Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Dream Halloween [With Added Pomegranates]

This will be an evolving post probably; please leave links to various MK'd celebrities dressed up for programming in this post, I'll be adding the various MK symbolic costumes. I'll kick things off with the delectable Beth Ostrosky who recently married blatant handler Howard Stern (have you watched any of his shows?!) see previous post with her wearing Mickey Mouse, like his namesake (+ a K, handled Anna Nicole). I'll probably do a second post after Friday's pagan ritual is complete.
'Animal Fair'... duplicitous meaning much? The Lohan clan also turned up; that's LiLo's sister Ali (Alice; real name 'Aliana', like her sister she was also a model at 3; bigger post on LiLo will come at some point in the future) and her mom Dina wearing cat ears (supposed to be dog ears I think I've seen them described on another site as that). Even their clothing fits with the checkerboard behind them (the mom in black, Ali[ce] in white). Note her barbed-wire tattoo, more images of them here.

Both Katy Perry (note the halo too) and Gwen Stefani (featured prominently on this blog) have been dressed up as a fried egg, 'sunny side up'. Please see the comment on Gwen's appearance as an egg at the end of this post, for deeper analysis. Edit: Katy also just dressed up as Freddie Mercury; check out the Joker [heath ledger etc] with her, and all the blood + doll limbs. Here's a link.

I thought this was pretty funny; one of FOX News' (that necklace is real..) sexy-slaves turns up (I'd let them lead me into a delusional war anyday ^^) Courtney Friel (nice tail btw). This makes me think of news anchor Anne Pressly's recent "random" attack resulting in her death; as noted by a commenter 'Pressly' as in Elvis Presley (MK'd sun god) and she will be appearing in 'W' (probably the most retarded piece of cinema since United 93), having her murdered in a frenzied attack is just all part of their sick MK blood rituals.

You probably recognise Melina Kanakarades from CSI:NY [remember NY one letter up is OZ], then we can assume that it is not a happy coincidence that she appeared in the show Oz (about a prison; symbolic of the mental prison that is mind kontrol, referring to the Wizard of Oz programming), in [Eye of...] Providence she played Dr. Sydney Hanson [Sydney/switch the d and s you get dysney; which is obviously phonically exactly the same as Disney] Well here she is as a witch (wicked witch of the west).

And from the same Deam Halloween event 13 year old Sammi Hanratty [who plays a young Anna Friel in Pushing Daisies; the character called 'Charlotte "Chuck" Charles'] dressed as the scarecrow from Oz. Also below Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith's wife) as Superwoman and her daughter Willow as a wicked witch.

Hugh Heffner's Playboy Halloween party was naturally, pictured with Holly Madison (daughter of timber bigwig, think twin peaks) as Elvis (previously mentioned). More images here. Another one of the bunnies below, Bridget Marquardt in dissociative getup [tutu = crazy (it's purple), think Ace Ventura, large clown shoes etc.]

Speaking of MK'd Barbie Dolls; Shauna Sands (seriously, don't click that; too depressing, wiki image has her dressed up in big cat-skin, ballerina, model, even her 'measurements' are Freemasonic [33D, 22, 33; this isn't stretching at all, a former Bunny Girl (like Shauna, and the above girls obviously) is now the most surgically abused/altered person alive and look at the dress the former one is wearing (big cat-skin)]) took a trip (that shows her walking to it) to Mr. Bones' [Bonesmen refer to Skull and Bones 'elite' secret society as just 'Bones'; hence the TV show and why this thing is focused on by the occult controlled media] Pumpkin Patch, as did Britney, below.

Note her grey/black striped top.

Standard 'elite' debauched party featuring the ridiculously wide-eyed Princess Beatrice, the vampiric suggestion probably a reference to the Royal families' relation to Vlad the Impaler (see comments) and the Order of the Dragon. Also this random masked handler/programmer, with his slave from the same party.

Edit: MCM Cindy Crawford dressed up as Amy Winehouse (obvious MK ritual sacrifice) complete with leopard-skin dress, beehive hair, even a fake cocaine white-powder under her nostril. Daily Mail link. Also with Courtney Cox as the Wicked Witch too from same link.
Edit: From a Masquerade Halloween party for a pomegranate drink [remember the advert for a non-alcoholic one 'Sex Kittens Don't Drink Milk'] called PAMA at the Stone Rose Lounge. Kim Kardashian (double K, K =11, her father was O J Simpson's [MK'd tool] lawyer) I've always considered as just another Paris Hilton (sex tape released, spoiled princess archetype etc); here she is dressed up as Wonder[land] Woman.

Here is Kym Johnson; an Oztralian dancer/model/TV presenter as Tinkerbell.
Cheryl Burke, another MK'd ballerina (started 'training' at age 4) wearing Nazi/US Army jacket as MAJ. TROUBLE alter.

And finally from this event; Kris Jenner (mother of Kim above; used to be married to OJ's lawyer as already said) as another military/Nazi character, with Lara Spencer (not much on her really; perhaps the name was changed to connote Diana Spencer as part of ritual?) as a bee.
Finish with MC'd Mariah Carey with Firemen at the Firehouse [fireman resonates the phallus; with the hose and all that; fires = light so Luciferianism too] with her 'husband' Nick Cannon [son of a television religious nut (none of these 'televangelists' are actually remotely religious) who seemed to always have big plans for his son; did standup on his tv-show at age 8].

And the lunatics over at the Today show, go fairy-tale crazy for Halloween; see who is who (Pinnochio, humpty dumpty, little red riding hood etc.) at this link. I'll start a new Halloween post once the images of what they've been dressed up in comes online tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

THIS IS A STRANGE ONE, I know and I hate to even write it, however the repeated embedded messages, when you open your mind totally, seem to be a steganographic type code.

From this series of images, names, anagrams and the analysis it seems to be revealing to us that there is to be an event resulting in fear (attack?) in Hollywood (LOS(t) ANGELeS) on FRIday January 9 2009.

Could that be the test day of the new Pres that Biden and Powell have warned about?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your obviously genune efforts but surely by regularly giving your attention to these empty-headed puppets you're just feeding their energy?

Forget about them, leave them for the sheeple to feed on. To my thinking 'sane' people need to move away from this crap, this Spectacle, otherwise they'll become as 'controlled' as the people they're looking at.

No hard feelings, I hope.

Anonymous said...

No hard feelings, your opinion is fair - in fact, it may be the fairest of them all.

Anonymous said...

as uninteresting as the fried eggs costumes are, they still remind me of a brons-age costume that was found buried. It belonged to some nordic/germanic tribes. Archeologists figured that it was used in a sun ritual at least once a year, it was a delightful costume with a metal plate over the tummy exactly as the "sun" on the eggs costumes. A ripe young teenager is thought to have danced in the sun and had the sunlight reflected from the metal plate over the fields as she danced... it was good for the plants, bla bla bla. But maybe, I think, this is something that is still being used today, in some way, I think, maybe ;)

The girls were awesome dressers back then though, this dress I´m talking about actually looks good!


Anonymous said...

I often find that people who are close to this business or to this world encourage others to look the other way when hard questions are asked.... I for one don't think its giving energy to the puppets to deconstruct the entertainment world in this way above all, not when children are being hurt by it directly and indirectly.

This stuff is put in front of our face every day and if breaking it down can help us to see how these major industries are controlled rather than organically structured and operated then I think its a good thing because it can be extrapolated to other aspects of society.

Don't forget that very few people know what really goes on in the entertainment world. All they see are the bright shiny lights. So, yeah. I think its absolutely valuable to question this stuff, to look at it with a microscope and not run when we see something we don't like.

Anonymous said...

Celebrities and their fellow snakes: http://www.wikiporn.org/index.php/Image:Devon_Aoki03.jpg




One more MK-ed girl: BIANCA RYAN

What a pose for a 14 yo...

Anonymous said...

eris said...
I appreciate your obviously genune efforts but surely by regularly giving your attention to these empty-headed puppets you're just feeding their energy?

Forget about them, leave them for the sheeple to feed on. To my thinking 'sane' people need to move away from this crap, this Spectacle, otherwise they'll become as 'controlled' as the people they're looking at.


SO we shouldn't come here anymore? Honest question.


Benjamin S said...

Thanks for the comments; great links + info as usual cheers. I'll do my best to answer eris' criticism which I'm sure other people have thought along similar lines.

I will not be putting my head in the sand to these victims of trauma-based mind control and start writing about some new age, spiritual mumbo jumbo or whatever people who completely separate themselves from this media stuff think would be beneficial. The reason they are 'empty-headed puppets' (they are the victims here yes?), as you call them is because they have been made that way through constant programming, literally from cradle to grave... I absolutely want to 'feed their "energy"' (which I doubt I'm doing anyway) so they can ultimately rise up against their handlers, it will obviously likely never happen but I can at least try to aid the process by making people aware of what's going on in the heads of these MK'd 'stars' [see recent Britney posts + most of the rest of mine].

As far as I'm concerned, these 'empty headed puppets' are where the real truth lies (in terms of the hidden horrific level of trauma inflicted on the planet's people throughout history by a small hidden cabal obsessed with total control [wars and things are trauma-based mind control enmasse; the people I write about are good representations of the MK used on individual victims]), and ignoring them ("who cares why that braindead girl did xxxxxxx, they're all just empty-headed spoiled brats anyway") is self-serving and probably contributes to why the horrific programming (sexual abuse, electroshocks, various tortures etc) has been able to go on for so long. Real truth is curled up in the fetal position sobbing in the corner of their bedroom... (these victims' tortured minds are their ENTIRE UNIVERSE to them, so you cannot overstate it's importance imo) how can we revolt against these horrific 'illuminati'/'elite' programmers if we totally ignore the 'products' of this 'work' and how they are then used by the media in conditioning the masses to certain way of thinking. I don't view them as any less relevant/important than writing about a puppet politician's latest corrupt activities and the like; they are all controlled by the same hidden cabal pulling the strings of these Marionette puppets.

I can appreciate where you are coming from, but I disagree and think that none of the facets of the controlled society should be off-limits (I don't see how my writing about it makes me controlled... sure every writer/blogger/etc is 'controlled' by the material they write about); nevermind what people's views are on what 'sane' people should be doing (which is obviously completely subjective to what the person's own personal definition of what sanity [in terms of, that the 'sane people' are those that share his/her way of thinking] constitutes).

Hope some of that makes sense, cheers again all.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when the naysayers were going to come crawling out of the woodwork :) All it means is you're getting more attention, so right on! Oh, and its probably a good idea to back up all these links, files and articles you're writing...not to be a negative nancy but these kinds of evidence have an odd way of disappearing when they push the wrong...er...right buttons!

Anonymous said...

Maybe my use of the word 'controlled' with reference to the readers and the author of this blog was unnecessarily provocative (apologies), but in terms of time alone readers might admit that peoples' time might actually be put to better use by say, voluntary work in a refuge or training to be a counsellor to help victims of abuse and trauma.

My intention behind my initial post was out of some frustration at seeing obviously intelligent people re-tread the same ground over and over from behind their computers - a position of no little comfort and security when we consider that this privilege is only afforded to a very small %age of the world's population.

I also wonder how many folks who come here to read this particular blog are going to be exposed to this information for the first time, and if they are already aware of the MK situation, what are they doing about it other than swapping articles taken from the very media which celebrates the MK situation in the first place?

What direct effect is a blog, however well-intentioned and sincere, having on Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and the rest of them? I suggest next to none. They're unavailable, too far 'gone' into the abyss, but coming out from behind a computer and training to take up a position of responsibility and influence might be of more help to future non-celebrity victims & prevent these cases from occuring in the first place. A bit too much theory, and not enough practice, I suspect.

I am a student of these matters, my copy of Cathy O'Brien's 'Tranceformation Of America' is well-worn, for example. My intention is simply to comment on a situation where good people spend a lot of time rubbernecking at a human 'carcrash'-type situation and then quite likely end up putting their foot on the gas, and going home to tell their partner how awful it was, without actually stopping to offer practical help. By stopping here now, I'm showing myself to be just as culpable.

Of course people should come here if they learn from reading the blog, but I think we could all do more to help or prevent this horrible situation in real everyday terms. I know I could.

I've written my (subjective) opinion, and I'll wish you well & leave you in peace.

Anonymous said...


Couple interesting pics.


Benjamin S said...

Yes yes, I'm doing something though, am I not? By trying to draw attention to the plight of these people through my blog, I do not see what's wrong with it or what you're problem with it is (no one should write about the media's use of MK because it isn't directly helping a victim?). Dropping everything to become an abuse counsellor is obviously not something within my capabalities (and I'm sure many of my readers) currently as a 20 year old university student.

I thought someone well schooled in MK such as yourself would be interested in reading my observations in the media where it is all so clearly prevolent. If things in my previous posts are 're-treading the same ground over and over' I'd like to know so I can apologize to the person's work I've inadvertantly copied [I'm usually careful to reference other people's work with links]. I'm pretty sure most people who understand what my blog is about have read through Tranceformation once or twice (mine is also well-worn with bits of paper marking things I need to reference in posts and such).

Do you have anything positive to say about any of my posts (maybe you only saw that Dream Halloween pretty lazily put together post?); are they all re-treading old ground, was there anything original in there that interested you? [I'd hate to think all the time I've spent writing these many posts have just been rehashing information someone else has already presented] One of the main reasons why I started this blog was for that specific reason; I felt I wasn't doing anything to help so I wanted to do more in this impossible situation we're in using what I've been absorbing my whole life (the media + internet) in this effort. Do you think my presenting all this information in my blog is doing more harm than good? [I'd hate that to be the case obvoiusly] Of course we could all do more; but we each have our strengths and there are people doing excellent work with abuse victims on the front line [if I were to suddenly do that I'd obviously do more harm than good], I would consider my strength to be analyzing the media's overt use of this symbolism/themes (which you view as totally pointless? or what?), which I'd like to think people who are aware would be able to appreciate.

Cheers, if you want to email me with a response if you don't want to comment here again its bens123@hotmail.com.

Thanks for that link Corbeau, interesting images. BTW was working on a music video post + Beyonce and others; will be delayed slightly, up tomorrow probably, then the final Britney part over the next few days.

Anonymous said...

eris don't be jealous a 20yr old is probably helping more people than you with his little blog.

Benjamin, you are helping me in more ways that you could ever imagine. i won't get into details about my situation. Keep on as long as you feel you are being useful.


Anonymous said...

Just a note from a female reader....I understand the significance of the black/white duality striped thing, but just to let you know that stripes of all types are apparently "in" this year in fashion in general. So it isn't going to always necessarily mean something when a female celeb is wearing yet another striped shirt. Not when even the average person is having it pushed on them in all the clothing stores in the mall. (haven't bought any striped shirts myself 'cause I don't like the look personally.) But yes, just to let you know, striped shirts are all over the damn place right now. They periodically come in and then go back out again in fashion. I'm just thinking this could be a weak point in your postings, for newbies that land on your site for the first time and see you making a big deal about "striped shirts! striped shirts!"

Anonymous said...

Carissa, stripes may be "in" but that doesn't mean that a particular movie, magazine, advertisement, newspaper, TV celeb show, or TV news will choose that particular photo without a good reason and some planning behind it.
This is the reason that certain celeb photos taken by a paparazZO at just the right moment with just the right elements in the scene can fetch up to $1 million dollars each.

As for ERIS, your tasty apple is much like an MK Orange - full of maggots and rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

With companies like NeuroPop out there, we're all victims of MK!

"Your opinions are not your own".

Anonymous said...

"Carissa, stripes may be "in" but that doesn't mean that a particular movie, magazine, advertisement, newspaper, TV celeb show, or TV news will choose that particular photo without a good reason and some planning behind it."

I get it, trust me, but what I said in my commment is that the striped shirt thing doesn't always *necessarily* mean something. Sometimes it may, sometimes it may not, with the bigger point being that it's probably not one of the most important major indicators of someone being mind controlled. That's all. Very small point, nothing important.

"As for ERIS, your tasty apple is much like an MK Orange - full of maggots and rotten to the core."

Well that's a bit harsh. I understand where Eris is coming from with his/her points. But a good point I could say to the Erises of the world (although he/she may not even see this) is that the purpose of a blog like this is to teach the unaware masses that there's more to the media than what meets the eye. Things are not what they seem to be. Most people believe these stars are people like themselves who've just happened to finally get signed to a record label, or who legitimately beat everybody else out at some TV show/movie audition then clawed their way to the top on sheer talent and determination alone. When in truth it's often times controlled, saturated in esoteric/occult/mind control symbolism, and where insidious things are most likely being done to the stars who have become the puppets. It may seem like he's beating a dead horse with it all, but to me it seems that the aim is to try to teach people what the deal is, lay things out there with the pics and the videos so readers can learn, and thus be wiser when viewing and consuming it all.

That awareness may also lead people to walk away from the media and entertainment and seek out more meaningful time diversions once the illusion and deceipt is revealed. When blogs like this illustrate beyond a shadow of a doubt how much hoodwinking is going on, then really, how *can* a person keep consuming it all obliviously? So, another point to it all. They're edu-ma-cational. :D

Anonymous said...

"It may seem like he's beating a dead horse with it all"

To someone who's noticed things but hasn't found a way to really make sense of it all, this blog is helpful.

So really the horse is not dead, the horse is alive and well and people like eris are perched up on it with their well studied selves, holding a copy of their used up and earmarked book looking down criticizing others who are putting the same info out there in a new way. So sorry not everyone is up to speed like eris, eris.

*rolling eyes*

Benjamin S said...

Carissa; thanks as always for your reasoned comments, excellent points. Absolutely; I've owned a black/white striped top for at least a year and my (family's) house has twin pillars, major checkerboard hallway (the guy who built it was clearly a Zionist Freemason or something) and lot's of other symbols I write about (even has an odd looking Luciferian octagonal "light-house" type thing at the top of it), none of that necessarily means I'm an MK victim of course. Also; these 'trends' are just as controlled as everything else (pushed in fashion magazines etc to make them fashionable), so yeah it doesn't necessarily mean anything seeing someone wearing it (just that they're extremely suggestible perhaps? ^^; if it's on a celeb I have MK suspicions about that's always good for some confirmation bias ;p).

Previous anony, I agree with your sentiment (particularly your last parag), so will Carissa I think overall. And I can imagine there are more people thinking along similar lines to eris. As far as I'm concerned; the horse won't be dead (how can it be when it's producing so much brainwashing/MKrap on an unwitting populace?) until the entire system that has allowed this to happen is brought down in on itself. The house of cards is starting to wobble I like to think (wishful thinking no doubt) as people get more and more wise to what they're being bombarded with in the media and what these character's in the media are, in reality (with the media selling a false-reality to the masses for obvious reasons).

Anonymous said...

behold a pale horse ;P

Anonymous said...


What you're writing here in your blog is important and needs to be put out there. In time we will notice more people catching on to the implications of trauma based mind control and its saturation of media, politics, and other forms of 'culture' . Actually you follow in a sense the deconstruction of Western culture beginning with Theodore Adorno, or the way Derrida deconstructed the texts of philosophers like Hegel. But the textual playing field has changed and 'our' need to understand how these media images are "constructed" is vital.

There are victims of MK everywhere - its soul sucking through the massive platforms the media provides. I wish I could write here all the ways I've been damaged .. but as Carissa says one gift of the new awareness and perspective laid out here is an extra degree of consciousness that develops that might translate into wiser choices on what it is you consume culturally.


Anonymous said...

Just saw on tv that the party Katy Perry was attending as Freddy Mercury had a game called "Bobbing for Bodyparts." The body parts where that of several baby dolls and babrbies (no heads, only saw limbs) in a tin container that sort of looked like a baby crib filled with water with a red lining. She said "If you find the heart (grabs a limb), you win a prize (tosses limb back in water)"

I know it's a halloween party and all but ...


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