Friday, 27 June 2008

Leverage against the Mind Control Machine

Another blatant example of an MPD Mind Control victim was seen in a new show called "Leverage" on TNT which airs in a couple of months or so (got leaked on online recently) for a 13 episode run, it was very good (seems to be based on the UK TV show Hustle, but I preferred this) so we can assume it will not last long. The show stars Timothy Hutton who has been in some interesting things, like The Good Shepherd (Skull and Bones/CIA), The Last Mimzy (expanding consciousness + Dwight from the office!) and various others. She is called Parker and the first thing you hear about her is that "Parker is insane", this pilot episode was directed by Dean Devlin (4+4=8). Parker is played by Beth Riesgraf (why are they always so incredibly cute...), her son with My Name is Earl star (now 'split' from) Jason Lee is called, seriously: "Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf-Lee"... she is currently filming a movie called "Nobody". She has many different skills in the show (MPD MC victims are known to develop amazing flexibility, this is also seen in Grindhouse ((see Celticrebel's fine comment on spirals too, they are both pliable (programmed "Useless talent #66"), also spoken of in Cathy O'Briens autobiog))), below we can see her outrightly described as "Infiltrator and Alter" and also her flexibility is shown as she makes a hole in glass and squeezes herself through it, she also breaks out of handcuffs (#8) with ease.

Wow... no clues here at all. (White Rabbit Wonderland programming, Kansas Oz programming etc.)

reflection, circle/hole

Upon completing the mission (stealing aeroplane schematics) she says "I already forgot your names." (she repeats this phrase at the end of the episode, showing the mirrored phraseology I wrote about in a few posts) Then when they all meet (to be blown up, they escape) to discuss why they did not receive payment she says, "That makes me cry inside. In my special... angry place." Because of her compartmentalized mind where certain personalities cannot feel an emotion(s) (like anger in this case). We also see her bulimia programming (mentioned in reference to The Hole, and stick-thin Mind Controlled Models/Actresses) kicking in as she willingly/without question sticks her fingers in her mouth. She is more concerned that she did not get paid than the fact that the guy tried to kill them, where we have another reference to her messed up mind, "There's something wrong with you." As she stands in front of a wooden square pillar. She changes to an Alter Personality inside an elevator (accessing another compartment of the mind, where the alter is housed), her alter has an injured leg (relates to Grindhouse, loss of limbs/self), naturally the building it all takes place in is 131 (mirrored 13, look out for more numerology synchs, at the end the corporation's ((boo! hiss! your supposed to think)) stocks fall 33% and others)

Note the revolving door/glass/numerology

At one point Nate Ford (Timothy Hutton) creates a distraction in order to delay the guy they are trying to get revenge over by shattering windows (shattered glass/shattered mind... click the link...) At the end of the episode, the British girl pictured face-to-face with her is said to have bought new shoes, Parker (MPD victim) says "What is it with women and shoes?", British girl responds "There's something wrong with you..." and she is backed up by Christian Kane (33 yo actor, born 1974), "That's what I said..." (showing again mirrored phraseology). Straight after this Ford says, "If it's gonna fall 30% (stocks, specifically 33) you can make shattering (emphasised in the show) amounts of money." Then at the end (spin camera motion, by spider/grid type arhetectural structure) Parker says "I already forgot your names..." (said earlier by her too) when they're about to go their separate ways. But they decide they can't, and the British girl references "White king, black knight." Showing duality (in deciding whether to fight for good or evil). And it ends with a nice quote to affirm our programmed dislike of corporations and the "elite" from Ford, "People like that, corporations like that, they have all the money, they have all the power and they use it to make people like you go away." It is very interesting to watch, some random things that I could not interpret, like she did some odd squeeky laugh when Ford spoke of how he "picked up a lot of stuff" in his job as an insurance guy (a reference to one of her alter personalities' ability to remember things like a computer?). I don't know why all these shows (around the world, i.e Doctor Who) have started putting blatant MC'd MPD victims and themes in their shows, perhaps they want it all to come out...


Michael Skaggs said...

WOW, what a bunch of synchs! This morning I commented on Daria's post on the New Batman movie...Shattered Mind (1996) is directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal...I pointed out Maggie GyLLenhAAl from The Dark Knight (the TWIN ELs which in numerology is 33, and TWIN As which is 11) synch wink the first...THEN, the WRITER of Shattered Mind is Thomas Baum...ok, we've looked at Fram Baum's use of Wizard of Oz for Mind Kontrol as of late... so we have a resonance there with Baum, synch wink back at me number 2...and again back at Daria's post on the movie...spoke of double bind in the have CHRISTian KANE (CHIRST and the cursed KANE)!

Thanks Ben!

Atlantean Times said...

that chap from my name is earl is a scientologist and so is his chubby costar on the same show.

nice post...

my code is thuflv which kinda looks like tough

Benjamin S said...

Great spots Mike, cheers for pointing out more detail on that Shattered Mind movie, looks v interesting from those synchs.

AT, ah that clinches it! If scientology isn't a colossal mind control cover then I'll eat my metaphorical Mickey Mouse hat.

Cheers all, I'm consistently amazed at how blatant these shows have become as of late.

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