Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Speculative theories on recent news.

13:33:23 nothing to see here! These numbers are meaningless. Taken from the BBC's website.

The so-called "21/7" attempted bombings, numerologically 21 = 3x7 so 777, and it was in the 7th month so we have 7777 (47 74 I've been going on about). Also it was in 2005, 2+5 = 7 so we have another 7 numerology synch here also. (London bombings occurred on of course 7/7/2005 (2+5=7). They chose a date "just 14 days after the July 7 bombings" (14 = 7x7). A day after this, Jean Charles DeMenezes was sickeningly executed by the Freemasonic Police. He was shot seven times in the head. This should have been enough to spark a revolution (along with Iraq etc.), but obviously that won't happen due to the brainwashing that's occurred throughout history that leads to horrific poll figures like this (2/3rds of the country think we should bring in the terror law, which just passed by 9 votes in the completely deranged British Parliament today). All you have to do is look at the wikipedia page of the "attacks" to see how totally ridiculous the whole thing is, how can they even call them explosions (they didn't explode or anything), that's absolute suggestion, calling them something they were not. It's all about suggestive thinking, causing your perspective to change (Tech quote). One of the "plotters" was sent to jail for 33 years... hmm wonder how they came up with that figure. This was in the news because of a wife (who I really feel for) was found guilty of helping her husband. The very first "terrorist" with "Islamic ideals" was allegedly Sirhan Sirhan.... and considering he was indisputably mind controlled that should tell you something about "Islamic terrorism" as a whole.

Jill Dando's horrific murder was the work of a mind controlled assassin (or at least he was put there to take the fall like Sirhan Sirhan, Oswald etc.) and has been back in the news recently because the accused "Barry George" has got a retrial. Jill arrived back at her home at about 11:30 (so maybe 33) she was shot once in the head (their obsession with shooting people in the head is part of the mind control) Her friend Helen Doble (double/mirrored personalities) found her body. She was pronounced dead on arrival, 13:30 (13, 33, 1+3+3=7) at the Charing Cross Hospital (established 1823). She was 37 (777) years old, the attack occurred in 1999 (666 mirrored), this bares all the hallmarks of an occult mind control ritual sacrifice in my opinion. She was also the host of Crimewatch, so there was probably some psy-op behind it (like "you think the people on Crimewatch must be safe! think again! No one is safe from the dangerous lunatics!" kind of thing). The Telegraph helpfully points out the detail that "On the white-and-black tiled porch, Miss Dando was shot once through the head shortly after 11.30am on April 26 1999."(emphasis added) The mind controlled patsy (probably did it, though I doubt he can remember doing it) was Barry George whose parents divorced at 13 and he was subsequently sent to (at 14) the publicly funded Heathermount boarding school for children with emotional or behavioural difficulties where I am assuming programming took place. In 1977 he worked for the BBC as a "messenger" despite not having qualifications from school, this was probably when they programmed him to become obsessive about the BBC. He was briefly in the Territorial Army, where he failed basic training, but was undoubtedly programmed some more there. Just click the link and see some of his "eccentric behavior". The case behind the new retrial is that a psychologist has determined he has "personality disorders" (specifically MPD Multiple Personality Disorder/DID), I do not understand why his representatives have not hypnotically regressed him back to the day of the shooting to see if he can remember any of it. His alters are based on various famous personalities, like (mind controlled) pedophile Gary Glitter. They just need to find the right key /trigger phrase/action/image to unlock the alter personality that was specifically programmed to commit the act, if he even did it which I'm not so sure.

Diana-esque sacrifice.

The Freemasonic Police were once again getting up to ritualistically sacrificing 32 year olds (Mark Saunders mind control sacrifice), during a "training exercise" a 32 year old man was shot in the chest. Things like that don't just happen, he was playing the role of a runaway criminal in a car (altered personality) when he was shot and killed. How much fucking blood does Jahbulon demand!??! Can't they give it a rest already. R.I.P to all victims of their twisted crimes, in this case Ian Terry.

The Sun image. I'm sensing a theme here... (Illuminati racist ideology, every year putting someone that will potentially increase the racial divide into the house.)

What's a good way of cooking up some racial tension? Perhaps by putting the most intolerant, belligerent girl you've ever heard speaking in the Big Brother "house" to piss off the racist Sun reading white masses because she is black (they probably have plans for Mohamed as well, I'll be on the look out for potential post-hypnotic triggers to turn on his programmed Islamist thinking maybe!). It's all probably an act or they're acting as instructed under mind control before they entered (Under hypnosis: "Alexandra, upon entering the house you WILL create a massive argument out of everything that slightly annoys you..."). Daily Mail story here, and the Sun, Big Brother created Race War, no doubts.

One of those rescued.
The army were doing some Dolphin mind control today, scaring 26 (or 27) of them onto land causing them to die (7 were rescued), undoubtedly for some ritualistic purpose that more enlightened people than myself will be aware of. BBC article here. "Whales and Dolphins" themed programming is a popular method (Cathy O'brien p.122) of mind control.

Hillary Clinton's house with twin pillars, Daily Show was mocking the media's coverage of a door, when she'd probably escaped through one of those underground tunnels you hear about.

And lastly, Gordon Brown's favourite song: Keep right on to the end of the road. (Yellow Brick Road)

Should have some big posts on Enchanted and Lindsey Lohan/I Know Who Killed Me up in the next few days, been enjoying the chemtrail filled sunny sky and catching up on some reading (ploughed through about half of Cathy O'Briens book, which I've had but never got round to reading). Have a nice apocalypse!


aferrismoon said...

Incisive posts [ this and the last few].
I imagine also that News people and TVprogrammers perhaps get caught up in their own 'story' , maybe leading them to link certain stories subconsciously.
Many have gone to Journalism, Marketing or MBA courses where they learn the trade. Also getting sent off to be 'inducted' via work-experience programmes and/or training.
We use the word 'train' as it follows the LOCO-motive.
After living in Prague for 8 years I actually find it difficult to understand 'Brit-Speak' anymore, its turned into a stream of ' I'm frightened about everything, so lets kill it just in case, dontcha fink'

A little something I found out -
The secret service agent who climbs onto the back of JFK's limo at Dealey Plaza, just too late to save the President has the name CLINTON HILL.
This = odd , as Hillary Clinton seems to be jumping on the back of Barack's [ the new JFK] Limo/Bandwagon.
The most surprising is that with Hillarys invocation of Bobby Kennedy, and Barack alluding to JFK, that no -one has picked up on it.

Jill Dando as the almost perfect mature woman, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth , therefore it must be a random or lone-psycho, which means that ' no-one is safe'.
Jill - we will remember you
Britain - we will remind you


aferrismoon said...

Also - 'horrific polls like THIS'.
THIS u have linked to an article and in the middle is an ad for Laser Eye Treatment
The caption reads ' ULTRALASE - the specialists in correcting vision'

Benjamin S said...

Wow, I'm speechless, amazing info, wonderful addition to the post. THAT guy (I think we all remember him) was called Clinton Hill!? (read your post today on it, good stuff) Sometimes I just crack up laughing (well not literally) at the amazing synchs that people keep finding, in increasing numbers.

On the advertisement, it keeps changing for me, but I know exactly the one you mean and have seen it often. I'm wondering if I'm being crazy for thinking that the red-head next to David Davis in that link, has gold pointy horns... probably just some weird activist thing...

Nice sentiments to finish off too, which of course I concur with. Great stuff as of late (as always) in your blog mate.

Thanks muchly!

Michael Skaggs said...


Great work my friend, your really digging up A LOT of spectacular information and some great synchs to boot!

Aferris always makes eye popping informative comments, that guy has some keen intuition!

I had spotted Hillary's comment on RFK during the blasted by yahoo phoenix week but never alluded anything to it...Aferris sometimes spots things others just miss, but your posts are so informative bro, sometimes hard to cover everything.

Great stuff and I love it when we all "chime in" with added insight, so helpful!


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