Monday, 6 October 2008

Products of the Billionaire Boys Club

Focusing on Pharrell some more; in this video with Madonna he basically admits who he works for [all his clothes say the same thing: Billionaire Boys Club [BBC, 322 mirrored (skull and bones, see him wearing their symbolism with another victim Gwen Stefani)]. Note Madonna's pentagram and her constantly dancing infront of the mirror, the odd room with the 3 pointed stars, the lion type creatures you see on royal crests and whatnot, the "get stupid...stupid stupid stupid" interlude seems to have a mind control feel (the percussion used also) about it (the small purple bag, being dragged as if it were heavy [confusing reality]... to the left, to the right, to the left [like a pendulum (if you wear headphones you can hear this properly])

With MK victims apparently falling apart left right and center; like Janet Jackson a week ago, Heather Locklear also and some others; Janet Jackson in that link is specifically described as suffering from a "mystery illness", now we're getting the same exact thing ("health mystery") with Cher, also having to cancel her performances; I can't bring myself to go through all her videos but this one springs to mind where she entertains the navy; which is one way Monarch slaves are often used. To confirm the MK usage here is a quote from her wiki on the video: "The video for "If I Could Turn Back Time" caused controversy, because in it Cher wore a very thin, see-through net outfit, which revealed a very visible "butterfly" tattoo on her derrière (detailed below)." Note that androgynous and 100% MK'd Pete Burns [Spin me round round like a record baby round round round round....] copied this exact butterfly tattoo (obviously, he had nothing to do with it; his handlers/programmers doing). That Spin me round song has been covered by numerous MKelebrity victims including Marilyn Manson (though probably not a victim himself he is obviously involved, that isn't a video either just a song with clips from his other videos) Jessica Simpson.

Note mirror keyhole.

Artsy (likely faked) images from Celebrity photographer (always involved, all those flashing lights are obviously helpful) Harry Langdon [from here].

Britney was out and about; going go-karting, for a nicely round-and-round dissociative activity [like babies get to sleep easier in cars because of the vibrations/noise/etc] to go along with her programming. The Daily Mail article is interesting too as it states: "Last year, Britney performed in a handful of club shows in southern California under the name the M+M's but did not go on the road to promote her last album, Blackout, which had a good chart debut in November 2007 but faded quickly." M and M, Mickey Mouse Club, Marilyn Monroe/Manson etc. M =13 3 on it's side, W mirrored etc etc etc. Note she drives the #3 kart.

Go Britney Go!!! She wins!

A blatant product of the billionaire boys club is obviously Pamela Anderson, who I posted on recently. Hugh Hefner, another servant of the billionaire boys club producing endless amounts of Playboy bunnies/MKittens. No millionaire allegedly independent thinking woman would do this if they weren't under some type of control. Daily Mail link, thanks a lot as usual to person who commented on it, it's the kind of story I tend to notice mind ^^. Note Cirque De Soleil (sun), she's been in Playboy 13 times, the owner of the Palms hotel thing is George Maloof (see elluminati post for potential Britney handling, owner of Sacramento Monarchs and tings, clicky) who is quoted in the article talking about Hefner's joy, Hefner is called "Uncle Hef" by Pamela's kids... [shudders] She gave Hef a nude lap dance too, which I wrote about similar things in my post from yesterday.

Pamela also showed up to Hefner's last Birthday bash.

A few shots of Palms where this took place.

Some properly scarey programming involving falling/heights/sense of floating on air type thing; would be done here probably, note twin pillars.

More twin towers/pillars resonance.

How can you not at least appreciate their humorous irony?

Interior of the Palms Casino, note dissociative spirals, twin pillars etc.

black/white zebra pattern is a common theme inside the Playboy club in Palms [checker/duality pattern below on some CD of theirs].

And Marilyn Monroe was the first cover-girl of Playboy, like Paris singing to Hefner's; she also sang as everyone is aware to JFK. Edit: Hefner has already taken an interest in Miley Cyrus, her Sweet 16 thing at Disneyland seems to have happened over a month before her actual birthday but click the link for the pictures anyway (probably include them in a future post), her overage underwear model/country music singer sang "Achy Breaky Heart" with her dad which is traumatic enough to listen to! "This is the most amazing Sweet 16 a girl could have!"


RW252 said...

Hi Benjamin,

A while ago, you asked if anyone ever looked at the videos you posted. I can tell you I don’t look at them. I have some whackadoo things going on in my life so, for all I know, those videos could trigger something. Mostly, I just get scared and creeped out and I either have nightmares or they come and get me at night.

Gotta mention the New Kids on the Block getting back together. This just all hit me as I was thinking of posting this comment. Donnie Wahlberg was in the Saw movie (one or two of them, can’t remember) and he was in the Sixth Sense. Now, all these years later, the NKOTB are back together. Can’t help but wonder about that. I think that there is something honest, organic, and true about them when they first got together. I think the fame was truly overwhelming in the beginning. But, I also think something changed in there. Now, they’re all in their late 30’s, early 40’s. It’s odd that they are still doing “boy band” stuff.

That leads me to the scary movies and the movies of today and TV of today. I like the old, suspense scary movies. I like the movie Halloween because my birthday is on Halloween. But the movies of today, oh my golly gee!!! And, I stayed far away from them until one day, while watching TV, they showed a snippet of one of the Saw movies (won’t say which one for all those others who are sensitive like me) and I got interested. After that, I couldn’t get enough of those movies and Hostel, and The Hills Have Eyes. In 2007, I stopped watching everything. I was officially scared and grossed out. But, it’s all still in my head. They won anyway! Mwuhahahahahaha!! hehehe

As for TV, boy you’re gonna laugh at this. In spring of 2007, I got rid of all the cable and only paid for the $8.00, very few stations, cable. I’m with Comcast so having $8 cable keeps my internet cost low. Not really but anyway. So, in June 2008, I got Basic Digital Cable added on with all the boxes and remote controls, etc. I got really bad sick with an upper respiratory infection so my dad went and paid for the first month. I remember being so disappointed in all this 70 or 80 channels and it was all crap!! I get easily sucked into the Bravo channel but when I turn off the TV, blech.

But, it’s getting worse! The so-called “family” channels are terrible. I like to watch HSN and QVC, shopping channels, and just like that, one guy was cussing away. The hostess had to remind him that it was PG. I would have said it was a G rated show and don’t even say “hell”! I was watching Diner, Drive Ins and Dives on the Food Network and a lady told the guy to take the bowl of herbs and shake it like this (made a motion) and he took it immediately as her masturbating a man. He said, “Do it like how?” and she did it again, not getting his “joke”. I also like to watch Clean House on Style and Matt Isner is one of the worst with the innuendos, the language, and the put-downs. But, we’re all mesmerized by it all. He’s a good looking guy so I checked out his website. He’s got a T-Shirt to sell with a van on it and underneath “Procreation Mobile”. Ok, on the surface, ha ha, that’s funny and clever. But, the more I thought about it, not good. How many 14 year old girls are in love with him and his pied piper music?

And, coming this fall on FX, “Testees”. Boy, the powers that be are really getting blatant. One commercial shows a guy lying face down and underneath it says “Human Guinea Pig” and the next shot is a giant probe. I forget (thankfully) what the slogan is. The new commercial is something about “swallowing a bitter suppository”… it’s a play on the cliché, obviously.

So, here we are in October, 5 months after adding all this cable on, and I’m so ready to call Comcast and say, “take it all away!” I’m very tempted to just plug the TV into the wall and see what I get. Plus, it’ll save my money honey.

Ok, sorry for the long post but to come full circle, no, I don’t look at the videos and sometimes I even try not to look at the pictures!

Anonymous said...

The videos don't play anyway

Anonymous said...

That "Testees" thing its FOX. The premise is two guys are guinea pigs for pharmeceutical company!

Anonymous said...

Cher as Cleopatra and here's smth connected to it: Btw the pic of CHER as the Egyptian queen reminded me of a pic (couldnt find it elseway on the net) of CELINE DION (they ressemble anyway) 2nd marriage ceremony, dressed in an oriental outfit, CLEO like.

Anonymous said...

Know you'll see this Ben (I love the daily Mail website too) but check out Britney's alters in her new video Womanizer

Also, I found the Pammy naked for Hefner thing really sinister actually, like you say why would she do this? she don't need the money. her eyes look all glassy too.


Anonymous said...

In the "twin towers" building picture eye also see a somekinda Rainbow.

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for the comments.

rw252, on the Saw movies and things I did some posts like this one you may not have seen. Interesting little tale you've got there mate; it's all bullshit brainwashing coming out of the cable. Still can't help but be entertained [it's all about the HD + loads of movie channels for me tbh].

1st Anony... that blows. None of the videos work at all? I checked out my blog on a few other computers and they seem fine... don't know about yours [can you view standard embedded videos in other bloggers?]. By the way I've limited the number of posts on the main page to 3 so less images and things will have to load on first go, maybe that'll help? Should I stop posting videos or sumit?

Great info in the rest of the comments all round; that Testees show looks interesting, 'Paris' Bennett (Heroes) gave birth at 3:36... naming the kid Egypt wtf?! And yes on the Brit vid getting that posted now (Britney alters in her new video, been going on about the zebra, black/white clothing as showing it lately and right there she is in the video wearing it), and Corbeau I agree, v much supposed to look loosely like a rainbow while not being one outright (still works as one in programming, "look at the rainbow" or something).

Cheers again all.

Anonymous said...

]. By the way I've limited the number of posts on the main page to 3 so less images and things will have to load on first go, maybe that'll help? Should I stop posting videos or sumit?"

Dear Ben,

I really think that would help a lot. PLEASE! don't stop posting videos!

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hefner is 'out' , now that he has corrupted society globally so much, as Jew. The Maloofs, his partners at the Palms are crypto Jews. Sarah Palin our New VP, is 3/4 Jewish and Anglo. Something the media is covering up. Her running mate is married to Jewish Gangsters daughter. Biden is a crypto Jew, who strangely enough also has dual Iraqi citizenship. They picked him to keep and eye on Barak, like LBJ who was Jew kept on eye on JFG

Granted in this new world order there are a lot of non Jews, but these luciferian, or occult Jews seem to head it, they run all the banks in west.

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