Monday, 2 June 2008

Black Monday Mind Control Ritual

The current "escalation of violence over the past couple of years"/"wave of teenage violence" (Murdoch's Sky News anchor quotes) is a direct result of all the mind control and brainwashing that has always been put into the media (and obviously other factors too), but especially over the last few years. As the engineered economic crisis continues to take shape, today with the news that Bradford & Bringley are in the sh**er (you know you are when you need help from an American company) having to sell a 23% stake to Texas Pacific Group (TGP) in return for £179 million funding (obviously all just a big sideshow, part of the process). Since 2000, when the company became a PLC the bank's image has been changed from a red square with two chaps in a bowler hat (image below, pictured with princes from this link) to a purple or blue motif, with the actual logo being a (dark purple or navy, depending on the colour of the branch) square with rainbow-like different coloured hats (20). On Sky News, they kept hypnotically zooming out (already zoomed onto one hat) out of the coloured hats (the hat would have a subconscious/trigger effect on the mind).

Later on that day (after this had been shown over and over) I was not at all surprised to see the tragic news that a 15, (still wearing her uniform) year old girl had been stabbed multiple times in a lift (elevator), she had been stabbed over 10 times which seems ritualistic to me. The block of flats (tower) was on Baylis road, after the 2 B's were constantly shown on television (of Bradford and Bingley, symbolising duality/mirror) making a third B part of the Black Monday Ritual. And the fact that the attack was so frantic and severe (the knife handle had come off) tells me the person doing it was perhaps in some kind of frenzied hypnotic trance. Potentially caused by the kind of hypnotic triggers and things briefly touched on by David Wilcock in a recent brilliant interview with red ice creations. A man has been arrested, he is in his 30's, the body was found at 3:45, so we can surmise the killing occurred at around or after 3pm. There is hardly any info on this at present. The Freemasonic police have tried their best to respond to this wave of engineered (by mind control) violence, installing more 'knife arches' across London. "But the last couple of hours suggests their efforts to tackle knife crime have not so far been working." (Sky article) Oh dear, I wonder what they'll "have" to do in order to "protect us" from these knife wielding teenage maniacs :S. This is probably all a big distraction away from something that may be about to happen mind (like we had foot and mouth disease etc. in 2001).

Nice gloves! Lindsey Lohan naturally gets in on the act.

Here we can also see the media furthering the "children of men" agenda (the anti-immigrant part) by using occult numerology, there is practically every numerology synch there could possibly be in that link. And also the BBC going purple-crazy, (note doctor who skull, bogus terror trial etc.). The Channel 4 News on TV was also covered in purple.

The below advert is the kind of mind control type advert that I'm talking about in the media (as well as stuff in movies, on TV, newspapers etc.), note the screaming mouth inside the eye.


aferrismoon said...

The Hats look like the Dounreay reactor
They're from Yorkshire so is this York Rite Maisonry.
I assume Masons have to have set up BUILDING Societies to get one into debt while their shoddy work delapidates around.
I note that , very oddly, Banks are not subject to the same privations as those who DARE to default on their mortgage.
80.000 repossesssions last year , so U heard. The professionals get away with financial moronicity, even get paid for it.
Northern Rock, Dresdner Kleinwort, B&B, SocGen. - hey guys do it again in 5 years when we've resold the cheap housing we interest-ratingly stole.
Shiny Shits a go go

Michael Skaggs said...

Great work Ben! Looks like those "triggers" are setting things off..this is what I suspect will be happening soon on a more grand scale (i.e. alien invasion agenda or some bizarre shooting event like Virginia Tech..perhaps in Indiana? who knows!)

I think those colored hats are very blatant and obvious! Talk about not even bothering anymore to be subliminal!

Looks like a "world economic" collapse agenda, surfacely anyways, what we are allowed to add to the chaos in helping bring out the triggers/altars more.

Again, nicely done!
Peace bro!

Anonymous said...

I try to stay positive too, but sometimes it becomes difficult when we see the masses walking blindly into never-never land.

"Where your eye bites into a red so juicy it explodes into a gush and runs down your cheek."

That's supposed to have something to do with selling stereos???

Let's not forget mind-control sex-slave prima donna numero uno Miley Ceyerus is also 15. I wonder if that poor girl was stabbed in the eye.

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