Sunday, 8 June 2008

Mind Controlled Models

With the news that Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent (check the image in wikipedia, 71) died one week ago, and with me being drawn towards the fashion industry in recent posts. I obviously don't know for sure but YSL seems like he was probably under mind control, as sad as it is. He was hazed (ritualistic abuse) by soldiers when he was in the army and ended up in a mental institution where he was subjected to electroshock "therapy". He died of brain cancer at age 71. So I was not shocked at all to see the below advert, which is from the same shoot as the below image is from I guess (good info in comments of No7 post). No mind control here at all! Magic Purple.

None here at all either, though seriously obviously masks and whatnot. (Ange n Demon, opposite personalities)

This one is rather excellent, Muse, Eva Green (I think) going down a vaguely heart shaped spiral staircase, she starts off looking into a mirror though.

Gotta love Mariah, and her obsession with butterflies and purple.

"Live the Dream" as a mirror-image backgrounds are constantly shown.

I'll end up posting every advert that the fashion industry has ever produced so will leave it at that for now.

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Peace preveil said...

Hello dear host, I am one of your writer and happen to be french. Which you could only feel very proud of by the way ;)
Just to add on the Yves Saint Laurent topic; you ought to know about this insane piece of illustrated book he draw and wrote in 1957 - published only in 1967 thaugh - without - amazingly - any sansorship from the cutlural ministry or any other french board considering it's blattantlty satanist & pedophile in its whole and have been rated as "CHILD LITTERATURE " and still is nowadays. True story! This "comic strip " is called " La vilaine Lulu " ( could be translated as "The vile Lulu " don't know for you welsh people but Lulu being a shorter in french for Lucie ( Lucifer if needed to be precised ... )

I would advice you check this You tube video if interested : " " sorry french untranslated but so glaring...

It is insane; depicting the journey of a primary schoolled girl promiscuously behaving with adults and animals, calling her teacher a prostitute, chasing, kidnapping and killing infants, character Lulu stating things as " I like to do bad gestures " etc etc...

If you consier at this period in France the whole pedopolitics at stage, this lillte album and the easiness of its release are unfortunately making total sense.

If fellow readers intersted in thoses topics I would hygly recomend Princess de Cro├┐ web site called "droits fondamentaux" where you get the chance to catch articles in english & italian as well.

Regards to you all - from a good eye for a change lol -

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