Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A New Perspective

This ad featured in todays The Times, pretty self-explanatory (also note the colours on the butterfly).

Also in The Times was a large advert from the "serpent-eating-human next to templar flag" car company (Alfa Romeo), which seems like some new world order/globalisation type thing (blurring nations, st. george's flag features on a lot of Italian stuff like football teams too). Did not scan the full ad (too big) but it's basically like this one pulled from their website. It even has the Miley Cyrus mind control "best of both worlds" phrase in it.

The Ministry of Sound cracking apart the minds they've been working on in their place (the club) of Bacchic worship over the years (copious alcohol drinking, all people in a frenzy, orgy etc... all things I am fully for, but not when there's an agenda behind it). Great music in this btw. (The ice ((cos it's chilled obv)) gate/prison with the crown is smashed apart, fragmenting into pieces, symbolising the release of an alter-personality from "hibernation" (waiting in a compartment of the mind for a trigger to pull it out).

I posted an advert from Style magazine (7ish months old mag) yesterday (all seeing eye with screaming mouth in it). Here are the accompanying videos that I guess aired at around the same time, total mind control imo. Aside from the mind control, they're very good anyway (if you really have time on your hands its worth watching some of it in slow mo, some subliminal hexagons and whatnot).

This AOL (eye inside triangle) advert is exactly the same as the ad below, except "coincidentally" they've since changed the 444 444, to 777 777 (hmm...). Note the fact that all the laptops are angel type things, but then one becomes a butterfly (transformation) pictured in the embed link below.

AOL Wireless Plus Broadband - Laptops are Free

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