Sunday, 26 October 2008

Pieces of Britney: Part 1: Isn't she lucky, this Hollywood girl?

So I decided to split this one up into parts; previous stuff on Britney Spears here. Props to elder sisters who grew up buying Britney's corporate crap, like the Greatest Hits DVD where all these sceens come from (below image of her record label, as previously stated is Zomba, note all seeing eye). This is just a run-through of her music videos and the symbolism/MK themes contained within them.

Britney's first single was '...Baby One More Time', which if you're not living in cloud-cuckoo-land is a song about abuse [HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME; the lack of 'hit me' replaced with '...' in the title shows it is a very suggestive '...'], in the video she wears a Catholic school-girl outfit, "Lolita-like pigtails"... is it any wonder then that she became such a colossal hit when her first song appealed to some of the darkest parts of the masses' conditioned minds. Playing it backwards you also get an interesting line (have not confirmed that myself; backmasking is interesting but I'm not sure I want to go into it), "Sleep with me, I'm not too young"... are you sensing a theme here yet?

Note the various 'illuminati' puppets pictured above her [American readers will probably recognize them].

None of her songs hide anything; in all the songs I post on the lyrics are always MK suggestive, one part of Britney's Baby One More Time goes: "My loneliness is killing me.... When I'm not with you I lose my mind, give me a siiign, hit me baby one more time!" This is not about losing her 'boyfriend', this is solely about her programmer/handler and how she has been programmed to enjoy her trauma (when triggered into this programmed state where pain = pleasure, anyway). This song that lasts 3:31 was written and produced by Max Martin [MM] who also produced various songs for other MK'd musical puppets like NSYNC (linked not to one of MM's made songs; but shows NSYNC clearly as Marionette puppets). You know 'Max Martin' was a name chosen specifically for the MM (to go along with her Mickey Mouse Club programming, and various other examples of MM in her life see previous posts link at top) because it is not his real name; it being Martin Karl Sandberg [MK + Jewish name (Ashkenazic specifically; similar Jewish heritage to Mark Ronson and others in the industry)].

Stylized V, circle within circle. The 'Venice Gondoliers', filmed at the Venice High School [established 1911, located at 13000 Venice Boulevard, 1933 earthquake damage, school shooting, produced various people who work for Disney/gov't/NASA/Hollywood etc].

By the end of the video you see that she had merely dissociated at 3 O'Clock, I've written about dissociating in the classroom (during boring lessons your 'mind wanders'), so the whole 'song and dance' was just a 'daydream'... symbolizing her MK'd/totally dissociated existence (obviously a lot more than just daydreaming that's for sure!). You can view the video here.
Her second video has less to show (they get progressively more blatant mind), for "Sometimes", though I'd speculate that she is viewing herself as the dog (the dude being the handler), she has dissociated from the abuse of her handler and has been dehumanized to such a degree that she actually views herself playing happily with him as a dog from atop a symbolic hill in her mind... or something. Those public binoculars things I forget the name for obviously being a looking glass, looks very owl-like too, all the white clothing, Kenny's Cove also will have some symbolic meaning too, view it here.

Sometimes all this programmed choreography + uniform (in this case white) makes me think of actual cults (pointless, often choreographed activity, getting them all to conform to the cult's specifications in all aspects of life).

Next up '(You Drive Me) Crazy', also written and produced by Max Martin. The video is extremely green and she meets up with fellow MK'd corporate puppet; Sabrina The Teenage Witch AKA Melissa Joan Hart.

The viewer is inside her mirror. She takes off the above glasses, changes to a new shiney green wearing personality.

One of the lyrics in this goes "Baby, you spin me around, the earth is movin, but I can't feel the ground" this (her face on the record which she spins) is suggestive of spin programming and spinning traumas probably used on her in the past, previous examples of this kind of thing here (another example would be Kylie Minogue's 'Spinning Around'). Perhaps also in her breakdown, her MPD went haywire and she started spinning internally (switching between alters extremely rapidly). Obviously the rest of the lyrics are MK (pretty much all of the lyrics in all her songs will have some mind control relevance) too, "I'm so excited, I'm in too deep." (too deep into a trance).

With the video after Crazy, things start going MKrazy in "Born to make you happy" (are you seeing how all of these songs [you drive me crazy, hit me baby one more time etc] are referring to her handler?) as the original concept was to have her portrayed in a dream. She lies on a square bed [that is embedded into the floor rather than being a standalone bed] and dreams of a futuristic room with large tables (the tables are fluorescent; everything is covered in tin foil too) where various MK symbolic shots are displayed (above mirror one occurs later in the video).

Nice selection of butterflies [Monarch butterfly programming] in her theta brainwave state here ;P

Ripple = MK symbolism (to do with how the brain views memories and such [this occurs when the scene cuts from her sleeping in bed to her dream]; link with some mainstream info I think)

Looks they've got her totally trapped in that room (with a gap to put food in and such ;S).

This hexagonal camera shutter-esque thing appears on a number of occasions throughout the video.

Happily having a pillow-fight with purple pillows; also note all the stones surrounding her bed. [Probably a suggestion of violence/trauma] And naturally it ends with her smiling, enjoying the dream (the fight/abuse) with her butterfly top on.

This was then followed with "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart", this song seems to be about her helplessness, like the last one she seems to be begging her handler (it's highly improbable that this song is about her "first love"; again it's not written by her [see wiki]), see the MK symbolic lyrics here.
Serious sunflower obsession going on here (she lies in front of them; picture in her room, then on billboard, confirmed sun symbolism usage [occult sun worshipping belief of programmers])

Note the pentagram on right window etc. And yes that red thing on the left window is a butterfly (subliminally flashes on screen soon after this shot).

Naturally her favorite pink doll is looked at, then placed into the suitcase.

Here's the random butterfly the camera cuts to a zoomed in view of for half a second.

She's Little Miss Sunshine (I think there's a red butterfly on that one below too, it's clearer in motion). "Cedar Springs"

Random interlude, pictures of Paris (I will soon be officially endorsing her campaign for presidency ;p) with Britney wearing a Little Miss Sunshine t-shirt, and Hayden Pan (they are going to work their asses off trying to get her musical career off the ground) wearing the exact same one last year.

Then Britney is sent to Mars (violence, red, NASA programming) in the video for Oops I Did It Again (it's all on her), the first single from her second album of the same name. This was another one written and produced by Max Martin... how can anyone think any of these lyrics are talking about an old 'boyfriend' or whatever the masses have been deluded into thinking. "That I'm serious [Sirius]. Cause to lose all my sense, that's so typically me.... got lost in the game... I'm not that innocent". The video starts with parts of her face (first her eye, then mouth, then other eye) focused on individually (showing her compartmentalized mind = individual parts of the face), only the first eye shot is pictured. She goes from the feisty red sex-kitten alter (hence the cat-suit), to one wearing virginal white lying inside an octgonal white star type thing [which the camera spins above].

Note fragmented face, this occurs when she says 'Lose all my senses'

Remember the spinning from her latest video which sometimes signified a change to an alter (3 combining), this occurs here as the red sex-kitten spins (in the air) becomes a different personality (clothes change and such) and she receives that piece of jewelry from the end of Titanic apparently (the kind of way movies are used in actual programming).

Then the 'Lucky' video followed, "The music video is widely considered by many to be a manner of tribute to the life and image of singer Judy Garland [Dorothy]. In addition, it has been found recently to be strangely and frighteningly ironic when looked at in relation to the recent turmoil in Britney's life over the past year". This one is all very self-explanatory so I won't go into too much detail, another Max Martin one, obviously the lyrics: "Lost in an image, in a dream. But there's no one there to wake her up! And the world keeps on spinning,..."

Standard mask-programming, polarizing personalities (one happy/sad, evil/kind, etc. that is by no means something that always has to happen) The [MK'd] Sceen Actors Guild also use it (along with black/white duality symbolism) and obviously other things to do with drama.

Alter that probably literally thinks its a star. She drops Stardust (the film featuring it's own Spear, in Shakespeare; who was Francis Bacon in reality) on the 'Lucky' alter collecting her Oscar (Oz/Osiris), along with all the flashing lights (see below). Note the famous HOLLYWOOD sign, Hollywood Mind Control Slaves.

As usual she plays various alters, the star 'Lucky' being one (pops up in video after this too), the one that looks in on 'Lucky' lamenting her plight that no one even knows about, note half face illuminated above.

The paintings are symbolic too featuring a trinity of goddesses (I can't make out the one to the right of that) and some Salvador Dali-esque fragmented painting of a horned humanoid monster thing (or something) below....

Standard Mirror MK symbolism here, note one eye is positioned in the distorted outer-edge of the mirror. 'Lucky' is constantly looking into her fairy-tale (gold with gems on the back) type mirror with handle, the onlooking (in real MPD victims there is often an alter that 'sees everything' from the outside looking in) alter takes the mirror symbolically putting it in 'Lucky's limousine after collecting her Ozcar.

She collects her Oscar on the red carpet [note the large winged statues/gargoyles/mirror symbolism (look at it; it's all 100% symmetrical, even the palm trees apart from the people and the city in the background)], and that programmed false-smile is shown, it's obviously massively important in giving them the appearance of happiness, another big user of the tranced false-smile is Smiley ;p Cyrus.

As I've said many times previously; the on-the-surface insane paparazzi's constant flasshing lights would help keep her level of dissociation up [strobe/flashing lights can induce hypnotic/trance states]. One of the evil looking photographers even has a checkerboard necktie (below, in the middle of the bottom), showing who is responsible for all this [Freemasonry/other clandestine 'elite' groups].

Britney the star. [Taio Cruz' She's like a star also has this MK victim as a star symbolism]

[images not in order] there's that cemented-smile again, below image is what her real feelings would be (had her mind not been completely compartmentalized; they've probably got her in an alter that absorbs all the sadness here).

Continuing with Stronger, then the rest, below is a little preview both from a video coming up (Overprotected), there's plenty more in that one as well.


Anonymous said...

"Trinity of goddesses" image
(aka the Lodge)

The room has rose flower arrangements all over it and crosses on the walls.
The red roses in the front center stage. (altar position in a Masonic Lodge)
The Rosicrucians - Rose & Cross - Rostau
Baconians - New Atlanteans

Judging from the visible walls and grid floor perspective, if the room was enclosed it would be octagonal.

Center painting is 'Birth of Venus' (also could be interpreted as Venice from other vids)

The light has 12 houses of the Zodiac
'As above so below' reflected in the table with the red roses/

The Right multi-framed door may be a "Stargate"

The painting to the right could be Cthulu, but is most likely Saturn.

The lattice work on the left could be water, aquarius

3 is featured is several places throughtout the image - 3 goddesses, three places to sit, three table legs, 3 door insets,

White crosses (also stars) are formed by the dots in the blue wallpaper

The light is coming in from the left and falling on the stargate door (also a underworld gate seen on the walls in the North in Egyptian tombs). Also means you (viewer) are looking the 'symbolic East'(as in Masonic lodges) (light south, 3 inset door North, Venus in the West but really the East, Viewer (You) in the East but really the West.

The Red Roses are in the center of a circular table. A point within the circle.

Black shiny grid floor, red square rug enclosing white square, gives the 3 steps, three degrees, from darkness to light.

"The Award Image"

The gargoyles are probably Genii (Djinn)

"Sitting on a Star Image"

The star has 7 rays, not unlike the goddess Columbia , Astarte, Lady Liberty.
Aphrodite, Ishtar, Black Madonna, Mary/Maya, Athena, Anunit, and Atarsamain

"Carousel Horse image"
Obviously carousel horses go round and round, spinning as it were.

Anonymous said...

Stylized V image

The Venice Gondoliers
The Boatmen - Boatman - Charon
Transporter of the dead souls.
The Solar Boat of Egypt

The bisected circle also appears as handles on the Soul(solar/star) Gate in the North on the 3 Goddesses (Lodge) Image.

3 o'Clock Image

(3 AM the Witching Hour)
"3 gongs of the Bell, 3 knocks on the door."

All hands at "13" one and three.
Hour at 3
Minute has exposed 1
Second at 1
end of second at 31

Max Martin
MM 13 13

3 AM ritual opens the gateway to the underworld.

Anonymous said...

In OOPS I DID IT AGAIN the voice of the astronaut belongs to MUTT LANGE, none other than MK husband's (which I always detested) SHANIA TWAIN.

More drugs for ELLE MCPHERSON pls!

Anonymous said...

Britney looked a lot like Marilyn in that picture where she looks in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

aferrismoon said...

MBA = Masters in Business Administration - de rigeur Mind Control, that one can actually sign up for.


Anonymous said...

The Monarchists also decided to implant their 'royal' DNA outside the Royal nest i.e. as 'cuckoos' in other nests.


So that they could then use these blood relatives to govern society in all its aspects.

The chosen mothers had no idea that they were being used as 'brood mares' and tend to refer to themselves as the 'goose who lays the golden eggs'

Anonymous said...

A half face always makes me think of Hel, the nordic goddess of the underrealms, one part of her face looked beautiful and the other was dead and grey.

This is a very good article btw, these days I feel there is symbolism/MK overload in the media and I can´t keep up - it´s awesome that u manage to bring all this to us anyway!

Bless, with lots of good cheer Halkatla.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ferrismoon, another probable aspect of the "Ba" in "Zomba" is discussed in this Matthew Delooze post:

Anonymous said...;_ylt=Aiu..Y1idJJCC562osVqM4Ss0NUE

Anonymous said...

I've been reading you on and off for a few months now, and this is one of your more convincing posts. Deeply fucked up stuff.

Anonymous said...

Xtina Aguilera's new video is MK out of control:

Anonymous said...

I think you may be reading a *little* too much in to things!


Benjamin S said...

I think you may be *completely* brain-dead... this chick is a victim of child abuse, have a heart, can you really not see how she continues to be USED? Start reading more into things, you might actually learn something interesting! Would you refute any of the points in this post? There's ALOT more going on in this world that you aren't aware of, time to wise-up (research mind control; these celebrity's are literally corporate puppets). [Check out Part 2 btw + latest on Britney's alcoholic abusive father]

Anonymous said...

Stefani had a fake Skull & Bones tattoo on her wrist that night.
She used a double the next day to be photographed wearing the egg costume.

See the thread on ickes site (Stepford Wives)

Truth blogger said...

Great article check out my blog I got the solutions for trauma based mind control

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me if

1) "V" and a "V tattoo" on a girl might mean they are or have been slaves?

2) illuminati sex slave women are made to get intimate piercings ?

3) erotic stories referencing mind control are possibly based on reality?

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