Monday, 6 October 2008

Battle in Seattle

Got round to watching Battle in Seattle and found it to be a very good, emotional movie showing we shouldn't be fighting each other (i.e their stormtroopers), we should be going after the rich fuckers (like this dude Warren Buffet, note his "mistress" and his own parents' verbal abuse and such things) that create these insane situations. [I remember Freeman in some of his videos/radio he talked about his experience at the event so was looking forward to seeing it] Obviously ashleeple won't be able to appreciate the movie at all and will probably see it as preachy nonsense; and it's likely made by people on the other side (gots to control both sides; Andre Benjamin [AKA Andre 3000], Michelle Rodriguez [Lost] I suspect are MK'd and probably some of the other actors too), some of the butterfly costumes and such seem suspect (see trailer). Probably another reason why they executed 9/11 (though obviously planned long before then), too many people awake in 1999; masses need an injection of trauma to keep them in line and apathetic and trusting the obviously corrupt corporate entities (like all governments everywhere), obviously it has backfired significantly though and you'll never see the WTO (which is completely undemocratic, nothing is decided on by voting or anything vaguely democratic like that; fascism people! revolt!) in a major city again, at least without the 2 mile exclusion zones anyway.

I'm sure these videos have been posted elsewhere loads of times but might as well post them here.

The stormtroopers would be more productive (in achieveing peace) forming a drum circle and start smoking pot with the protestors [rather than gassing them with CS etc], then the "elite" will know we've won ^^ officially...

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