Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Spin Programming in Advertising

The below advert for the Nikon Coolpix S210 camera caught my eye. Firstly it has numerous ferris wheel type rides spinning around fast, everything is illuminated (and blurred). Note the 6 pointed star/seal of solomon on one of the ferris wheels. Ferris Wheel's symbolise the all seeing eye (hence the London Eye and all the new similar "eyes" popping up around the world). If this doesn't have a dissociative and hypnotic effect on the viewer then I don't know what would (I probably don't ^^). Obviously a standard analysis of this advert is that it is using the theme park backdrop to show off the camera's amazing ability to focus, but you have to look beyond the obvious in these adverts in my opinion. For instance, for anyone who hasn't seen it I've seen a resurgance in this advert lately.

Gots to have purple Barney (the loveable reptilian ^^).

boxed faces

Watch it here.

Couple of printed advertisements that have mind control themes (individual parts of the face, eye in particular).

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Michael Skaggs said...

Nice! Been sneaking peeks at magazines looking for the purple/pink combo. I am thinking it has to do with the fact that purple is made of the "red/blue". I am seeing so much of it in past episodes of the Simpsons, really dominant in seasons after 10, the first seasons are so bathed in symbols but they are there.

I did a google search the other day, typed in "vogue advertisements", holy crap, you should see em! Unreal.

Nice work bud!

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