Friday, 3 October 2008

Palin's Political Preposterousness and Hayden Pan

After last nights debate Bill Kristol was talking about his disapointment at "Palin's handlers" not preparing her enough (leading to above comedy), and again today I hear them talking about their handlers (they're all MK'd [Biden too]; now obviously on the surface this is just referring to their political organizers and such... but I think they're being totally literal in terms of mind control handlers). This beauty queen thing (probably seen it by now just keeping up with my election/Palin coverage) made me think of Twin Peaks and Stepford Wives also [2nd video just mixes that theme in with a little humor (though obviously it's wrong to laugh because it's not their fault they appear mindless, I'm sure they have an intelligent alter going as well that the public doesn't see, same for Paris and the rest)].

Note her older name from 1984, Sarah Heath [as in Ledger, unconscious synch probs]

Edit: Check out this interview with Naomi Klein (also at dedroidify), basically describing tauma-based mind control en-masse (without going into the specifics of what happens in the mind), which was what 9/11 and 7/7 etc were essentially all completely about.

Listen to their ("elite's") "code" so to speak (at the end of clip); "There are times when you have to find a way to dispose of kittens... sometime's when you don't have a shovel" [probably edited to sound like that mind] and "... Who told you about the robot uprising!?"

See this post which this one is a followup to. [Alba image of her crying in Hannibal mask there too; this video has Hayden Panettiere (indestructible Heroes chick, she used to [before Heroes] be best known for her role in Disney's Remember the Titans, she was Dot in A Bug's Life; totally MK'd; in a recent Heroes episode her stepmom's dress is covered in butterflies, like I said in a recent post; if the zebra pattern seems to be following a celeb around they are probably MK'd also... couldn't be more true of Hayden [Racing Stripes].) wearing a pink one]

Alternate Posters [picked this one because it showed the various talking animals with zebra pattern, the actual Zebra is played by the main Malcolm In the Middle (MM) actor, which Hayden herself appeared in. Check this clip out from SVU... note the mannequins. [by the way mannequins are symbolic of the empty vessel created when the mind is split through trauma; the split leading to a dissociative/trance state ("pure trance state" best for programming) waiting to be programmed (via alters/systems) to the mannequins' designer/programmer's specifications [as in the victim does what the programmer tells it to; and the mannequin also only functions by dressing it up etc by a designer]. MK victims can also be programmed to "freeze" on command (it's amazing how still they stay) which they can then be viewed as a mannequin (same goes for statues/ice sculptures/etc), though more so with mannequins because they are specifically designed to act almost like a puppet (as in you can move it's arms to whatever pose you want, dress it up in whatever clothes you want etc). Hopefully that (absolute mess) makes some sense and helps you understand the mannequin MK symbolism a bit.]

Note the CBS All Seeing Eye [which by the way is on every single billboard advertisement thingy in the UK... how can people not wake up when it's literally in their face?!] watching over their duality creature (Zebra). [duality as in dual/opposite-personalities (i.e one good/one bad, one smart/one dumb, etc. is often how it works) Freemasonry generally obsessed with it.]

Note shattering glass, red/scarlet dress, "milk" moustache. [at Emmy's recently check out this comedian dude with They Live T-shirt]

Note red shoes... and to confirm it the yellow checker chariot (complete with checkerboard and with what looks a lot like the Freemasonic compass and square above the checker pattern, worth clicking for closeup), also note the zebra crossing and such on the right.


Dedroidify said...

The dude in the They Live t-shirt is Judah (lol) Friedlander from 30 Rock(efeller plaza...) ;)

Benjamin S said...

Heh, cheers, couldn't put my finger where I was remembering him from, he's also in Zoolander apparently and such. Seen a couple of episodes of that. I added in that Naomi Wolf interview to this post which I see is on your blog, good stuff (new Zeitgeist :D); only got round to watching latest CR last night... it's frustrating how obviously correct Naomi's perspective is (even if you don't believe they planned and executed 9/11 themselves).

Dedroidify said...

Hey dude, great you added that. It's a must-spread.
Yeah this Naomi (as opposed to wolf who suddenly disappointed & said vote obama lol) is right on point and indeed great that she is able to sell it so well without having to talk about the esoteric 9/11... cause that's too crazy for the common joe - sigh ;p


Benjamin S said...

Ah yes, I'm often getting strangely hot activist authors called Naomi mixed up ^^

Anonymous said...

dedroidify - the dude on the right in the pic is Zachary LEVI currently starring in the CIA/NSA/SPY NBC TV series CHUCK.

Anonymous said...

The photo of Jessica Alba with the mask on is deeply disturbing. The look in her eyes is so pained, I don't think she's acting...she's never been that good of an actress.

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