Sunday, 29 June 2008

Glastonbury 2008

I've watched a lot of Glastonbury (BBC's website, click for loads of butterflies and triangles) this year (which my sister is at), the music is mostly good, Jay Z's headlining the festival was no mystery to me. He does that "diamond" which is actually a triangle with his hands, below we see him creating the eye of horus inside the triangle. Obviously then, having him do the triangle, and making everyone else in the crowd (I presume, he usually does anyway) "do the triangle" with the pyramid stage behind him... need I say more? I'm putting the below video in for sheer comedy value, they're some of the worst actors I've ever seen; with that guy whose HEAD-COULD-EXPLODE-AT-ANY-MOMENT Timothy "Westwood", THIS IS WHADDIT LOOK LIKE! (wtf... calm down fella)

If you watch that video to the end (just skip to it, to save your soul from their madness) you will see the design the BBC have gone for this year, plenty of curls/spirals, was amazed to see all the butterflies but was not surprised. The motif of the triangle is always present in the BBC's coverage of course, and is always shown with butterflies flying around it, circles with points in the middle (eye). One of the stages is called the Rabbit Hole Stage ffs (look at the picture illustrating it), and all the small acoustic performances and interviews were done in an area with giant red mushrooms, all the ridiculously symbolic flags waving around and various other things. Probably add to this post when I get some higher quality images ;s.

This post will change, I'll move it up the order when I change it.

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thursday said...

tim westwood is the biggest nobhead ive ever seen or heard seriously...does anyone REALLY talk like him????? come on.........i used to like never mind the buzzcocks especially when simon amstell was presenter bt then ive seen westwood presenting it omg i cant bear to watch it cos its torturous

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