Monday, 9 June 2008

Big Brother Illuminati Mind Control Report 1

I never intended this blog to become a "mind control" blog, I've been pushed there by the media constantly using symbolism involved in that monstrosity. Naturally, this years Big Brother, the ninth UK one they've gone totally over the top with the mind control (as if previous seasons didn't have enough of it).

First I'll cover the first 20 seconds or so, watch them above (thanks to enlightened youtube user hirschfelder for the slowed down intro). I will not go into what each individual symbolism means (I think I've done enough of that), mainly there is loads of fractured glass (fractured mind) this season which I focused on in my Hitman post. Check usual link for refresher (eyes wide shut masks, all seeing eyes etc. all obviously feature). There is no doubt in my mind that this was designed to effect us on a subconscious level, every time they show fractured glass (which is constant this season) the viewer's mind progressively fractures, this is all part of the (now stepped up) brainwashing process that is inevitable leading up to 2012 which of course we must overcome. Things like the recent knife attack spree in Japan are a direct result of the subliminal mind control I've been talking about in my blog and is the exact kind of chaos they are trying to create (see The Signal).

Davina (Divine phonic subliminal, note above planted poster) was back as usual, in a tight black dress that progressively got lower and lower as the show went on. She explains that Big Brother's new policy is "ZERO TOLERANCE" (the below text fragments to the sound of breaking glass), if they disobey Big Brother (illuminati) they are sent to the below symbolic (mind) prison as it has dolls heads with no eyes, some are upside down, to the side which would disorientate the person in it, also obviously the bars being the mind's prison. If they persistently "break the rules" they end up in a padded cell, like in a mental institution. Showing what happens if you go against big brother (illuminati) in real life, you get called a nut and potentially put into a mental instituion... or that's how they want you to feel.

There also triangles all over the place (they focus weirdly, on one red triangle shard of glass/blade on the carpet in the bedroom with school lockers in them, ).

Then the housemates were introduced, the first being a Freemason: Mario Marconi (not his real name, symbolising confused personality, he pretends to be age 33 when he is pretending to be in a relationship with Stephanie aged 19 ((to make it seem more realistic)), they get fake married, symbolising the illuminati total mind control, ownership) he has been in some different TV shows, probably mind controlled. He is probably meant to symbolise the disgusting middle aged man that are stereotypical handlers. They are delivered in a black van with a red broken glass fragment (subliminal blade, hence rise in knife violence recently) on it. He wears a red/white/black T-shirt with a shiney ball and a smiley face on it. All the characters are pretty interesting (33 year old, 23 year old, albino etc.) but obviously I can't go into every single one of them. The aforementioned Stephanie is forced to "marry" Mario (symbolising ownership, Saturnian ring), and Lisa has to pretend not to be in a relationship with Mario which seems pretty mind effecting (having to constantly pretend, Lisa and Mario are the alleged real couple). She (Steph) auditioned for Popstars: The Rivals when she was 13 and wore a "blow-up bra" with "huge heels". It seemed to me that Mario was, on purpose confusing the housemate's names when they came in, he kept saying their names wrong (confusing personalities, though this could well be a symptom of his own mind control). The blind 33 year old Mikey is told by a lady helping him, "Put your hand on the door, then wait for the voice of the god to wait... yeh just stay there and wait for the voice of god". Which sounds like a mind control thing to say (voice of god being symbolic of Big Brother Illuminati Programmer, Mark Phillips used this technique to gain Cathy O'Briens trust to begin with as many are under religious programming). Also pictured, a homosexual mad hatter bonesman ;p (though I'm not sure what the skull-thing is on his T-shirt) and Stephanie's rainbow butterfly pyjama bottoms. There are some totally brainwashed people in there this year (aren't there always?), who knows, maybe they're all under total mind control. I'll keep you apprised should anything occur.

These illuminated fractured glass things are on either side of this entrance room, with steps either side of it and an eye (where the diary room is) in the middle of the side of the pyramid(steps).

(note the bullet hole fractured glass over the eye, I have spoken of this connecting up to the Mark Saunders shooting case, there is another planted poster saying randomly: BULLET.)

It is airing for 13 weeks, note the Illuminist/Luciferian Olympus Security logo.


Alex Robinson said...

have just read through your last few posts - really informative & mind expanding - have been noticing a lot of shattered glass images, your ideas on them make perfect sense.

Also glad to see you take on the fashion industry, the bane of a womans life - impossible standards of constant perfection.
Read a book called 'Sham' a while ago, very informative - here's a quote:-
"One striking example comes from no less an insider than Myrna Blyth, a former Ladies' Home Journal editor. In her 2004 book, Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness-and Liberalism-to the Women of America, Blyth repents for her own role in an industry that was supposed to help women grow but instead wreaked incalculable harm on the psyches of its devoted followers. What women's magazines mostly have done, argues Blyth, is create and implant worry, guilt, insecurity, inadequacy, and narcissism that did not exist in women before the magazines came along"

Michael Skaggs said...


Great post my friend! Excellent catch and write up! Those symbolisms were incredibly "in plain sight", not so subliminal anymore...I know your blog had not intended to go the route of Mind Control...mine didn't either, but it seems we're both drawn in that direction, at least for a little while, until they unleash another hidden agenda...Kudos for the excellent works as of late! Truly your on a roll.

Wise you have made a great point, I always said some of those magazines were bad for women's psyche's and that they totally created unrealistic portrayals of relationships and men...tsk tsk on them!


Benjamin S said...

Wise Woman, your coments are always incredibly well thought out and insightful, I always learn a lot from them. I've been going with my 'gut' for most of my posts, the fashion industry needs desperately to be taken on though! Might have to check out that book. Brilliant quote, Blyth is spot on no doubts.

Cheers Mike, I've enjoyed this mind control rabbit hole we're in currently, almost feels like we're "onto something" in a way. Top Thundercats post btw.

Thanks again.

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