Monday, 23 June 2008

There is nothing to fear but...

Fear Itself is a lot better than the ridiculous promos suggest (WTF is with the voice?! are they trying to put people off?). Last weeks (latest) one helpfully included a scene of dissociation (into an alter-reality/hallucination) through trauma. Every episode contains the usual numerology/symbolism synchs (pentagrams etc.), this one was about a man who was involved in a car crash (at 10:13, (10+13=23) Chris Carter's production company), his soul/personality transmigrates into a guy who murdered his whole family when he was 12 (and 26 others since then) when a defibrillator is used on them both at the same time. After being beaten up by the cops numerous times (with pentagrams /6 pointed stars on them etc.) he is recalling his daughter singing "Amazing Grace", hearing it in his mind being sung over and over (like MPD Mind Control slaves are forced to watch Oz/Alice etc. over and over, so they "go there" in their minds). This leads him to dissociate (after the lights have gone out, being in a dark confined space can lead to an altered state of consciousness/alter-reality, see The Jacket ((cheers to Celtic Rebel for that tip, can probably guess I "liked" that film a lot))) into an alter-reality he has concocted in his mind (to cope with not being able to see his daughter, and his family being in the hands of a murdering pedophile, and the police's abuse) which is her performing as a bee singing a song, he sees (his real body) recording it on a camera (because the murderer inhabiting his body told him he would, so his mind adds that in), then as an ethereal warning she appears with blood on her hands... the episode does not end happily.

The camera "spins" slowly around the box/prison "cell" before the below dissociation scene, note pentagram etc.

half face illuminated

Another show I wanted to draw your attention to was "The Middleman", a devilishly innocent quirky show about a girl who gets "recruited" as a secret agent (these type of "non-existant" spies in real life, are mind controlled, so the secrets they contain in their brains are controlled). The episode opens with a Cthulhu/Tentacle/Eye Monster and fracturing/shattering glass scene. First though, we see her unsurprisingly wearing purple in "the middle" of red and blue (symbolising the polarizing mixture). "The MiddleMan" does not have a (real) name (common in MPD movies, symbolising loss of identity/main personality), he acts like a robot in his look (it's all in the eyes) and how he speaks. It is made by one of the writers of Lost according to this review, originally a comic book, Lost IMO seems to be designed to get us all lost in that alter-reality (which I'm quite happy getting lost in tbh). We see that, Wendy Watson (Peter Pan programming?) gets programmed before going on missions, Clockwork Orange (1971) brainwashing comparison.

Stuck in the middle of the yellow brick road, note the 'i' is like a shard of glass stabbing the M and is the only one in lower case font.

Confusing reality with fantasy is one of the main elements of this show, "What makes more sense? That a monster trashed a science lab or that a gas main exploded? If I hadn't planted your Zippo some pink skin normal would have still come up with a rational explanation. People want to believe Reality's normal. The ones who don't are freaks and no one believes them anyway."

And in reference to how he was recruited (he has no idea because of the brainwashing/mind control he has endured, he can remember that he was a Navy Seal): "I got recruited, the exact same way you did. When the last Middleman hired me, he never said and I never asked. Ida (Ida is the above robot thing) was already there, so were all the weapons and gadgets and things. Sometimes a box comes in with more weapons and gadgets and things. I don't know where they come from; they just do. Maybe Ida runs the show, maybe it's the conspiracy. Maybe it's God. I'm just The Middleman."

This random guy outside Wendy's apartment, called "Noser" primarily only speaks in trigger phrases (lines from movies), note the skull and bones. The episode is covered in movie references. Her roommate is obsessed with bunnies (hmm wonder why...).

Gots to have your standard Salvador Dali style artwork.

Naturally then (being mind controlled), he loves his Country Music and a comic called "Jughead", he is also called a "Jarhead" (most soldiers) by Wendy's boyfriend Ben. The episode was primarily about a mind controlled Gorilla causing chaos, but obviously the actual plot is never as important as the subtext of the show (it just aids it). I'll finish with a good ol' fashioned fasces, all entirely innocent obviously.

Also, I watched The Lost Boys recently and it was a total mind control movie (exactly the same hexagon pattern in their bathroom/kitchen as in Enchanted), I do want to do a post on it but watched it on TV so am waiting for it to download. After that ended, I flicked through the channels and I was overwhelmed by mind control movies, this one 'Lady in White' (on Channel 4) was just sickeningly blatant (click, all the themes you'd expect, songs specifically from 1933 as well), and also this one 'The Hearse' was on later was another one that interested me and was clearly about mind control. Last night I watched a quite good psychological movie (A psychotic American practising some low level mind control on a British backpacker, he gets a head injury, a lot of fractured glass etc.) called Gone which was reasonably good.

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Michael Skaggs said...

Good one Ben! Now I know why I don't watch t.v. anymore! Incredible stuff!

Be careful not to get too drawn in, it's increasing 10 fold because of their agenda window of opportunity coming up...don't forget to give your subconscious a break from absorbing all these symbols. I know having symbol shields up helps to see it, but I do not know if it still seeps in!

Great work, your an excellent detective!

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