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Cult of the Serpent Mind Control Slave Handlers

Watching the Hitman movie, then The Serpent (with Olga Kurlenko, who will be treated in the same misogynistic way like all Bond girls are) both mind control slave-traders had serpent tattoos on their torso's. I finished watching The Serpent, I found it to be a pretty good portrayal of what trauma can do to the psyche. Another one I watched recently which was surprisingly not awful but obviously has mind control in it (really disturbing rape scenes ;S) was The Hills Have Eyes II which I was viewing purely as a metaphor for what joining the military does to young minds (breaks them). This could be one of the many reasons for the Iraq (many Americans pronounce it EYEraq) war, soften up the youths psyche's (through the trauma of war) to make it easier to get them to fight an even bigger one in the near future (or just less dissent in general), even Barack Obama was programmed recently to go all out against Iran at an AIPAC (Israel appreciation orgy) speech.

We are given lots of background information on the sex-slave mind control handler in The Serpent, which is symbolic of the kind of people selected by the Illuminati to be controllers (who are usually as traumatized as those they control), this is shown as they describe how when, as a 13 year old his (Plender) classmates and he went to an abandoned mental asylum where they locked the door (focus on the lock), they thought Plender was alone but there was a homeless man who raped and tortured him all night. Obviously, people who have tragically undergone this amount of trauma can be (literally) child's play to control, depending on how much they have disassociated. The film goes on for 119 minutes, showing us that this is symbolic of the trauma 9/11 caused on a global scale. Plender is called a "Private Eye" and a "vampire" in the film, though I am not well schooled in vampirism (metaphorical) he sets up people with mind controlled models/sex slaves then takes pictures of them for blackmail. I am assuming this is symbolic of how politicians have been controlled throughout modern times, through blackmailing their perverse activities (which breeds more perverse activities as is inevitable with layers of secrecy). Even an engineered revolution would probably be beneficial to wash away the debauched global political/religious elite (one is coming). Expect the usual amount of symbolism in numbers and whatnot (like above, very first image is a triangle reflective off a building), loads of shattered glass etc. in this film. I've decided not to do a full post on it, though every scene is worthy of analysis.

The new Futurama movie, Beast with a Billion Backs has mind control themes and a tonne of random synchs in it.

In Hitman: The Movie, Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond from Lost) plays a slave trafficker, obviously in these films they're not going to overtly mention mind control but this is how a lot of sex-slaves are controlled (with the government encouraging the mind controllian aspects through things like Project Monarch, instead of a mindless slave-trafficker just beating them up or whatever to keep them obedient). We are given some clues inside his sex-slave den, shown in the images above (fragmented glass, eye focusing on with the gun and the (butterfl)eye lash etc.). 47 pretends to be an arms dealer called "Mr. Price" which synchronistically brings me to my next stop on this yellow brick road, Vincent Price and his 1962 movie Confessions of an Opium Eater (AKA SOULS FOR SALE). Quick random point AKA (also known as) is, A=1 K=11 A=1 which is pure mirror symbolism, which makes sense because it means another name (multiple personalities) for the same thing. I'm highly skeptical that that is coincidence, I think they've been whittling away at our little minds for centuries, making us easier to control. This film was made in 1962, the trailer is a must watch (broken glass and whatnot), some serious drugs based mind control.

This blog has some excellent info on this movie (apologiez to blogger, I'll take down images on request) and some good clips, thanks alot for these. This video is from the above image of the masks and costumes scene, "Look like you man of many sides." He walks down a hallway where he is hit over the head and arrives at the scene where the above line is spoken.

What does a man do when he has no self to realise?

According to this website, "Gilbert De Quincey (Vincent Price) arrives in town sporting a snazzy moon serpent tattoo on his forearm, which identifies him as being on the side of the slave traders". So there we have it. I thought it was quite interesting that they'd use this symbolism of the "Brotherhood of the Snake" (almost seems ironic from that first paragraph), the snake represents the phallus and multiple things.


Michael Skaggs said...

Nice one Ben!

I'll probably be looking at the New Futurama movie in a post soon, have not watched it yet.

I am guessing that these poor Mind Controlled slaves hidden in the masses are being "setup" as a back up plan if a revolution doesn't take place. My guess is the governments want "regular" every day joe's with guns I might add, to get sick of the price hikes, the b.s., the incompetence of government and take matters with "guns" into their own hands. If it doesn't happen, backup agenda I bet will include many of those poor mind controlled souls "triggered" and unleashed at random, to appear random anyways, hence why the stepped up and steep over-usage of it we are seeing in movies, ads, shows, music, etc. etc. etc know what I mean?

Hence your stabbings, ritualistic murders (which great work revealing that by the way! AMAZING STUFF!) and whatever else is next...I have a feeling some funky stuff is being saved up for 08-08-08, the date of Total Control...I hope not, but there may be a "center stage" Olympic happening for the whole world to see...

Again my friend, your doing much of the work I had planned on doing so I have to say THANK YOU and Kudos because my job has been taking up so much of my spare time I have not been able to do much work on this, so it's VERY APPRECIATED.

Keep up the fantastic posts bro!

P.S. Wise Woman lead me to a very interesting synch story at Matthew Delooze's web blog:

If you get the chance, read it! I was thinking right along these lines about a month or so ago then bam, I read it at Matt's site and my jaw just dropped. Groovy stuff.

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

No apologies necessary! Magnificent entry and we are honored at the mention. Great way to discover your page. You shall be linked as soon as I get back from my travels and start posting again. Superlative, Ben.

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

No apologies necessary. Magnificent entry and a great way to have discovered your page! You shall be linked. Superlative, Ben.

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

Sorry for the double post. It's the drinking water where I am right now:)

Benjamin S said...

Mike! Was thinkin of ya when I posted the Futurama image, always look forward to your posts on the synchs in cartoons like the Simpsons etc. so thought you'd be interested in this Futurama in particular.

08-08-08 certainly seems plausible, that UFO + emerging alien at the 1984 Olympic opening ceremony video (it's posted on the Secret Sun blog) makes me think they do enjoy making the opening ceremony a big occult ritual (let's just hope it isn't a blood ritual.) It was in 1984 (8+4=12) so maybe that's another thing pointing to the fake alien invasion happening at the Olympics 2012 at the "New Jerusalem" in London. China won the Olympics in 2001 (9/11 yr) on July (7) 13, so I'm sure they have plans for it.

flying maciste brother, thanks a lot, I'm a little paranoid about annoying another blogger who might think I'm stealing their material and then report me and I get done for potentially using copyrighted images. Discovering your blog has been a completely unexpected surprise, but (as you can probably guess) I've really enjoyed reading it (loved the latest post by the way, I was raised a Catholic) and your images/info about the movie fitted perfectly with this post. So thanks alot! And enjoy the rest of your travels!

The Flying Maciste Brothers said...

Thanks muchisimo mas for all the kind words about DESTRUCTIBLE MAN. Yours is an equal surprise and treat for me as well. I am busy finishing up a documentary on UK's 1st independent record producer (and pseudo-occultist) Joe Meek and just screened it in Toronto at NXNE. The discovery of your site (and the discovery of your discovery of my site)is making for some very exciting reading on my last night in town.
We'll be in touch. Wonderful job. On a note: My collaborator on DM, Kevin Marr and I had made a micro-budget horror/black comedy entitled ORIGINAL SINS some years ago and after screening it at a festival in Rome, Italy in the summer of '95 and befriended Lucio Fulci - who was a juror at the event - until his unfortunate death in March of '96 - an often misunderstood man and much maligned talent - he was, of course an extremely learned and complex man. He took to our film as a kindred spirit - both DUCKLING and SINS dissect the hyprocrisies of the Catholic church with different, yet equal interest. Thus a deep friendship was formed. We thought this entry was a fitting tribute. I am glad you enjoyed it! You continue to honor us. Many thanks.

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