Thursday, 5 June 2008

Feel Different: #1 Vodka of 2033: Put a Fembot in the White House

Quick post. Sexy robots (+ robots in general) are another thing popping up a lot in adverts lately, probably predictive programming, or just a metaphor for mind controlled sex slaves ;s (to get people to subconsciously accept it or something). Thought this Swedish Vodka advertising campaign was humorous, 33 and such things. Link here. Hillary will probably get to the white house anyway (as VP, unless the racists deal with Barack), I think she is as mind controlled as her husband, so in effect there will be a "fembot" in the White House. Edit: This link is pretty disturbing, I don't know if it's for real (having not watched any). Also Big Brother 9 in the UK is much bigger than Big Brother in the states I think, so will be doing a post on that once it's download, had such blatant mind control symbolism in it, even had a bloody Freemason in the house.

Also, another trailer for Dollhouse, and one for Fringe which mentions mind control and such.

One for the Lost-ites, quite hilarious, so true about season 2.


Dedroidify said...

Polar Bears!

Benjamin S said...

Poor wifeless farmer :'( All alone on his farm. I need a polar bear! good stuff, that bit had me cracking up.

Cheers for the recent plug(s) on your blog by the way mate! Also (goes for anyone), feel free to use any of the links/images/info in my blog, they are all just taken from somewhere else anyway.

Michael Skaggs said...

Maybe they are getting ready to push "fem bots for sale" like the Futurama episode "I Dated A Robot"? LOL
Anythings possible!

Nice one!

Julian said...

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