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The Illuminists' House of Blood Lust

"The illuminati" [AKA insane fuckheads, obsessed with gnosticism, Luciferianism and such things] practise blood rituals as part of their overall philosophy on life and the world. This type of licking the blood with a seductive type smile thing and the constant barrage of bloodthirsty horror movies etc I think is a way of initiating us all into their fucked up mindset. Anyway, synch above poster [cheers to commenter who pointed it out] up to Angelina Jolie image in this one, and some in this to illustrate this common theme.

Just saw this movie poster that I wanted to post, obviously also note the checkerboard pattern which seems to be in every movie released these days. And the one eyed shot/all seeing eye (in alternate version) and such, obviously the Baphomet pentagram seen in things like Kylie's concert and other controlled things (also shattering glass, staircase square spiral pattern thing, doppelganger infront of pentagram, keyhole/door etc). The film seems like it would trigger some old suppressed memories of abuse in the family [also outright programs triggered, i.e go on a frenzied knife attack or self-destruct or something]. The main 'bad guy' in it is called "The Tin Man" for a not-so-subtle hint at this, see imdb synopsis.

In loosely related matters; watching "Hottest Heiresses" on VH1 [only in the background of course]... confirming the elite's perverse/incestuous use of programming; William Randolph Hearst's [created a massive H shaped mansion, lot's of interesting things in wiki; the horse-head godfather scene was filmed in one of his mansions; standard "elite" evil crimes too (covering up murders, misleading the masses etc.)] great-granddaughters, he left behind $1.6 billion... Hearst's 67,000 acre Summer retreat in McCloud California called Wyntoon show the elite's use of programming: "each of the four houses is decorated to look like a scene from a different fairytale" [for different programming scripts etc], and the outside of them looks like Disney's Palace, like the Jonas Brothers' home. The programmed, mind controlled models the show was referring to were his great-granddaughters: Lydia and Amanda (both MCMs naturally).

Amanda on the left, Lydia on the right (with the camera).

Click image for more images from this Bohemian Grove type/out of the way area where this type of stuff takes place.

How could I forget Patty Hearst; the easily brainwashed Heiress (wonder why!).
Verdier wrote about her in his book, see previous excerpts here. She now knows she was brainwashed... but does she know why it happened so easily? This whole thing (the kidnapping, rape, confinement etc. ) was probably organized by a Mr. Hearst (or whoever was programming her at the time) and other "elite" scumbags (and had probably been through the traumas before at places like "Wyntoon"); she was later ironically pardoned by Bill Clinton. She's since been put to work making documentaries about the Hearst Castle and such.
The Patricia Hearst Case.

Lately we have seen how brainwashing might become a sinister tool of a college-educated and fanatic anarchic group that wishes to gain control over, and ensure the obedience of, its members. This is illustrated by the case of Patricia Hearst, who was abducted by, and who later claimed full membership in, the self-styled Symbionese Liberation Army.

But was Patricia Hearst really brainwashed? Her lawyers claimed diminished intellectual capacity in order to account for her behavior during captivity. (Diminished capacity is not an insanity plea, but, if true, does place Patty in the brainwashed category.) Let us note some of the facts of the Hearst case:

1. She was threatened by death. Three days of lie detector tests by four experts support her story that she was forced on threat of death to take part in a bank robbery. Threat of death is an important component of brainwashing.
2. She was confined and restrained. According to reports she was tied up, blindfolded and confined in a closet for a considerable length of time. Isolation and physical restraint are very important factors in brainwashing.
3. She was programmed by sex. This form of conditioning has long been used in the forcible entry of women into prostitution and in the coercion of prostitutes. It is evident that it was used.
4. She identified with her abductors as a source of comfort and reassurance. Patricia had a lover and reassuring confidant to shelter her from the fear of physical harm. Identification with the captor is obvious here.

Two other aspects of the Hearst case may also indicate brainwashing:
5. Was Patty on drugs? Drugs are disinhibiting - that is, they make an individual suggestible and easier to change. Those her during her abduction were known as "acid heads." It is likely they would not have hesitated to use drugs in Patty's indoctrination; it was part of their culture.
6. Was there a radical change in Patty's beliefs and attitudes? On the face of it, this important factor is apparently true; nevertheless, it should be examined carefully using accepted psychological testing techniques.

These few factors point to a definite possibility that Patricia Hearst was brainwashed..... There is a strong indication that she was, indeed, brainwashed.
Here she is to finish, as "Tania" (probably one of her alters) robbing a bank, of which her friend's banking family owned [it's all a big joke to them]. All of her children are models (naturally), Lydia is her daughter; Amanda her niece. She won a bulldog breeding contest with her dog "Legally Blonde", from the eugenicists over at the Westminster Kennel Club show, see wiki.

The below documentary's alternate title is Neverland: The Rise and Fall of the SLA. The documentary obviously completely misses the point.

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Anonymous said...

Benjamin S said...

I saw that on that site back when I was writing some posts on the fashion weeks but somehow forgot to put it in then completely forgot about it so thanks for linking to it. Just wrote about mannequins being MK symbolic (he is described as being a mannequin in this site); then last night on the totally MK suggestive My Name Is Earl (intend on writing the show up) they have a mannequin type sex doll on the show. Undoubtedly part of Pamela's Programming anyway... [what other explanation is there for it?]

By the way, sitting here watching The Core on telly, I'm currently being hypnotized by a dissociative spinning spiral which is shown just after The Core title sequence [Eckhart's movie roles suggest to me he is MK'd too; in his latest one his character sexually abuses a 13 year old... in his Daily Show interview he blames his "representatives" but has no real answer as to why he gets these type of roles. On the Daily Show another synch happened when I had no idea Changeling's director was being interviewed so watched that literally a couple of hours after finishing the Angelina Jolie post which I took as another synch].

Cheers, any future Pamela posts will have that included deffo.

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