Sunday, 15 June 2008

LG: Revealing the Secret

Go to the LG Secret website, watch the main video thing on the website(you can slow down the speed, rewind and whatnot) it opens with a checkerboard, which disintegrates, then you go through a long hallway with twin pillars, then onto a reflective pool reflecting the twin pillars etc. Note the 'infinity'ish logo for Secret (an 8 on it's side, more total control). LG's (L=12 G=7) logo is a face with one eye, the nose is the L, the round of the face is the G, you'll see the head is not complete (because it is a G) symbolising a split/broken face/personality. 12+7 is 19 (9/11 resonant) and LG has it's own sets of twin towers (more than one around the world), one is shown below. The 'LG Group' which seems to be your stereotypical "evil" corporation/conglomerate and was formed in 1947, it was originally called Goldstar. It also resonates 77 as L can be viewed as an upside down/mirrored 7 and G is 7 so 77ish... Obviously the importance of G to Freemasonry goes without saying, and L is also symbolic of El.

I recently recall reading something about how mobile phones keeps you addicted to using them by sending a pulse to your brain each time you use it (or something), so in sticking with mobiles ("Cell" phones) the 3G iPhone's latest advertisement is called "In the hallway" hmm.... 3G = 37 (777 Crowley) by the way.

Again, sticking with mobile phones, this excellent advert makes me want to go out and get one of them (I do have a rarely used one though, I remember how excited you were as a kid when you got your mobile phone, around the time they were getting small and sleek, I remember my first Nokia 3210 and then getting the 3310 years ago, ah good times). Checkerboard symbolism, triangles, faces, all the usual stuff.


Dedroidify said...

Hey ben, amazing how you keep piling up the synchs, this just a question & forgive my ignorance, but where did you find out that 8 stands for total control? Brian kemila at illuminati matrix said this too though I usually associate 8 with chaos? Which is the opposite of total control? ;p
Thanks in advance.

aferrismoon said...

Via the Hebrew L = 30 and G = 3, so a big 33, coupled wwith LG for Looking Glass.
GL [ gul] in Hebrew means Wave
They have their own Twin Towers in Beijing. I think they foisted the Air-conditioning revolution on Northern Climate Zones which helped promote LeGionnaires disease, hooray.

Benjamin S said...

Dedroidify, chaos is the ultimate tool for total control! (Ordo Ab Chao, order ((control)) out of chaos) But yeah, I'm not really sure (you've probably guessed I'm not big on academic style referencing and all that), 8 looks like a pair of handcuffs which symbolises total control over a human being (submission), in a similar vein it could also represent interlocking rings symbolising total control over the mind (mental prison). It's (pretty much) the infinity symbol on its side, showing totality (total control). I think Michael over at Hidden Agendas is more learned on the subject than me. If you 'split' an '8' in half (vertically) you get the number 3 mirrored (so mirror and 33 symbolism). If you split it horizontally you get two individual circles (symbolising a split mind, with 2 individual personalities). Pseudo-Psychology ftw.

Aferrismoon, awesome 33/Looking Glass spots.

Sky News has gone nuts with patriotism the past few days having "For Queen and Country" segments (with a checkerboard shield logo in the top right) detailing what "our troops" are doing over in Afghanistan. We are sending '23'0 (2 cubed = 8) extra troops to fight against the Taliban (On Friday the '13'th they let out hundreds of Taliban soldiers from jail by blowing up the side of it) apparently (according to sky news) bringing the total number of British troops to 8030 (888).

They are psychologically preparing us to fight a much bigger war following a forthcoming false flag "terrorist" attack.

Michael Skaggs said...


You hit it right on the money my friend with the description of 8! Aferris always tosses in so much info in such little comments, doesn't he?

I have a feeling Dedrois we may find out the true meaning watching the 08-08-08 ceremonies...did you see the 1984 ceremony posted at the Secret Sun with the UFO/Alien at the Olympics? All I can say is "Frigga'd Up!"

Great work again Ben, top notch!
Peace bro!

Dedroidify said...

Thanks for the info ben, much appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

I just don't quite understand the cellphone-mindcontrol, could someone explain it to me?

Thanks in advance


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