Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Some Radiohead videos with mind control/psychological themes.

Life in a Glass House (From the album Amnesiac)

Where I End and You Begin

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Bodysnatchers (great vid)


The Secret Sun said...

Don't forget the Pyramid Song! Radiohead are very much tuned in on the occult level, just as Muse are on the parapolitical level.

Benjamin S said...

Absolutely! It's kind of cool that the music/tv shows/movies you grow up listening to and watching (i.e Radiohead and Muse both bands I've loved), have a new added dimension when you become aware of all this conspiracy/occult stuff. So you can appreciate them on a whole new level, with "new eyes and ears" so to speak.

Pyramid Song of course deserves a mention ;P (beautiful piece of music) thanks for pointing it out to people who don't know about it. I think I saw it posted in another blog a few months back so thought I'd stick with some of the lesser known Radiohead ones that don't have official videos made for them.

Thanks man, can't get enough of your work over at The Secret Sun!

Occult Media Deception said...

I've recently written an article on mind control themes in Radiohead. It's quite in depth. Can be found at

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