Friday, 6 June 2008

Who cares you're about to be terminated when your terminator looks this good.

Continuation of last post. How could I leave out the sexy Terminator robots (do women find Arnie the Nazi sexy?). Apparently this advertising campaign was copied from some other thing (showing the coordinated use of stuff like this). Below video is some Terminator Chronicles thing (not a fan), the best John Connor is easily Ben Hawkins from the ridiculously good Carnivale imo. But I was originally just going to post a youtube video of Wyclef Jean's CCR cover which starts the Manchurian Candidate movie, but could only find this one with Terminator in it. (note the one eyed focusing of Arnie etc.) Watched the first couple of episodes of this show, was not impressed. This is my last post on "sexy robots" you may or may not be glad to hear, just a stop-gap whilst I'm putting something together on the Hitman movie/games, and then Disney's uber-mind controllian Enchanted movie. Should have Hitman up tomorrow, though Big Brother 9 post will probably delay it (doesn't take a genius to realise there's something sinister about that show).

Any other Carnivale watchers out there (before the tools cancelled it) might like this video.

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