Friday, 13 June 2008

MI6 Mind Control Experiments and Salvador Dali

The I (EYE) acts as the MIRROR of the S(symbolic with the S on either side of it, not literally mirrored obviously) it also resonates ISIS and the occult $ (caduceus) if you lay the letters ontop of each other SIS (and ISIS) in their own font you get $, numerological S=19 and I=9 so 19919, which vaguely resonates 9/11 to me.

The use of faces (fasces) in mind control is absolute, considering the prominence of individual eyes and whatnot used constantly in the media, directed squarely at our minds. There's never been any doubt in my mind that individual parts of the face and the face as a whole are used in mind control (in their attempt to fracture your mind/by confusing the face), i.e in recent Doctor Who episodes and Big Brother etc. Doing some googling, I stumbled upon this article which I probably saw a couple of years ago but wasn't focused on mind control. Those pesky Masons over at MI6 fed LSD to people without their consent (as you do) in the 50s (but.... the commies were going to nuke us any second, we had to try everything right? anyone who thinks that is incredibly naive and a victim of post WW2 mass brainwashing) so when MI5/6 (MI5's, but same diff, they all pretty much went to the same Freemasonic lodges after all) still had the Illuminati all seeing eye pyramid logo (changed in 1955). Official site links for MI6 and GCHQ (7 3 8 17) where some images are taken from, Q in James Bond is probably called Q because it is the number 17. One of those "tested" with LSD is reported to have seen 'distorted "Salvador Dali-style faces and cracks in people's faces"' (More on this below David Davis paragraph)

Argh!!!! MY MIIIIND! Uber-Occult GCHQ building.

Back on topic after this vaguely rantish bit on recent events: After yesterday's terror vote a new King David has apparently emerged to champion the anti-totalitarian cause (vs goliath), I've enjoyed watching the media scrambling to totally avoid the issue by just talking about how much the Conservatives are "in turmoil" and how grateful Labour are for his "crazy" act, and all that claptrap. It's the (I assume, if you've ever worked for Murdoch) racist Sun ex-editor (doesn't he look like a nice chap :P) to fight for the establishment's dictatorship vs David Davis: the new "V for Vendetta" ^^. Yesterday's terror vote was won by 9 votes, the "Ayes", pronounced EYES, received 315 (=9) the "No's" (shouldn't it be Nays?) pronounced NOSE received 306 (=9) I'm sure it's all a coincidence... (999 is mirrored 666 + eyes and nose mind control) The whole vote was obviously just a symbolic psy-op farce (piss off the civil liberties people, further trap the masses inside the "terrorists out to kill us" delusion). The vote was to increase the already completely ridiculous, revolution-inspiring 28 (88, 2 shackles, symbolising total control) days detention to 42 (4x2 is 8, again subconsciously symbolising control) days. It has nothing to do with stopping "terrorists" attacking us whatsoever (like CCTV etc.), it's just their insane obsession with TOTAL CONTROL (Hell, David Davis is probably definitely controlled opposition). VIVA LA ILLUMINATI-CONTROLLED REVOLUTION!

Perhaps this cartoon on page 33 of The Times (Murdoch), Friday the 13th of June is a lot more literal than most people realize! Who has taken control of David Davis' brain? The joke refers to the obviously intentionally left intelligence report left randomly on a train about Al-Qaeda and Iraq which subconsciously makes the non-existent link between the two for the masses who can't be bothered to think for themselves. It "outlined the threat from Al Qaeda", implying that there is a threat from a completely fictitious organisation (which of course there isn't and never has been, except the odd brainwashed tool to "remind us" but even then they're not part of some "Al Qaeda" boogeyman organisation). Total psy-op. Link here, do they only make those rubber gloves in purple these days or something?! This also looks like a good link on MI6 mind control with lots of links and whatnot.

"The EYES have it." - Quote from Speaker of the House yesterday.

Salvador Dali created bit of a Hitchcock movie.

Shame about the nose (no's).

One of those "tested" with LSD is reported to have seen 'distorted "Salvador Dali-style faces and cracks in people's faces"' I've said many times that cracked/fractured faces are symbolic of the split mind, perhaps this goes some way to showing why it is used in this way. These types of images then seem to be ingrained in our subconscious (third eye, pineal gland), which is why I guess it is used so much in the media. This is particularly blatant in Mirrormask where split/cracked faces are shown often and there are subliminal Salvador Dali-style faces on show numerous times (couple of example of these types of things below). I love this artist, he's clearly an absolute genius (or had the ideas put into his head by other means, like early Bob Dylan).

Swan reflection transformation.

Eventually, they figured out that LSD wasn't so great at mind control (considering mind control has been practised and perfected since god knows when, I think we can assume this experiment had nothing to do with literal "mind control", they probably just wanted some guinea pigs to test the new LSD drug on) and gave up the project. "Mr Webb said scientists gave him LSD at least twice in a week. He remembers a nightmarish experience when he hallucinated for a long time. He saw "walls melting, cracks appearing in people's faces ... eyes would run down cheeks, Salvador Dali-type faces ... a flower would turn into a slug"." Their minds will never recover. I'm still working on getting started on some bigger movie posts, motivation/energy hasn't been there, should get to it in the next couple of days.

Some more mind control in movies as Salvador's skull made up of nude women is used on the movie poster for Silence of the Lambs, which uses the face with the mouth covered, with another face/skull over the mouth. Link here.

First Edition James Bond book cover in Salvador Dali style, link here. Markham (Mark Saunders was shot in Markham Square)

Might as well throw in the Slovakian Secret Service logo that I came across on Google (they're all part of the same "club", no matter what country). REVOLT! Edit: From the Orwellian mindset they've brainwashed onto society, obviously V For Vendetta style physical action is futile and something they are seriously hoping for (to progress the totalitarian tip-toe and all that).


aferrismoon said...

Check the Setaceous Hebrew Character , the name of a moth, with a hebrew N design on its wings.
The character N corresponds to the Death card, the one used on that Woody Allen/ Scarlett Johannsen/ Hugh Jackman film .
I read some of the Monarch stuff from Mercurial Talisman's links. Going to be difficult to find a mainstream film not 'using' some of that 'imagery'.
Looking at Lost again one sees a whole interaction of different 'alters' being led into and through various programming. We may imagine that each 'protagonist' one identifies with in a film ' if any' takes one through a 'gentle' tour of 'actual' MK techniques. Thus a protagonists 'friends' and 'enemies' = the Programmer in its various guises. or the protagonist various alters.
Perhaps MK central just puts out films a nd waits to see 'who' reacts.


Michael Skaggs said...

Terrific symbolisms and reveals Ben, great job. The artworks were a great synch, and I do remember seeing some of Dali's stuff in an episode of two of The Simpsons.

Aferris may be on to something too since the Tarot seems to be playing a major part in controlling Hollywood Actors by applying their Archetype via its use..combined with the M.C. Gavin at Atlantean Times did some great research on Heath Ledger I am sure you saw, if not highly recommended.

Again, I am also noticing the big push for "rebellion" and "resistance" here in the States while they drive the price of gas and food higher and continue to use HAARP stations to wreak havoc on the weather here too, the Midwest just had major flooding and storms and suddenly the newslines are broadcasting that it will greatly increase the price of food...

Keep up the great work!
Peace bro!

thursday said...

oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh i love these surreilist paintings also...

n wen i was a kid the back of the sunday magazines used to have cigarette adverts on which were wierd i used to stare at them for ages

Anonymous said...

I have come to believe we can learn a great deal about what they're up to by watching hollywood films even back to the old days. I got onto Salvador Dali by a connection I noticed to the movie "Black Swan". Now that I've looked at these pics you've posted I've realized Dali is painting in code and conveying messages to others like him I guess. Now I'll have to study his work in light of Illuminati symbolism as well. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Dali's Metamorphosis of Narcissus painting was in your gallery, but I have it hung in my room and couldn't help but make a connection to Freemason's masonic floor pattern. I noticed he paints a lot of butterflies too. A nod to Project Monarch?

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