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Cat People

As always; I'll start with the protagonist and see what potential MK suggestions there are to do with her. Nastassja Kinski is the star of this movie; take one look at her eyes (not the fake cat ones obviously) and it should be pretty obvious she is MK'd, but for more circumstantial evidence to absolutely confirm this she had a relationship at 15 (probably even younger in reality) with that occultist/perverse movie making maniacal genius (in terms of his movie-making) Roman Polanski (the movie they made together was Tess). She is your typical MCM (mind controlled model) after growing up and no doubt being programmed in a commune in Munich she became a model and did plenty of nude scenes when she was apparently still a minor in various movies. In a colossal understatement it states that 'as a child, she felt exploited by the industry and told a journalist from W Magazine, "If I had had somebody to protect me or if I had felt more secure about myself, I would not have accepted certain things. Nudity things. And inside it was just tearing me apart"' She recently made an appearance (at the end apparently) in David Lynch's Mind Control Opera: Inland Empire [this post goes briefly into Polanski (remember seeing some great info I hadn't heard of in the comments of a recent post too), Inland Empire and things for anyone new to the blog]. Interesting article; 'Daddy's Girl', talking about her 'mad' actor dad, her mother who was basically a child (another MK'd actress) and other pertinent things. She was nominated for 'Best Actress' at the Saturn awards for her performance in this [check out some of the winners (the first ever one went to the original Stepford Wife), written about some like Christina Ricci, Kidman, Amy Adams and others].

"I didn't know where I was, it was like I was dreaming." Nastassja's scene from 'More Things That Happened' DVD from region 1 DVD release. Note the man-sized rabbits at the end in the hallway, staircase then entering the room (spoke of it in previously linked In Shattered Dreams post).

The film is Cat People, a remake of the 1942 film starring of the same name described by one critic: "The Cat People is a labored and obvious attempt to induce shock." starring Simone Simon (remember Simone? starring Rachel Roberts [MCM] as the 'computer program') as Irena. This had a sequel made out of it, The Curse of the Cat People (note child being programmed in poster below).

The main movie poster features the standard split mind symbolism we see in the below confirmed MK program (note the fractured title in MOWE which also confirms what I've said about that specifically in various movie posts, but in my last post too in the Britney video at the end; showing it's not only used on movie posters).

The latest predictive programming alien invasion movie, with Jennifer Connelly (born at Catskill Mountains in New York) I referenced that movie and it's probable MK implications in this post; so obviously this poster was no surprise at all.

And to confirm this split mind symbolism isn't just a happy one-off for Cat People, one of her recent films also has this split mind + mirror symbolism as it's poster, the actual movie featuring clones which are symbolic of multiple personalities (different people looking the same; if you're one of the 'cloners' then you can always take this literally too ;) "The child’s growth is abnormally rapid and she becomes the spitting image of her mother".

David Bowie was involved in this who I briefly analyzed in this post (pretty obvious involvement, just look at him and his history; his MCMovies like Labyrinth etc. The Cat People song was re-recorded for the Let's Dance single [put on your red shoes.. the song in the aforementioned post]). Here is the symbolic intro of the movie with this song playing I think, I describe some of it below.

Note the fractured desert ground; a young girl is selected to be given to the Panther (tied up to a tree, then raped by the panther). The overt reasons for this can be found here.

This type of tree is an accurate representation of an internal system/structure (showing the core-splits etc.) of an MK victim (one of many different types), where programs are attached to. She is symbolically tied to it (stuck to the programming).

It doesn't take a genius to figure out how this film would be used in programming as it would probably further imprint the idea that the victim is a cat into her mind; this having sex with the Panther scene would be used in programming sex-kittens.

This probably relates to some of the twisted traumas that go on in programming; such as bestiality (victims are often used in bestiality porn), a victim may be told having sex with a cat turns them into a cat (essentially what is shown in the film), in their dissociated/traumatized state they wouldn't be able to question the logic of this. The actual folklore of Werecats would factor in here also [like Vampires, Witches etc. different programming scripts based on beliefs many people actually have in reality; making it less likely a victim would question their script (as it's "real" to them)].

Following her traumatic night with the Panther, she is led (in a dissociated state) to the Panther's 'layer'.

The camera zooms in on the panther, then on the victim; then this face fades into Irena's face with glazed-over eyes naturally.

She meets her brother (played by a young Malcolm McDowell [see him in above video], mentioned him recently) at the airport (A bald-headed Lighthouse member, a [fictional] christian cult greets her showing cult-mind control's substantial involvement in this kind of thing, more later), they go home and he shows her the family heirlooms such as various masks (below), and generally circus/zoo (circus' are often filled with intergenerational MK victims who are made ultra-flexbile through programming, Zoo|ooZ) type items.

He shows her their juggling balls and she apparently regresses to a child-like state (being a memory from her childhood triggering this state [note the expression/eyes]). Malcolm's character aids this by telling her a poem/folk-tale, which she joins in with (remembering it from her past) and ends rather creepily with "... snap our heads off".

MM (Malcolm McDonald's character; will refer to him as such) wants some action off his sister, however she does not know her 'true nature' yet so he attempts to quell his sexual urges by using a prostitute (often MK'd sex-kittens in reality), but he transforms into a panther before probably (not shown, her ankle is mutilated) killing the prostitute [shown below in traumatized state].

This leads the Zoo (note yellow and green) to come out and get the cat to put it in a cage.
Another truck has rainbow resonating colours on it and with the #8 (total control over everything; hence its infinity sign spun 90 degrees, also like shackles [interlocking ringsish]). It's worth noting here that Annette O'Toole (Clark's mom in Smallville; and Clark's love interest Lana Lang in Superman 3... [which I've always found a little weird... but now have some understanding as to why that is the case] standard MK'd child actor, her mom was called Dorothy) plays Alice working at the Zoo.

With Irena's brother behind bars; she isn't sure what to do but the housekeeper called Female (played by Ruby Dee) tells her to buy a guide; which she does leading to a few random symbolic shots.
One of the most interesting shots is a painting of Marilyn Monroe that is consciously focused on as the camera zooms in on the image of the first Presidential Model sex-slave/sex-kitten/Cat Person.

She goes looking for her brother at a cult-sounding Church [note the green lights outside and the colours inside (below)]. This seems to suggest Irena's brother (Paul) works at a Church, more suggestions of religious cult-mind control.

Naturally the spiral staircase is very prominent in this movie (shown and used a number of times).

Here is Alice (her significance described earlier) pictured with a snake wrapped around something; these types of toy/stuffed animals are often given to a child victim to be used in programming [use your imagination]. Note a green octopus/Cthulhu, also worth noting New Orleans where this is set.

She sees her brother in the panther's eyes; then the panther (her brother) rips off the arm of one of the Zoo-workers, killing someone enables him to return to human form [the kind of thing a victim would be told if programmed to assassinate someone; depending on their personalized programming scripts and other variables].
This pattern I have noted on numerous occasions (i.e here and here)... combined with the hexagonal honeycomb tiles (seriously in any MCMovie be on the lookout for this pattern in bathrooms/kitchens/etc, like in Disney's Enchanted, Lost Boys and plenty of other things), the armlessness (helplessness)... in the centre of that room is the spiral staircase pictured earlier, with animals in cages surrounding it; quite the MK symbolic room in my opinion.

We see various evidence for her super-human flexibility and acrobat skills as earlier she runs away from a man and jumps effortlessly atop a tree; then here pictured above she runs away after her brother attempts to rape her performing a very acrobatic jump.

Note the crescent moon + star (Islam/'Stargate' symbol) 2066 [that's the dog that goes crazy]

Cop: "Yeah the dogs picked up the scent real strong... you should have seen him [the dog], he went crazy. Take a look, there's pieces of 3-4 bodies in there probably more burried around. I expect he killed them first, possibly as part of some ritual then fed 'em to the leopard [panther]. We've found some others too over the years, mostly prostitutes, female runaways half eaten, genitals torn out." Irena: "But why?" Cop: "Listen who knows, he's been in and out of psycho wards since he was 12. He's a religious fanatic.... His folks were carnival people, lion trainers till they blew their brains out one night." - Standard MK victim's MO.

Another blatant split personality painting, in the same vein as the one in the aforementioned My Own Worst Enemy [see it in elluminati post here also with the chessboard; by the way in the latest episode, the MK'd secret agent is given 'zombie cucumber', which I pasted info from Fritz here a while back; if you're interested in Mind Kontrol you cannot not watch that show]. White/grey stripes she wears above.

This gravestone stood out for some reason, Dolores L Guidry could be an anagram or something, probably some kind of code/hidden meaning there anyway.

MM's character uses another cat person/sex-kitten/prostitute between two sets of twin pillars [incest themes, "mommy'll make it all better"; twin pillars-freemasonry, 'elite' have been inbreeding for centuries]. She naturally ends up dead with limbs removed, her blood spattered on the twin pillars.

This was another scene that blew me away (probably used to help control what the victim sees in LSD programming trips); she exits her hideout (hiding from her brother, with the help of John Heard's character)...

Strips naked naturally (in a Eyes Wide Shut-esque erotic trance; because she's slowly realizing she is really a cat person [aka sex-kitten, hence all the erotic undertones of this movie])...

looks all lost and confused (in her dissociated state), before coming across a green snake (the colors have become distorted, the ground has a purple tinge), these colours change and the snake becomes purple, and the ground green....

Then she comes across a rabbit (also with the colours constantly confusing and the image keeps distorting/disorientating [leading to more dissociation])...

At this point I literally said to myself, "What are they going to show next, a fucking owl?!" [expletive included for accuracy] then immediately...

The owl flies away, and she hypnotically follows the rabbit (which changes colours/distorts as previously described in her dissociative trance).

The rabbit finally stops and Irena looks shocked, before the camera suddenly zooms in on the rabbit, which is now a white rabbit [symbolic programmer], then zooms into the rabbit's red eye...

When John Heard's character wakes up and turns on the light, Nastassja's has returned having apparently done something horrific in her cat-alter trance-state.

Remember the prostitute (who are basically portrayed as cat food in the movie!) killed in the twin pillars decked room, well we see MM's character again with more hexagonal honeycomb tiles (independent from the previous ones, showing it's conscious usage), the mirror is also obviously significant.

Some more cannibalism + mirror symbolism.

Cut from the room with twin pillars; to establishment Freemasonic buildings (don't think it's the hotel she was killed in anyway; but could be the main foyer) with prominent twin pillars obviously also (look at any gov't financial institution's building; Freemasonic/occult architecture is literally everywhere if you have your eyes open).

To confirm this establishment architecture tying into this conspiracy; we have a statue portraying a lion with a headless woman sitting on it... And having said that, this could be the hotel foyer because as stated in Deeper Insights Illuminati Formula New Orleans Hotels are specifically used as sites for programming (hence the hexagonal bathroom tiles, twin pillars etc).

Note the guy from the armed forces (heavily involved in MK) and the cat on the TV, two kids (not pictured, pans across them to the left) are watching the same cat show.

After seeing Female (who is in jail for being complicit in MM's crimes) to find out what she should do, she decides to take the train (Freedom Train), she has no idea where she's going (like most victims on the Freedom Train). On this train she dissociates (with the noise/vibrations/images out the window etc from the moving train aiding this), she walks and looks differently suggesting an altered-state, walking across a bridge, through a doorway [rabbit hole/cyclone into wonderland/oz] into a desert where she meets her apparently dead brother, Malcolm McDowell's character.

MM tells a cryptic/hypnotic story, probably a scene used in programming, I'll quote it and it should be pretty obvious: "Long ago our ancestors sacrificed their children to the leopards. The souls of the children grew inside the leopards until the leopards became human. We were gods then. We are an incestuous race, we can only make love to our own, otherwise we transform. And before we can become human again we must kill." Then he shows her that tree shown at the beginning of this post, and she accepts who she really is, the personality described below [essentially the sex-kitten alter; even her voices changes nearer the end].

Sex-kitten alters on the tree internal system (the panther representing the kitten alter contained on/in the branches/splits).
When she finally realizes and accepts (the programming in reality) that she is actually a cat, her personality changes and she becomes a feisty, sexually aggressive 'minx'; so to speak. This is shown by her challenging her love-rival to John Heard's (Head) character (her mate/lover)... Alice in a pool, naturally Alice is topless (you see her change, more 'Wonderland Perversion'). She then sleeps with John, goes into the bathroom, licks blood on her hand from her vagina in front of a mirror, get's scared/anxious, goes back to bed and transforms (below embedded video) into a panther.

She goes back to the hideout described earlier; where the final confrontation between her and John Heard occurs (this use of lighting, with half face illuminated = split mind and is often used in this film [look out for it in other MCMovies too], this is just one example, also note the grid pattern shadow which is also often used, as is shattered glass but I have not pictured those shattered glass shots), whom she successfully seduces, she is tied up resonating the scene at the start of the movie where the victim is tied to a tree to be given to the panther.

Note the tree in the frame, as she gets nekked looking through the glass window.

It immediately cuts back to the zoo, with the spiral staircase in full view, then we see Alice stroking the snake. Heard has continued his relationship with Alice but has kept Irena as a panther in the cage too, see below video.

"An erotic fantasy about the animal in us all"

etc etc. [no doubt hundreds of other scenes like this from other kids cartoons]

A few Cat People from the world of MK'd celebrity kittens, obviously there are thousands more images like this from various MK'd stars (some of which have been pictured in previous posts in this blog), btw star = rats backwards, like god = dog backwards; the entire 'elite' created world paradigm is based on dehumanization to keep us as merely cattle/ants/sheep/etc. And obviously there are loads of examples of porn/brothels/etc using sex-kitten programming (posted on previously), see cat/kitten programming tag.

I'm expecting lots of interesting costumes at this years Halloween, note Britney's ruby slippers (have not mentioned this but obviously the lion from Oz would play into this cat programming) in a catsuit + pink tiger/zebra skin from a few years ago. And below those are apparently black panthers, probably a specific program, as I showed Angelina Jolie with it in this post too, also pictured [christina aguilera with a pink big cat, perhaps even a pink panther, Katy Perry and others].

Another Halloween costume, Gwen Stefani with 'husband' British musician.

Kate Moss portrayed with Panther on her; previous stuff on Kate the kat.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical (based around this) played around the world probably contains many MK victims playing the various cats [note the cats official symbol is cat eyes with a human in the centre of each].

A 19 year old Madonna being programmed for future stardom as the ultimate sex kitten; 'Monroe Models' as many of these MKitten stars have mimicked her in the past (see Carissas comment for more Madonna/Marilyn invoking; btw Mariah Carey's "MIMI"-alter and other uses of mimi are MK also because it is mimic [copy] - c.

Finish with a standard MCM's (Mind Controlled Model, like Kate Moss above) Halloween costume, Heidi Klum; standard themes of an MCM [post 9/11 "dog with butterflies" thing, first music single Wonderland and such things, see wiki].


Anonymous said...

You mentioned David Bowie so here is a link with some in depth info about his occult side and connections with the Golden Dawn


Anonymous said...

The Snake - temptation, phallus
The Rabbit - lust, carnality, sexual reproduction, greed
The Owl - The higher faculties, reason, wisdom, judgement

The beauty of symbols is that the convey meanings in several (sometimes many) layers.

One layer of the symbolism -

Naked, she encounters the snake and is tempted to give in to her sexual desire (lust)
as the green snake it can represent the temptation, the desire, the want, the greed, the envy,
and as a purple snake it can represent the snake's victory in her temptation.

As the owl, her reason and better judgement flies away (abandons her) and she follows her lust and carnality (her more base animal nature), symbolized by the rabbit.

As she awakes she has, in her altered state of mind - being freed from her reasoning mind - engaged and devoured her lusts. She has over-indulged in them, as we see from the blood around her mouth.

However, there are also the animal symbols of

The Snake - Satan, the devil, the adversary, the temptor
The Rabbit - The Trinity, Christianity
The Owl - The Secret societies, occult orders, Molech


Anonymous said...

Dont forget JANET JACKSON's BLACK CAT 1989 song (and pics)...

An ILLUMINATI warning for JENNIFER HUDSON or mob matter (or both)?

NASTASSJA KINSKI, victim of incest as well, "father" KLAUS did the "work". Too many handlers in this poor woman's life, I cant call them lovers/husbands, just in countless cases. Think as well of QUINCY JONES and Egyptian IBRAHIM MOUSSA.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good one for you. Remember the Stephen King's 1992 movie SLEEPWALKERS. Its kind of says it all.

Anonymous said...

The poster with Keanu Reeves brings to mind the Aeon blue eye of Horus occult symbolism. It immediately reminded me of the poster with sexy "starlet" Kate Beckinsale bluest eyes looking at you over her guns crossing her chest in Underworld:Evolution. The illuminati inbred psychopaths running this stuff.

Benjamin S said...

Thanks for the comments all.

Great link on Bowie 1st anony.

2nd, cheers I'm aware of most of that, the reason why I don't specifically say what each thing symbolizes is because I know they're ALWAYS multifaceted [I assume my readers have watched videos/read books on all the different symbolism and what they mean (owl worshipping at Bohemian Grove, cult of serpent/dragon, snake in the bible, freud's stuff etc etc), such as yourself. I talked about this nature of the symbolism when I first started the blog, i.e (more detailed in older posts I think)'the snake symbolizes the phallus and various things' at the end of that post I think some new people might enjoy reading if they're new] so thanks for adding that great concise summary for those who haven't read up/watched videos on that stuff :) You obviously cannot ignore all the MK implications though throughout the movie, it's not just a woman getting in touch with her animalistic/Dionysiac altered-state... but yeah thanks again for that summary of the multifaceted nature of the symbolism, it was probably needed.

3rd, yeah great info as usual, cheers. I definitely think somethings up with that Jennifer Hudson murder (she was the product of one of the 100% dodgy American Idol show); I was watching cribs and it was one of Simon Cowell's singer slaves (don't remember her name, it contained all the standard black/white etc stuff; SC describes how he designed her house randomly [who just shows up randomly]) who said she kept the cat outfit (complete with tail which she shows to the camera) from a famous performance song, and an American Idol judge Paula Abdul's cat-song. Here's the Janet Jackson vid (note the panther obviously), awesome catch.

Mercurial! Good to have you back bro, enjoyed reading your latest post btw. And yeah I saw that a few months back on Sci-Fi but it completely escaped my mind writing this (linked to it In Shattered Dreams post), absolutely used in the same kind of programming; incestual "werecat" family [aka (and used on) programmed MK victims], based on unpublished Stephen King novel (you could do an entire book on his stuff's MK implications alone; thinking of writing up his 'The Langoliers') btw Sleepwalkers has that Madchen girl from Twin Peaks who is abused by Leo, Madchen is now playing the husband of Christian Slater's alter in the MK show talked about in this post 'My Own Worst Enemy', and the actress who played the mother in that film is an Alice, daughter of a psychologist and a physician.. And yeah nice point on Underworld too, also probably used in vampire programming scripts similarly to how this werecat/sex-kitten programming is used in the aforementioned movies (Cat People, Sleepwalker, probably loads of others too).

Cheers again all.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading an article in the daily mail about Kerry Katona and it says her life is starting to resemble the story of Tess d´Urberville. I took notice and decided to watch or read that again but lo and behold, now you mention that movie Tess... It´s been like 15 minutes and this Tess person comes up twice!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Keanu Reeves, i watched My Own Private Idaho last week and i cannot for the life of me figure out how a terrible terrible actor such as him got so high in the Hollywood ladder. There has to be something else behind his success.(I can almost hear a collective DUH!)

The man cannot act worth a crap. He made that film almost unbearable to watch.

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