramid in the bottom right (made up of roads going off into the distance).

McCartney performing at the Pyramid Stage (main stage) which has been there since 1971.

Lost-ites, J.J. Abrams new ting, Fringe has been leaked today. (Edit: Do not) Get your illegal torrent mouse-clickings going and check out the double length season opener, I'll have to wait overnight (slow connection) so will probably do a post about it in the next few days. Mythology mixed with Sci-Fi, is there a better combination? Looking forward to some quality entrainment! This doesn't air on television (it's a DVD Rip) for a few months so was probably intentionally leaked. You can bet that there is loads of mind control in it (from the makers of the Freemasonic Transformers), scenes in a mental institution etc. No link because I do not want to encourage "illegal" behavior, Do not! I repeat, Do Not download pirated material! Or the terrorists win!


aferrismoon said...

The Glastonbury poster looks well in support of the Tibetan Illiminators.
Their flag was originally designed by a guy from the Japanese Military when Japan were friendly with Tibet during their 'war' against the Chinese. [ One of the reasons the Chinese seem a bit wary of them]
Anhow its the Rising Sun in a different form + the colouring from The Haight-Ashbury 60's posters.
Doubtless a load of new designer drug for the kids to rebel with + that light emanating from the pyramid.

Tibet , the dispossession of, and the possession of Israel happened about te same time, and the Theosophical thang seemed to highlight Esoteric Judaism, Esoteric Aryanism and The Lamaistic doowop.
So now we have the Star of Israel and the Risisng sun logo parading their dispossed wares around the world
the tibetanites have major properties in UK , it seems quite profitable this dispossession lark
Spend 50 years brainwashing the Brit middle-classes, hell of a way to create a new empire, which has no border, as it has no home.


Benjamin S said...

Enlightening comment. The whole Tibet thing confuses me so thanks for that info.

Watching the news, "Alter boy" (church altar) Jimmy Mizen was stabbed with a SHARD OF GLASS (one of those random acts of violence caused, in part by subliminal mind control in the media).

32 or 33 (first said 32 then 33) protestors turned up to protest against Bush's visit according to Sky News. Some nice shots of symbolic St. George's Hall where he will meet his 'mistress' the Queen. I'll be on the look out for dodgey hand signals from Bush! (like when the Queen visited the White House, and Bush got all giddy and couldn't control his fingers!)

ANOTHER government secret document was left on a train (TRAINing/ programming our minds, that's like 2 or 3 this week left on trains), how can anyone think these are left accidentally. If people just stopped to "think" for 5 seconds they'd realize how utterly ridiculous the entire system is.

Benjamin S said...

And also, this is too much, 660 years after the "Order of the Garter" was created (said something about 2 lots of 13 protecting the royals against black magic I heard the creepy guy say, not sure what it was in relation to) Prince William is to become the 1000th person to be become a member of it. This Sky News piece is freaking me out, seems like they are intentionally trying to appear demonic or something (talking about the occult and whatnot, with a cutout of a drunk looking William being slowly zoomed in on).

aferrismoon said...

In that Monarch Mind Meld piece at Merc.Tal it goes on abot splitting the alphabet into 2 sets of 13 to use for varioussets of alters. All very complex

Dedroidify said...

Holy crap how blatant can Glastonbury get!

aferrismoon said...

J.J.ABRAMS can be read JAB RAMS which I believe is an early Abrahamic sport [ of sorts]

thursday said...

hi the matthew delooze article you linked here
was intresting

i was thinking today actually about energy collection so it tied in with there my mind was wandering earlier too i have to go back to jail for this next theory bbs am sorry bt wot can i do?

i wondered also whilst inside why there are no jails in some parts of UK and other areas for example Kent (where i spent half my sentence has a large concentration in a very small area)

i thought this is possibly to do with energy collection somehow, energy channelled better in those specific locations well there has to be enormous amounts of negative energy in these places...even i was in one place for 3 years east sutton park yeh its an old country manor house turned into a jail now for 100 women...obv all jails are HMP (her majestys prison) bt this house actually when it was a mansion house was lived in by bloodline families, and then was army barracks then a jail..inside is loads of carvings lions, figures, stained glass windows cos there is an old chapel inside (is now a dormitary) (the most haunted bedroom aparantly) bt we all have ghostly expirience there well the girls i roomed with there anyhow...the officers love to tell you their ghost stories too..its a very wierd place anyway...well there is lots of shields and crests depicted in the stained glass and some very wierd n interesting carvings in dining room and entrance hall (thats about only rooms which have original features now still) all masonic i know now...

that place is horrible anyway the staff who work there are quite disturbed they nearly all live on the grounds in these houses and are so bitter (i find staff in places like holloway although unless u been there u wud think 'no way' to be much more agreeable and kinder and 'human' anyway say my job is housework they used to make me clean my whole area which might be some staircases, corridors, toliets and shower rooms, so scrubbing out all those, polish, dust, hoover, soon as im done even if no ones used the area yet i have to go back and do it over again and again until lunch..then after lunch you know what I have to do? go back and re clean it all again and again until dinner time..every day except your area changes every day...and one he gone mad telling me i have to be his personal tea maker whenever he wants or he gonna bad write me over and over again until i loose every privaledge i have even seeing m kids...other stuff too n then once i got funding and stage in my sentence to go out to study to escape them they used to take me to the train station at 5.30am knowing my train not unitl 9am and not let me take money to even buy a drink or nothing and it was was freezeing and the sleezy station guy trying it i hated them there they used to not send the girl in the car to get me from the village corner when i came back at night and was about 8pm i have to stand on that corner like a hooker whilst cars going up and down n some turning and coming back past slowly with no money no phone waiting for someone to collect me anyway im waffleing now wait sister went glastonbury she came back covered in ringworm!!!lol
ps where is that matthew delooxe guy? this site is gone this has no posts.. ...???

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