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Disassociation through Disney's Enchantment

This post is focusing on the movie Enchanted, in a similar vein to my posts on movies like The Hole, MirrorMask and a few others. Newcomers to mind control and whatnot should see this link (primarily about the symbolism in movies, info gained from this book by Fritz Springmeier) and this one about mind control in general, for a more mainstream perspective (but equally as interesting/enlightening/horrific/darkness iluminating) is this link. At one point my interpretation is somewhat graphic in describing how a theme in the film might be used by twisted programmers/handlers in reality. Obviously, this kind of material should not be read by children. It was NOT an enjoyable undertaking, so I hope it is readable (criticism/corrections are welcomed). [Alot of this is obviously speculative based on my experience looking into mind control and movies.]

Part 1: Compartment I

Enchanted contains all the required elements for aiding the programming of a young mind in confusing fantasy with reality, so naturally including themes from various fairy tales, old Disney Classics movies, Alice in Wonderland and others. Except this has the added impact of being realistic in it's transition/transformation from one dimension to another (2d to 3d, unlike the kind of unrealistic merge in Mary Poppins or Roger Rabbit for example, due to technological restraints obviously). Giselle's predicament (above, note the camouflaged butterfly, that one might miss on first glance ((I did not notice it in the movie for some reason)), excellent info from Fritz Springmeier on Project Monarch butterfly significance and dissociation here from Hidden Agendas, it is also shown in the below poster). MPD slaves are forced to watch the aforementioned movies and shows to keep them locked in a (alternate) fantasy-reality, to further disassociate them from reality and thus "trapped" in the programming. I wouldn't be surprise if this is now the "default" movie that MPD slaves are allowed to watch (depending on what specific programming they have endured) by handlers (on instruction from the programmer). It opened in 3,730 cinemas (Crowley resonance), and is 1 hour 47 minutes, which is 107 minutes long (47 17) for maximum occult effect (they think that numbers like these have some sort of effect on us, because they have charged them with esoteric energy without our knowledge) .

The film has been praised for it's casting. One reviewer (previous link) says "The film, anchored [it's all about her, the MPDisney princess] by an entrancing performance by Amy Adams (Junebug) and a strong ensemble cast, is cleverly written." [emphasis added] "With her delicate features and piles of golden curls, Adams is the very embodiment of a Disney princess. She plays Giselle, a fairy-tale character from the distant land of Andalasia who is hexed and sent to modern-day New York." (Big Apple ((below poster)), Atum, Masonic Manhatton ((madhatter)) etc.) She is absolutely right in her analysis, perhaps more right than she realises when she calls her performance "entrancing", this performance was probably created through significant programming (if not, then apologiez; this 33 year old actress is DElightful).


As previously mentioned the protagonist is Giselle this could be a reference to potential mind controlled model, Gisele Bundchen (below in Victoria Secret Angel Wings, in DG ((47)) advert she is "The One"). The very first line of the movie, after the narrator has said a few trigger phrases is "Giselle! Giselle! how about this for your statue?" Spoken by the animals, animals are often used as a means of ritualistic torture i.e. killing/torturing the pet that they love. Many MPD Mind Control victims probably talk to their pets because of their dissociative state as they are likely to be the only living things they come into contact with who do not traumatize them (this is a natural psychological response). Referring to a statue she is making of her "prince charming" whom she knows is coming, another method of trapping those in the programming by making them think someone is going to ride in on a white horse and save them, so they don't think to escape themselves. The statue could also be a reference to how some MPD slaves are programmed to "freeze" on request, which freezes them on the spot and they cannot move at all (like a statue, this usually works in tandem with Tin Man/robot programming where they ((amongst other things)) are programmed to move like the tin man from Oz ((rusty, slow, mechanical, even for the tiniest of movements, seen in a CSI episode starring Katey Sagal and herself, who does the voice of one eyed Leela in Futurama))).

Note diet pills, mirror image, top hat, "angel/butterfly" wings, mask, interlocking rings.

K = 11, it is enlarged and fragmented, subliminal Baphomet pentagram(down to the slightly droopy ears + horns).

As you'd expect, spirals are often on display throughout the film. Spirals have a dissociative effect on the psyche (subconsciously spiralling into an alter-reality, i.e Wizard of Oz Cyclone transporting Dorothy to another dimension), victims of "spin programming" (a specific number of revolutions brings out a specific programmed alter) are known to draw spirals a lot. Spirals (and circles) have a "trapping" effect as it encourages their subconscious thought processes to keep revolving/spinning (round and round) without stopping to think, thus preventing them from thinking logically and breaking out of the programming. This could be the kind of effect they are trying to produce on a global scale, and undoubtedly this is the effect they are trying to produce in the viewers of this film's minds (bear in mind that young kids are far more suggestible than adults).

As I previously said, the movie starts with (after panning over, starting off focusing on a star with crucifix/cross on, the Thames-like river up ((note the steam train) to Disney's Palace, with some Luciferian fireworks, one makes a dome around the castle, symbolising the effect on your head this movie intends to have) with Julie Andrews' (star of multi-dimensional Mary Poppins) pristinely programmed voice, saying some trigger-phrases to pull the suggestible young minds into the trance-like state, heightened because when you watch TV you are already in a low-level trance anyway. This is done whilst a pop-up book is shown (inside Disney's Palace, hint hint) depicting the fantasy-reality the viewer is becoming lost in. Note the pentagram pink flowers next to the book (MPD slaves often get "lost" in fantasy/fairtale books because it is the only enjoyable thing that they are allowed in their tragically tormented lives, to encourage dissociation from reality).

Like in Mirrormask and various other programming films, Gisele must overcome an "Evil Queen" Narissa (step-mother of Prince Charming, probably also a DID/MPD slave, like Valentine in Mirrormask). Wiki: "Narissa's mannerisms, characteristics, powers, and aesthetic features are inspired by such classical Disney villainesses as The Evil Queen and Maleficent." She is all powerful, as she can transform into a grotesque witch (as well as a purple serpent/dragon) who pushes Giselle down the rabbit hole/looking glass/stargate into another dimension (transdimensional travel/programming).

Green/spirals/purple/butterfly wingsish

But before that occurs, Gisele's idyllic fantasy alter-reality is worth analyzing. The last three words the narrator (Julie Andrews) speaks (mentioned earlier), in trigger-phrase fashion are "true love's kiss." This relates to (as do all these fairytales) the occultists Brothers Grimm, I've shown in a few of my posts how 'a kiss' is used as a trigger (for death, in CSI NY for instance). She lives amongst talking animals who help her with whatever she is doing, two bluebirds hand her something (for what body part... I do not know) which she is grateful for. The main animal is PIP ('I' eye, symbolic mirror for the P like SIS ((MI6)).) He rebukes the twin blue birds, "Come on! OK, you mookses, move it! We have a face to put together here while it's still ingrained in her subcranium." Cranium implants (good vid, though I doubt most of them are brain implants) have been known to be used in mind control; I would surmise that the chip would produce a small electrical discharge, targeting a specific compartment of the brain (electrical impulses travelling there through nerve fibers) which has housed the programmed alter-personality; stimulating this area would trigger the MPD victim to complete whatever action has been programmed in to that alter-personality (which he/she has now been triggered into). The chipmunk (pip) says this while pointing specifically to his head/cranium, increasing the subconscious effect on the viewer's own mind. He was referring to Giselle having seen her "prince charming"'s face in a dream.

Straight after he's said that, Gisele hypnotically responds, "Oh, Pip, it was such a lovely dream." (about her Prince charming) Then a rabbit (Alice in Wonderland programming) says "And these for the eyes!" after jumping up at a shocked Giselle, handing her octagonal blue gems/jewels which she then holds up to her eyes. She thanks the rabbit: "Blue? Oh, how did you know? And they sparkle just like this. Mm!" (whilst holding up the octagon jewels) Amy Adams (11) is 33 years old (at present) and has red hair and blue eyes (=purple), like Lily Cole. Octagon's have eight sides, which is symbolic of control and a (mental) prison, which was symbolised in NBC's horror television show "Fear Itself" when a victim is thrown into an octagonal pit by attractive blonde, traumatized (by a vampire, symbolic abuser/programmer) cannibals.

Giselle is upset that she'd forgotten to give him lips, so she sings "Before two can become one. There's something you must do." Twin rabbits say "Do you pull eachother's tails?" Which is probably supposed to connote the phallus. Then the twin bluebirds say "Do you feed each other seeds?" referring to the male seed, it is symbolically shown later on too (which the name Giselle is probably also a reference too, with the el being (one of) the Hebrew names for God, mirrored). You can probably see then why I've been putting off doing this post, it's disturbing and perverse, and I havn't even got past the first 3 minutes yet! But then again, that's exactly what Disney is and has always been, as this subliminal penis from The Little Mermaid shows (in the link, note the "little mermaid" sitting in the fetal position, the moon behind her ((like the dragon/tower penetrating the full moon on the Enchanted poster near the top)), and the upside down triangle reflection it makes, also loads of numerology synchs and sexual inuendos (there are more in other Disney films), from a great Celtic Rebel post. She gives him a green caterpillar for the mouth (it walks off in a huff). Whilst singing the "I've been dreaming of a True Love's Kiss" main theme song (lasts 3:13), a few more symbolic shots from this scene are below too (note the owl, mirror, with rabbit pictured). Sexual abuse inevitably leads to dissociation as a form of coping mechanism, I think they are probably attempting this on our psyche's as they continue to put sexual inuendo's into their material thus having a cumulative effect (subliminal sex) on our minds, making us more likely to dissociate and more open to subliminal suggestion.

We then meet fellow MPD victim, Prince Edward; played by James Marsden who played Cyclops (one eye) in the X-Men films and used to be a (Mind Controlled) Model and was in lots of other symbolic films (27 Dresses, Hairspray, Superman Returns). He wears a darker shade of purple. His white horse is called Destiny, he is seen taking down a kind troll/ogre (the troll's personality alters from being kind, singing along to then trying to eat her). The ogre is drawn to her singing (Siren) as well as the Prince, the ogre gets there before the Prince (the Queen's slave sets the ogre free in order to kill the Siren ((he tells the Prince that he is hallucinating)), the Queen "controls him" according to wikipedia "but ultimately realizes her true nature and rebels against her." symbolically breaking out of the programming) and he looks through the window/looking glass and all the animals nervously repeat, over and over "eye, eye..." She escapes, falls down some trees before being caught by the Prince. The Troll says, when trying to capture her "I supposed to eat you." This is symbolic of programming as they think they are "supposed" to do something horrific (i.e a serial killer/child murderer/etc. in real life), because they've been programmed to think that way.

Connect the two 3's in the horns, makes an 8 .

The Prince's mother (Queen Narissa) hates Giselle because she thinks that she will replace her as Queen, so pushes her down a magic well (with a waterfall) into another dimension. After Giselle has emerged from her carriage looking like Cinderella she says, in Alice in Wonderland fashion, "Oh! Am I late? ... I do hope I'm not late" (for her wedding). Disney sticks with this Alice symbolism, as two rabbits tie a bow around Giselle's waist, symbolising ownership (locking her in), and the twin bluebirds give her a crown, and in unison say "You're welcome Giselle!" (these blue birds probably trigger some horrific memories for anyone who came into contact with accused programmer Senator Robert C. Byrd (who apparently loved using double-meaning ((double-bind kind of thing)) byrd/bird references as part of the programming, and appears to have favoured transdimensional travel in his programming ((see Cathy O'Brien book))).

Bush shaking Senator Byrd's hand. People must consider, those that are propped up as our "leaders" are probably nothing more than traumatized/mind controlled pawns themselves controlled by the "hidden elite". I'm sure if you deprogrammed Bush he would be a nice, intelligent bloke, as opposed to the "dumb" Bush personality they have given him since becoming president, for specific geopolitical reasons. They are designed for you to misplace your anger against them ("F*CK BUSH" "BUSH DID 9/11" "Bush World's #1 Terrorist!" etc.)

As she tumbles down the rabbit hole (symbolic of the trauma that leads to the dissociation/alter reality, except in reverse ((going from fantasy, back to reality))) a quick (like half a second) subliminal cross develops into a crosshair (stargate), with a circle within another circle. She falls through the universe, then is submerged under water (see Dollhouse trailer, Hitman movie original programming scene, clearly a method employed in mind control). Under water, she is attacked by various sparkling things that stick to her :S, this transforms her from her 2 dimensional state to 3D reality. (I'm sure you can guess how this scene is used in practise, but I'll spell it out anyway: "Princess Giselle ((they would be programmed to think they are one of the Disney Princesses)), this sticky liquid will transport you to Andalasia ((another dimension like Oz, she goes there in her mind through dissociation.)), do you remember Andalasia, Gisele? This magical liquid will take you there.") As speculative as this is, I do think it is an accurate portrayal of the methodology they employ when using these types of movies' themes as part of their hypnotic programming (mixed in with vile sexual abuse, leading to more dissociation), especially when considering Disney's constant use of "sexual inuendo's". The place the queen sends her to (through the "magic portal/stargate") is described as being, "a place where there are no happy ever afters", i.e. the "real world" which, as I have mentioned in previous posts is another way of trapping them in programming (the real world is horrible, so stay in the fantasy reality).

Part 2: Compartment II

Up is Down, Down is Up. Giselle "lands" on the above crosshair (stargate) pattern, which is actually the underside (I did not notice this on first viewing for some reason) of a 'man'hole' cover which she looks through, and we get the predictable one eyed shot (notice the pattern is similar to the above light reflection that flashed on screen). How she defies the law of gravity is anyone's guess; but it's purpose is to confuse the viewer (I did not notice it consciously, but you can bet subconsciously my brain was becoming more suggestible due to the subliminal confusion). She is mesmerized by the light eminating from the holes in the manhole, there appears to be 6 of them in the shape of a hexagon/cube. She emerges from the manhole in Times Square with all the New Yorkers staring at her (with different colours: purple, red, blue shining on everyone from the NY City lights) where she causes chaos (cars with symbolic numbers/letters on them crash, one checkercab has 9Z88 on it, one truck that drives towards her has CMP(=32) in big letters on the back of it). This is symbolic of everything being put on an MPD slave's shoulders, telling them that they are responsible for all the hell that's been unleashed on them. She is then dragged, through the crowd (she has no control over her body). The chaos she causes is symbolic of the chaos of trauma, that leads to the order (mind successfully split and controlled, Ordo Ab Chao-Order out of Chaos). This is also shown by the various electrical illuminated billboards on display (in Times Square), the barcode one which I showed in my Hitman post, and one that piqued my interest was The Color Purple (musical based on a book by Alice Walker about abuse of minors ((and the trauma inflicted on black people, illuminati racist ideology)), Stephen Spielberg made it into his eighth film), which is shown when she knocks over a sunglasses street seller's table (and a couple of times after that). A Bank of America electronic billboard is directly opposite from the Colour Purple one, symbolising who is largely responsible for hidden Illuminati abuse (the bankers, the ones who like to think of themselves as symbolically inhabiting the illuminated capstone, hence why they cap their banking buildings with pyramids/owls/squares/triangles etc. REVOLT!!!). Both electronic billboards are on corners which are symbolic of a triangle/pyramid (you'll notice that the corner is missing it's capstone, in typical illuminist fashion)

Where the capstone would be are the words: "Soaring and Joyful" This is probably done for a similar reason as in the 7/7 terror attacks (instead of child abuse/trauma based mind control, both events: this film and the bombings, were designed to have a psychological impact on the masses' psyche.), the ironic slogan on the side of the bus was "Outright terror... Bold and Brilliant." Obviously just a coincidence (just like all the CCTV apparently not working that day etc.)!! No. 30 bus. REVOLUTION!!!

A little person/dwarf (used in programming, make MPD victim think they are fantastical creatures rather than normal people ((more confusing reality with fantasy)), in snow white and the seven dwarfs for example) gets caught under her white wedding dress (sexual allusion, white is a symbol of purity, the red electronic billboard to the right of the barcode one is for Virgin). She calls him, excitedly: "Grumpy!" (one of the aforementioned 7 dwarfs) he responds, grumpily "Jeez, lady. Are you for real?", she (in her dissociative state) does not know, she says "I think so..."

She is forced down narrow subway stairs then the camera pans over the pavement (this occurs in one shot, accessing another compartment of the mind, note the M and Z in circles, 13/M and Oz resonance then) before she goes up some stairs (symbolising an upside down pyramid), into a dirty/scarey place (two prostitutes are shown, more sexual allusions, with two subliminal pyramids made up of white/black triangles). There is also a black car there (reminds me of politicians' car), picking up a prostitute from the side of the road I presume... nice bit of subliminal education there for the kids. She excitedly approaches an old homeless man (stereotypical dodgey old looking guy, symbolic abuser she is programmed to "trust") who sits between twin red pillars. She says to him "I've never been this far away from home before, and I'm not sure at all where I am." this is a common theme in other mind control movies like Mirrormask and the Wizard of Oz. He steals her crown and runs off with it on a brick/cobbled road, leaving her in distress shouting "I need that!" (like Dorothy needs her Ruby slippers). I don't know what subliminal messages are being pushed into the viewer's young minds here in the graffiti and whatnot.

Enter: "McDreamy" (McD's, actors are created/programmed franchises like any other) Patrick Dempsey, Giselle's "real" prince charming. We find out he is a lawyer, an African American couple (the "Banks") are getting a divorce and arguing over who would get a 1954 "Henry 'Hank' Aaron" baseball card, there was (probably still is) a tonne of mind control going on in and around Baseball (which is essentially just the schoolgirl game "rounders", over here in the UK). He had a 23 year career, got 3,771 hits, career home-runs of 755, which is a record he held for 33 years before it was broken by steroid-filled mind controlled occult media pawn Barry Bonds. I personally think the programming is so advanced that they can trigger a sports player (any sport) to play well or not depending on their occult motivations (i.e "Bonds did not homer again until April 13, 2007 when he hit two (736 and 737) in a 3 for 3 night..."). Here, we also meet The Little Mermaid, her voice at least in Jodi Benson (interesting things she's been in, click link) who makes a cameo appearance as Robert Philip's (Dempsey) secretary (below, with grid pattern on a bridge which we go to later in the movie((the bridging, or lack there of; of the multiple personalities))) They stop again at another grid pattern (window frame as if to synchronistically confirm her status as a Disney Mind Control Slave), note the fact that the window is fogged, symbolising a prison that you cannot even see out of (because your "real self" is not there to see it). The African American couple arguing over the baseball card are called "The Banks" family, probably a reference to Mary Poppins' Banks family and where they visit a bank, sing songs about banks and all that (the banks are one of the main reasons we are in the mess we're in at the moment on this earth, everyone knows about the international bankers' dodgey dealings throughout history).

Giselle continues walking on her metaphorical yellow brick road (trying to find a non-existant castle, her emerald city) in the pouring rain. Above, she is covered by the green leaves of a tree, but I put this in to illustrate the purple I have discussed in recent posts, this seems to be focused on purpose (as if they are depicting exactly what I talked about, it being a subconsciously confusing colour because it is a mixture of two emotionally polarizing colours). "It is also the hardest colour for the eye to discern" which is a great link, I'm glad I found it as it backs up my own thoughts on the colour almost perfectly: "It is a combination of the excitement and sexuality of red and the tranquility of blue. The result: conflicting forces that need handling with care and daring [Oh it IS being "handled with care" all right, by the media making us more suggestible]. It is a polarizing color." She is triggered into another trance-like, extatic state by seeing a pink and sparkling Palace (casino, "Dreams Come True") billboard where she frantically knocks on the 2 dimensional yellow door (but she is not allowed back into that compartment of the brain that houses the idyllic fantasy alter-reality). Then the yellow cab "McDreamy" is in with his daughter, pulls up and she asks him why there is a princess on the castle billboard, he dismisses her off hand saying "It's an advertisement. It's a mannequin." which is symbolic of an empty vessel (the mind after it has been split, and the ones used in advertising) made as such through trauma, ready to be programmed to the programmers specifications (to fill up the empty/split mind with various personalities, each serving specific purposes).

Then, predictably she falls down and her "real" "prince charming" catches her. He thinks she is mental and takes her home. She tells him about how "she is always falling" but there is "always someone ready to catch her", showing that the falling is symbolic and not literal (occurring "in her head"). She tells him that "True Love's Kiss" is the "most powerful thing in the world", which it is for them as a simple trigger like that can change everything about themselves (so to them, triggers are the most powerful thing in their world). The film gets quite amusing at this point as she tells him how he made her dress (with the help of "mice and rabbits"), he asks her where she is going to sleep tonight and she says, "Maybe in a nearby meadow, or a hollow tree?" which made me laugh (no point losing your sense of humor in all this horrific shit is there?), and how she made her dress (with butterfly brooch): "I gathered the silk from my silkworms and I spun it into thread on my spinning wheel" (spin programming). She cleans up the house (with the help of the animals), she acts similarly to Helena in one scene, where they both make the "horns/twin pillars/duality" hand symbol (though admittedly only for a second, used by some to trigger a hypnotic state), her overall demeaner in this section (talking to the animals/weird creature things with loads of them overwhelming the respective MPD slave) is quite similar in my opinion.

Naturally, she falls through his front door (apartment 1207, every number spoken/shown throughout the movie appeared symbolic) leaving another stargate/hole (with more sexual inuendos in where it is positioned), she lands on hexagons (subliminal Seal of Solomon) and prison bar symbolic lines.

Not quite "LE" (what's with the french? El mirrored) END of the yellow brick road, smiley face/heart trigger as the animals minds are controlled (intelligent animals, confusing fantasy with reality).

Labyrinthian bubble spheres (note purple). There are constant references throughout the film about how she is "lost" and "confused" and the like.

More sexual inuendos, see yellow Butterfly thing on the shower curtain, also the bathroom's floor is made up of a hexagons/cubes pattern.

McDreamy's girlfriend gets pissed at him for having an attractive girl stay at his house overnight, leaves in a huff and gets into cab 3A33 (3133, just coincidence no doubts...).

4+4=8, this 8 is on each twin pillar(ish), note the purple flowers, with a red ones in the middle of each.

Note checkerboard kitchen floor.

We are taken back to the 2D alter-reality where an effigy (sculpted bush) of the Queen accidentally has her head cut off and it falls through the stargate. Then her mind controlled servant jumps down (after she has spoken a trigger phrase to him so he jumps down the well willingly). The stargate/rabbit hole (manhole) is 'manned' by stereotypical "working class" New Yorkers (with twin flurescent yellow lines on them) working for VeriZOn (the Z is exemplified) and is in red/white/black. The prince penetrates a Bus (with 701 on its side) with his sword after a Wicked musical broadway poster (click link to see poster in full) has been shown which is a musical based on the Wizard of Oz (the actual Wizard of Oz musical has seen a comeback recently, in keeping with all the other mind control themes being pushed in the media at present). Also note the Hairspray billboard (half/split face), which he was in himself (the movie version), a reference to his own programming probably.

Giselle and Robert enter another building with grid pattern (the place where he works is in Columbus Circle, note the symbolic things outside it), and she is stopped in her tracks by a statue which she says is "beautiful", perhaps another reference to "Freeze" programming. References to statues are probably also symbolic of Masonry building the statues of old; and their building (breaking down first) the minds of many today, making them essentially a piece of stone ready to be sculpted into whatever kind of statue they want (if that makes sense). The Little Mermaid (Jodi Benson) has been looking for the place Giselle says she came from, referring to it correctly as "More like, a state of mind." She gets upset when finding out that "The Banks" are getting separated, "What sort of awful place is this?" McDreamy: "It's reality." Giselle, "Well, I think I'd prefer to be in Andalasia!" Which is something often used, to portray reality as something "awful" and the dissociated alter-reality as being the complete opposite of the "awful" reality (stops them breaking out of the programming, as reality is not worth the effort because it is so awful).

They go to central park where the Queen's servant hands her a poisoned apple (caramel) with a subliminal face (note the teeth, nose, eyes; the other side of the apple is clear telling me it was done on purpose, facing the viewer) on it which instantly triggers her into a trance-looking state (look at her eyes). She is shocked when McDreamy tells her that "happily ever after doesn't exist" and she launches the apple into the air, it lands on the helmet of a guy in a bicycle race (spinning wheel) with a yellow jersey on causing another head injury. At this point there is a musical number that is quite good, a reference to the Sound of Music (narrator Julie Andrews film) is shown when she runs with her arms outstretched over a hill. A lot of this song occurs over a hexagonal brick road (pictured with old people holding sunflowers, seal of solomon, cube, boxed personalities, yellow brick road, seen in other movies like Hitman). The fact that everyone randomly starts dancing and singing is again confusing reality with fantasy (would never happen in the real world, which is what they are supposed to be in). Loads of symbolic stuff in this one (wedding clothes, green/pink arches, octagons etc.) The scene, predictably ends with the backdrop of a fountain with an angel in stone atop it (nice symbolic shot to finish, symbolising what I've been talking about), the fountain is in the shape of an octagon (or hexagon) with circles within circles surrounding it.

Disney celebrating intergenerational trauma based mind control, kept in (a mental) prison up in a symbolic tower (phallus), note rainbow balloons, pillars and the octagons (within octagons) etc.

The Queen's servant and Prince Edward stay in "The Grand Duke Hotel". The Queen's servant is quickily hypnotized by a daytime soap opera like a stereotypical brainwashed stupid (average) American (the actor is English) in real life (sorry but this is the perception people have of Americans outside of America) who are quite happy to sit there being hypnotized. The Prince calls it a "Magic Mirror" controlled by an "odd little box", as the servant (Nathanial) leaves we have a highly symbolic image on the television of a ventriloquist and his dummy (metaphor for mind control, ventriloquist Alex Houston was allegedly handling/programming Cathy O'Brien before she was allegedly rescued by Mark Phillips in 1988).

He leaves to try and complete his programmed mission (of giving the poisoned apple to Giselle), in the restaurant Giselle and "McDreamy" are having a "date" as they eat pizza, PIP saves the day (by stopping her drinking the apple martini), then chaos breaks out, and in reference to "spin programming" the (circular) pizza is spun into the Salvador Dali style face (similar thing, except instead of fire it is water in Hitman: The Movie). She thinks Pip died in the fire (he escaped, falling into a vase under a yellow stained glass window with a green triangle on it) which symbolises how animals are used in ritualistic torture as she gets very upset, but is extatic when she finds out he managed to escape.

For some reason, this is reported on the news (Prince Edward has been in his room watching TV all day) showing the ridiculous nature of the news media. This was also a humorous scene as he says "Magic Mirror, I beg you. Tell me where she is!" the TV immediately resonds, "From 116th and Broadway..." Edward: "116th and Broadway! Thank you, mirror." (1+1+6 = 8 11+6 = 17, if you rotate it 180 degrees you get 911) and he instantly runs there. A white Toto urinates on his boot, then he gets confused in a revolving door, perhaps another spin programming reference/trigger (this occurs in the 63rd minute, 1 hr 3 min 37 seconds exactly), he runs up some stairs, where a few flowing swastikas are seen (all connected) just so we are under no illusions as to what ideology Disney has (Walt Disney specifically). First he tries door 113, the woman in there cryptically says "You're too late." (Alice in Wonderland programming). Then he tries door 209 (2+9 =11), then door 405 (4+5=9) so, them in order suggests conscious 9/11 resonance to me. He finally gives up when he comes across a homosexual "biker dude" (sexual abuse memory trigger, triggering despair and dissociation), he sits on top of the flowing swastika patterns, with his back against the wall.

Note the dark mirror and the numbers.

'McDreamy' says to Giselle, referring to how her "prince charming" is not really coming: "It's tempting to see things the way you wish, instead of how they are." which resonates with Valentine's similar thing saying to Helena (in Mirrormask): "We often confuse what we wish for with what is." Both movies pertain to mind control, therefore we can assume that having similar phraseology is all part of the programming contained within them (potential trigger phrase variant). After this, she is amazed that she can feel anger. Alter personalities can be programmed to lack certain emotions, so it seems like a big deal (to the MPD victim) when the handler triggers that emotion back into being, by a trigger phrase. I think the film is portraying her being deprogrammed in a way, as she does not hypnotically join her prince charming in song and he asks her why, she says, "I was thinking.", he obviously has no concept of this (having his own thoughts, in this alter personality anyway) and says "Thinking?" in a confused manner. Then we meet the Queen's Mind Controlled Assassin, who is angry, Narissa (Queen) says she is going there herself and we have a shattered glass and covered face (symbolising facelessness) trigger sequence. Also pictured, Giselle at the bridge featured earlier in the post (with grid, yellow line, bald man in yellow T-Shirt, Prince Edward wearing ironic "liberty" ((Ishtar)) hat). And the kid in butterfly/fairy wings, infront of a Mirror.

This post has gone on entirely too long and I'm just about sick to death of it, so I'll rush through the final sequence. The Queen arrives through the stargate/rabbit hole/etc. (making serpent tongue motions, she is called a viper later on) but she comes with some kind of green electric energy that proppels the manhole cover into the air shattering a Coca-Cola (CC = 33, regular coke can has 330 ml too) giant electrical billboard. We also see the servant in another alter personality (his changes throughout the film), this time as a yellow turban wearing cab driver (Sikhs are spiritually bound to wearing Turbans, NOT Muslims, doesn't even mention Sikhism, part of the ongoing "stereotypization" process of Muslims and the Middle East). Susan Sarandon is dressed suitably in vaguely dominatrix attire, as she walks over the zebra crossing firing green elecritcal energy at a yellow checkercab.

She finds out they are at "The King and Queens ball", Giselle is dressed in a purple mermaid dress. Purple light shines on them throughout, the Queen has shapeshifted into an old evil hag ("witches face" used in programming) and she attempts to hypnotize Giselle, "I can make all those bad memories disappear." as she waves her hand across Giselle's face (trigger motion), then giving her the trigger apple (attempting to take her back to her dissociative alter-reality state). The reflection of Giselle's face is shown in the red apple, the Queen says a few more trigger phrases before she bites it and passes out. "McDreamy" kisses her before midnight and she comes back alive, pissing off the Queen who takes McDreamy up a Gothic building (it is supposed to resonate Disney's castle), Giselle chases with a sword, the dragon is eventually killed as she falls in a ball of fire and green, usual one eyed shot as she falls. More confusing fantasy with reality as the real world becomes a pop-up book, and Prince Edward and "McDreamy"'s old girlfriend are back in Andalasia and she answers her cell-phone saying she has 'good reception'.

Bill Kelly's original script for the film was considered 'unsuitable for Disney as it was a "a racier R-rated movie"', we can only speculate what kind of perverse mind-f**k that would have been. You can get all the necessary items for "Disney Princess Programming" (logic tells me that it is likely to be one) on their website, such as Giselle mirrors, costumes and dolls (though Giselle is not part of the official Disney Princesses, because they didn't want to pay for the life-long rights to Amy Adams' image).

You can even buy a $450 porcelain doll made by one of fashion's tentacle-monsters, Armani.

To finish the post a couple of videos, first a trailer for the film then one of the musical bits from it (the music in it is good enough). Obviously I don't want people to suddenly stop watching films and TV just because these things are in them, we just need to be aware of what might be being put into our heads, without our knowledge in many (if not most) of the media (news/advertising/movies/TV).


Michael Skaggs said...

Brilliant Ben!

Wow! You really did an amazingly through job mate! Well done!!
..I only mention this as a typo, you have Lola instead of Leela when referencing Futurama...but everything is broken down incredibly. Excellent work and THANK YOU for all the hard work. It is exhaustive isn't it? Onward and upward! You've done extensive hard work on revealing the MC hidden within. Kudos!

Keep it real and be well!
peace bro!

Phiwizard said...

Great One!

Thanks for taking me through Amy Adams 12 step program to mind control. Interesting things in her background. I always though she was rather porcelain dollish. Born on a military base and raised Mormon and had early training as a ballerina. She also had a very interesting quote attributed to her, " I have worked with some of the meanest people in the world. You can't do anything to intimidate me." Keep up the great work.



Anonymous said...

Wow!. Wow! Wow! Good stuff!

You know I like to look at words, so... Enchanted 1: to influence by or as if by charms and incantation : bewitch 2: to attract and move deeply : rouse to ecstatic admiration {the scene enchanted her to the point of tears — Elinor Wylie} Bewitched 1a: to influence or affect especially injuriously by witchcraft 1b: to cast a spell over 2: to attract as if by the power of witchcraft

That Gisele commercial was something else. Why does she repeat "bigger is better" in the middle of it? (Rhetorical) Having lived in Brasil, I'll tell you the common spelling is "Gisele" .. so I think you hit on something with the Disney choice

The "sticky liquid" facial is outrageous! And, the Manhole, was the name of a gay bar I recall from some town. Not much imagination required there. Combine that with "pulling tails" and anyone who's read up on dissociative sexual programming of children can see there are truely sick minds working within Disney.

One of my upcoming works looks at the cute heart/love symbol females are programmed with. That closing shot of all the animals voyeuriing as the two lovers unite at the apex of the V just reeks of these ritualistic sex practices. Note also that in this shot, the girls's butterfly wings are not visible in the mirror, yet her alter in the background, has a butterfly covering her Vagina/Vulva/V.

There has never been anything like Enchanted." Indeed!

Pink castles with arched entranceways. Argh!

Benjamin S said...

Thanks for the feedback, insightful comments all round.

Mike, thanks for pointing that out (changed it now), Leela is even more symbolic (mirrored (le)el+a), and also ty for the kind words.

Phiwizard, she's definitely got that look about her. Great background info on her, perfect addition to the post, cheers.

Celtic, awesome + humorous info, insightful interpretations of those images too, feel free to use any of my images in your posts which will no doubt be as interesting as yours always are.

Cheers all!

#6 said...

On Smallville, Amy played a green kryptonite mutant who fed on human fat- a fat girl who went thin and "sexy" and then devoured other people because she was eternally hungry. Like something out of Greek myth. Her prom date in the episode was Sticks Johnson I mean Pete Ross, the only black in the state of Kansas in the Smallville reality.

bunny said...

I just rewatched this today (just after reading your post). you seemed to have missed a few things... nathaniel (the servant) becomes interested in the soap opera because the scene mirrors his own relationship with the evil queen. on his way out the door he asks the prince if he dislikes himself sometimes. the prince, with a clean conscience, replies "what's not to like?"
it's nathaniel in disguise (with turban) in the taxi and he's called an advice show. all of his disguises are very silly. this is why in the italian restaurant other diners assume he must be part of an act of some sort.

the fairy tale characters bring some of their own world into ours. this is why all of central park sings with giselle and the tv seems to answer edward's questions.

this movie wasn't really promoted as a kid's movie during theatrical release although it is actually less messed up than many movies specifically made for children. it is deliberately calling to mind some kids' movies grown up viewers may have watched in their childhood. they want you to notice things like giselle topping the hill arms spread like in "the sound of music" or the evil face on the poison apple. those aren't subliminal elements. haha

Benjamin S said...

Those are all very basic overt elements that I didn't feel were worth going into, of course there are a tonne of older musicals references and I am fully aware of the basic plot of the film; but thanks for stating the obvious anyway I guess, not really sure what you're point is.

Anonymous said...

That was a great post, it made me rethink everything I had watched as a child. I also remember being quite bored with all the Disney bubble scenes and not understanding them.

I understand them now. So much in this little clip......

Anonymous said...

I'm arriving late to this discussion, but I'll add for posterity that Stephen Schwartz, lyricist on this, is also the composer/writer of "Wicked," the follow-up/prequel to..."The Wizard of Oz."

"Wicked" is referenced via billboard in the Times Square shot that includes the Coca Cola ad.

"Bar Code" is also a "666" reference as all bar codes contain this value (and then there's the supposed "666" contained in the Disney logotype).

Anonymous said...

Okay, commenting 6 years late is pushing it but you would, as they say here, "get your ass kicked" for this: "Baseball (which is essentially just the schoolgirl game "rounders", over here in the UK)."

Grew up playing rounders and now live in the USA, so this is especially funny to me.


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