Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Miley Mouse Club

Went a bit over the top with the amount of images in this one, it's probably worth reading some previous posts on Miley Cyrus if new to the blog [should start from beginning; skip a few where she's only briefly mentioned].

Miley Cyrus came out wearing a Knights of Malta-like cross (and variations of it, images below) seen on various MK victims such as Roy Orbison (I view St. Georges/Templar/Malta crosses to be interchangeable; probably better examples on others out there). I thought I'd use this opportunity to post a bunch of other random images from the MC Archives I've had gathering dust in my hard drive for a while. Note Union Jack + "American Lord", not sure who that guy is pictured on it, his walking down the green line (also note green hat) felt like an initiation into the Order (who worship the dog-star Sirius which Cyrus can be considered a variation of) with the symbolic soldier dudes who can't move. A little more info on the 20 year old dating this (still) 15 year old, a long-term "family friend" apparently. Justin Gaston is himself an MCM, this article sheds more light on this event too, if you click their image gallery you'll see that her 'boyfriend' before Gaston was a 22 year old... This initiation of sorts occurred at another Fashion Week as you'd expect, previous fashion week and related posts [I swear there's like a 'fashion week' every f*cking week, 'fashion' is not something worthy of so much insane worship].

Miley's Milkshake: Millions of Milkshakes (or icecream thing w/e), note the purple and that solar symbolism on the poster. The milkshake place was naturally covered in pentagrams and other symbols (even a skull and bones, last image from the Milkshake place), more images here [police/caution yellow tape = yellow brick road, dog = Toto; there's also a video there showing the dissociative flashing lights of the cameras and such...].

Skull and Bones (not crossed) just to the left of Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus' head below.

As well as the Templar-style cross, the day (or 2) before that she was dressed up in black/white zebra pattern at the Milkshake bar (images above); as I've said many times this seems to be a common theme with MK'd stars (previous example of Miley black/white here, and some others in the past too I think). Thanks a lot to the commenter who provided a link to MK'd ritual blood sacrifice JonBenet Ramsey (child beauty queen etc) who was herself dressed up in this generic duality pattern, really pushing this point home.

Obviously though, if this were an isolated thing you could just write it off as coincidence but there is more evidence of this below as Miley does the 'horns' hand signal with an even more zebra-like pattern dress.

Above image from "lesbian risque" 'leaked' photos, from this gallery (nearer the start), featuring some odd dripping white stuff... (admittedly it doesn't look like it's actually there) and wearing a zebra hat. And speaking of MK'd zebras, Paris is still in London.

Even Miley's living space (MK slaves' environment is always controlled in this obsessive manner) uses these same symbolic colours, her dressing room naturally with a massive mirror (you almost want to jump into it!), and an checkerboard thread (ish) pattern for the seats. Her bedroom (note she is wearing black/white stripes also, red shoes, circle within circle etc) is equally suggestive as the seats are zebra pattern.

More red shoes (+matching lips) at an MCM celebration (teenVOGUE). And below Miley wearing a New York (NY/OZ) Dolls top, featuring disembodied heads/faces, also her black/white striped trousers (click 2nd one down to see clearly).

Checkerboard skirt from Best of Both Worlds tour.

Above and below from same time.

Below one essentially the same as Hayden's (and all other MK'd stars photoed in front of it), but again the checker cab, including freemasonic compass square resonant shape, zebra crossing etc.
Miley is often pictured with Hello Kitty products (like other MK star slaves), which I've covered here. To quickly illustrate the MCM (mind controlled models)/sex-kitten connection before Miley's Kitty pictures, Dior earlier this year announced Hello Kitty would be a big part of their new campaign thing, I think this image symbolizes what I'm talking about here (on the catwalk remember; probably from another perverse fashion week or something).

Have you got the key (trigger) to access Miley's Kitten alter?

Another suggestive (of 'elite' control) symbol that appears on her reasonably often is the skull and bones, subliminal S&B's too like the below one (heart = skull, and arrows = bones obviously).

OBEY THE PHOENIX! [Siriusly (Cyrusly, I know it's pronounced C-eye-rus, more eye symbolism) whotf' makes these T-Shirts!?!?] on the purple #3.

Some type of lion type creature (maybe a griffin? used on heraldry/general elite scummy stuff) on his top (clearer if you click) below.

Clear and blatant skull and bones, the large one inside the purple heart is made up of the checkerboard pattern. That's Miley's MoM btw, she's obviously MK'd too (from a distance the mini-skull and bones/black space gives a checkerboard effect also). The above and below skull and bones images come from the 2007 Zootopia (Oz) pre-show.

And speaking of checkerboards, this dress (below) of hers seems interesting as it features various coloured (and black/white) checker patterns at a "City of (false) Hope" Disney thing.

Random fanmade butterfly image.

This dress she wore was covered in butterflies. If you go to her official site, you'll see butterflies featuring heavily on the main page; they're also all over her merchandise in shops [my nearest Disney store has a checkerboard floor too btw].

All those various disembodied heads are probably relevant, and the purple [that shhh hand sign thing is used often in various MK'd singers/sex-slaves as people have pointed out, also like the murdered Mid-Eastern singer].


Like all major MK'd stars (i.e. Kylie Minogue) she already has wax models made of her, above one from occult London's Tussauds, below one from NY/OZ'.

Obviously most kids would be jealous of Miley, having the whole of Disneyland throwing her a big birthday bash (with 5000 of her 'closest friends'... sigh); but all of it consisted of endless posing and mechanical smiling, repeating endless amounts of crap to feed the media machine etc. The above FOX News video sums up what happened, "Did you notice the purple? That was definitely the theme tonight." Thanks Trisha Takanawa (apologiez, Family Guy joke). Below video has her with Mickey Mouse all over her, and then all the photographers (flashing lights) commanding her movements, essentially posing her like a mannequin.

Welcome to Miley's Sweet 16 (like a month early... see her wiki)

Couple of 'horns' shots from the day.

Nice emerald green shoes [more turquoise].

Minnie with Miley, More Underage Lesbian Action! (joke)

Miley Mouse with Goofy/Mad Hatter [Youth Service America's website has another video and has gone Miley Crazy]

Dissociative cake, large/distorted/seems to almost be like a spiral staircase, obviously also those lollipops I've noted as being significant.

Nice illuminated roses, she performs amongst.

Not from her birthday, but Miley with a friend on the Carousel in Paris.

Finish with a shot of her at the Egg Rolling ceremony at the White House (all white and pure on the outside [like Miley's Smiley outward image], but on the inside the darkest of the dark occurs). [nice extremely dark Miley + occult Harry Potter + horns is also poignant to finish I thought]

Any additional symbolic images will be gratefully received in comments, and edited into this post (or save for later ones); they may already be in older posts though which I have not copied any from (loads more in them).


Anonymous said...

Hey benjamin,

Once again you pull everything together so well. The thing I remembered about C/W singers like Billy Ray Cyrus is that they often were drug mules while on tour. I think Fritz Springmier mentions something to this effect of his pieces on MK. So, once that achy breaky heart shit no longer pulled 'em in it would make sense that Billy Ray would offer up his little girl to stay in favour. The American country western scene is really ripe with Satanism, as its pubic front is so loaded with the simulacra of Christianity. I was watching Dolly Parton on American Idol one night as she kept singing about jesus right as she flashed the horms to Simon who winked at her oh so ironically. ..

There was a country group here named the Mandrell Sisters lead by Barbara Mandrell in the 70s and they allegedly were handled by Aquino (again so says fritz) . Right as Barbara hit the start of middle age she was in an "accident ' in which she fractured her spine, I often wonder if things like this happen to them either (a) because the programs/traumas lose their "hold" on them and hence the need for their elimination, or at the very least great intimidation on the part of the handlers. or (b) each has their own self-destruct mode :"kick-in" at an age when they become less physically desirable/marketable? Like what Dis says to Joanna as she sees her robot in SW, "why" she asks him, because "we can" he says, and we would 'we men" want to have your aging bodies and sagging flesh around if we don't have to? Its just that there getting younger and younger as evidenced by your posts on Miley and the Fannings..

Anonymous said...

Sorry i got on a Barbara Mandrell kick:

The stuff on her above is from Tranceformation of America by Cathy O'Brian Ch 6. Its Sen Robert Byrd she named as Mandrell's handler, not Aquino.

I think I read in Icke that blonde/blue eyes are favored because genetically they may be easier to perform mind-control on. ie reptilian favored DNA see Hitler. that Elle Fanning/MM pix really creeped me out -

royal dakota : BORN with the ROYAL STAR Fomalhaut in conjunction to her SUN 3 Pisces

Royal Stars mark the 4 quarters of the heavens, mentioned in the Book of Enoch in association with the Nephilim/Sirians

she's gotta be bloodline

Anonymous said...

this is a great blog. how do u get people to start believing in this stuff? i try to talk to people about this stuff and they look at me like im an idiot, so i eventually kept all my more radical beliefs inside because people dont seem to want to even consider it.

Anonymous said...

Check out Miley's See you Again reversed

I think some of her songs are actually meant to be played backwards at rituals and trauma sessions.

Also, why would a sixteen year old want a cheesy Disney kiddie party like that? More evidence that she was forced to celebrate it at disney for programming. She looks tranced at the ice cream event

aferrismoon said...

If u watch the latest CSI Las vegas, Law and Order + Numbers the wholesale ref to MK proves irresistable
U'll piss urself!

Anonymous said...

"how do u get people to start believing in this stuff? i try to talk to people about this stuff and they look at me like im an idiot, so i eventually kept all my more radical beliefs inside because people dont seem to want to even consider it."

Just a suggestion for the above poster.........Start small, with symbolisms. That's what reeled me in to David Icke's work, believe it or not, and why I didn't just dismiss it out of hand. He methodically illustrates the repeating symbolic imagery that's all around us within corporate logos - stars, eyes, pyramids and triangles, pentagons, flames/torches, the fleur de lis, etc. - over and over, they're everywhere. So there's no denying that. And to me, that's a good starting point if you want to introduce a newbie to the subject.

From there, if the person is receptive, you move onto the symbolisms associated with mind control. Break down the basics - keys, spirals/helixes, mirrors and shattered glass, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, checkerboards, etc. etc. Then show them the endless repeating instances of these symbols all around us in the media, and the way they're centered around performers.

From there, if the person is still interested and receptive, you could then explain the deeper workings of mind control; how it works and what's really apparently going on with these corporate puppet performers.

But start with illustrative proof about the symbolisms, something that anybody can instantly see and prove for themselves by looking around. Only the most asleep/fake drone background characters will reject what's right in front of them. Anybody who's halfway real and who can think should be able to see it, and then go, "HEY...yeah, why ARE the same symoblisms used over and over again?!?"

jewdea said...

Just did a google search on "JonBenet Ramsey" and found this artist's recreation of how they found her:

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