Saturday, 4 October 2008

Broken Mirrors in the Fashion Industry

First of all check out this very interesting piece by the Independent (obviously mostly BS, no way near "the truth about his notorious sex crime" as it claims), check out my stuff on Sharon Tate's murder (mentioned in article) here (also note the zebra [could be black/white tiger] skin on the floor of the murder scene for more hints; she was found in the no. 12 Tarot hanging man position, her body in the image has been moved). They say it like it's a one off!! When really it's absolutely awash within the entertainment/fashion industry... and this is far less sadistic than these people really get:
But in March 1977, Polanski, then aged 44, made the fateful mistake that hangs on him to this day [the only thing that "hangs on him" and the global establishment is that he was caught, shedding some light on their activities as a whole]. He had been commissioned by Vogue Hommes to take a series of photographs of adolescent girls: he wanted to show them, he says in Roman, as "sexy, pert, and thoroughly human". Polanski was introduced to a 13-year-old named Samantha Gailey, and they met to shoot some photos outdoors . They met again on 10 March for some indoor shots, and ended up at the Mulholland Drive house of Polanski's friend Jack Nicholson, who was away.

Champagne was drunk [that explains it! Why didn't they say so sooner... all is forgiven!], though accounts vary as to how much; Gailey claimed that Polanski gave her a Quaalude, the modish prescription drug of the time; they both ended up undressed in the Jacuzzi. Sex followed, but exactly under what circumstances only the two of them know for sure. Polanski expressed it tersely in his book: "She wasn't unresponsive." Gailey's account differed: three decades later, she recalled, "It was not consensual sex by any means... It was very scary and, looking back, very creepy." Polanski was subsequently arrested and indicted on six counts: among them, perversion, sodomy and rape by use of drugs.

The documentary coming looks like a complete joke, on the BBC naturally [programming children] about how the justice system wouldn't allow Polanski and co a fair hearing?! WTF IS THIS?! Standard ignoring/blaming the victim of these sick perverts, rather than looking them up (but that would obviously mean locking up the entire elite political/media/etc spectrum. REVOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOCIETY IS RUN BY INSANE PERVERTS (what happens when you are supremely rich and extremely bored over centuries), HENCE WHY PEOPLE LIKE POLANSKI (films are excellent mind) GET AWAY WITH IT! [Have not yet read the article in full; was about to post this one when I saw it online so just added this bit in because it relates to my central argument that the world is run by misogynistic pedophiles (13 year old MCM, Vogue model) hell bent on keeping their perversions under wraps through outright mind control and total control over the media/education system] Just saw this story on Red Ice which adds weight to that argument imo, "Buckingham Palace butler 'ran peadophile sex ring while working for the Royal Family'".

Travis are back with their whiney music; apparently pledging their allegiances to the All Seeing Eye and MK (broken mirror stealin my reflection). Worth listening to the lyrics

This one by Sugababes (was considering doing a whole post on their videos, with songs like "round round" [spinning, listen to the lyrics "messin with my brain" etc] and "Hole in the Head", various others. Note the MK symbolism, multiple-images, mirrors, butterfly jewelry near the end, and others.

Also, I can't stand this stuff but Boyzone's latest one seems to suggest they are controlled too, with them emerging from a yellow checker cab which remains on prominent display for the rest of the video. "What goes on in your head"

Same goes for Westlife, equally as controlled; this time showing Freemasonic Twin Pillars in their video for Mandy [also painful]. Goes Fing mental with the twin pillars and other symbolism.
Westlife - Mandy -

OK enough of that crap; with the news yesterday that "illuminati" media tool/MK victim O. J. Simpson [want some racial tension? Just trigger O.J.!] was found guilty yesterday by Judge Jackie Glass I thought I'd post some great info on the subject, which I was going to copy and paste but think I'll just link because it has other sources too.

Lewis Hamilton (see this post for MK suggestion, head screwed on by banking elites) was seen all excited in Paris amongst mannequins with his girlfiend, head Pussycat Doll Nicole. Here's the link; just showing how these MK victims are put together, they obviously have to keep the illusion of normalcy up with things like that.

Speaking of PCD; Victoria Beckham [the Beckhams, another MK'd couple] has denied rumours she is to become a Pussycat Doll herself! [note madonna T-shirt/eyes, image from here; note Gwen Stefani's Z necklace]

Speaking of Gwen Stefani; check out this blatant video from Pharrell (many of his others are too, such as Angel going on about butterflies and such, his 'The Neptunes' produced Britney's I'm a Slave 4 U giving them their first #1 which should give you some indiciation of their motives) called Can I Have It Like That featuring her. Note the sex-kitten alter is portrayed with a nude girl painted to look like a big cat's skin; lyrics confirm the MK implication here: "I control they mind straight from over the phone" [lyrics just before this and after it also fit this and the rest of the lyrics too, obviously in the video also note the skull and bones imagery showing this connection].

Howard Stern has married an Oz resonant, standard MCM Beth Ostrosky (seriously, if she wasn't MK'd there's no way in hell she'd marry that thing; it's a shame most people think they're all money-grabbing prostitutes which is exactly what they want the masses to think of them), note Disney top + Toto (though obviously not a little black dog) images from here [note revolving door at both the marriage restaurant and their home]. Same goes for Katia Ivanova. On an unrelated note I said recently how Nicole (red head, don't really know significance tbh) from Girls Aloud was the most maligned one by the media... here's a new story to back this up [on her birthday... nice].

Lily Cole's Playboy has come out for anyone interested in that, Daily Mail link, the inside images will probably be symbolic so may do another post on this.

MC'd Miley Cyrus + checkerboard at some salon, the blond girls T-shirt says I'm a Little Devil. This story is also worth reading, found on a forum [preparing her for destruction in the media, expect more of those types of stories]. Image from here.

Paris' fashion week has been vaguely interesting, with all the usual mind control symbolic themes; including facelessness [loss identity/self], back to front [confusing them; up is down/down is up/forward is backwards/left is right etc all about confusing reality], mirror catwalks, zebra clothes etc. There's probably a lot more that I missed, but I have zero interest in the fashion industry other than it's malicious intent which is pretty blatant.

Mirror/fragmented reflecting the MCMs.

Note zebra below, and zebras above.

[Note zebra + others above] At the end of each catwalk thing; the designers come out usually with some kind of MK joke, such as this one who came out as a rabbit [white rabbit = programmer].

SOS!! HELP THEM!! Interlocking rings = mental prison as I've said; pretty clear use of it here on their MCMs.

Lots more back-to-front images and facelessness from that catwalk in this link.

More on this one here.

Sacha Baren Cohen's antics at the event should make for humorous telly anyway [yes Borat is propoganda but what can ye do]. And Emma Watson attended wearing, suitably a snake top.
Speaking of fashion weeks, going back in time to London's; Pamela Anderson attended it with some odd looking mannequin dude (reminded of it in comments, cheers), obviously has something to do with her programming which we can only speculate as to what. Daily Mail goes over the top on the MK suggestiveness saying she's in a barbie doll pose [want to add my own spin onto the Eyes Wide Shut movie, interesting clip at the end with the kid with barbie dolls just before Alice and Tom Cruise say they must 'fuck' so intend on doing a post on that and other things in the movie that I would add to other peoples' excellent analyses]


Anonymous said...

Hi benjamin,

your site is imo one of the most interesting around. Maybe you have posted on this before but the story of Dutch model Karen Mulder is relevant to MCM research . In 2001 her programming "broke down" and she accused her father of molesting her as a child and Elite Models, INC of farming her and others out to high-ranking politicos and even Prince Albert of Monoco. The allegations were made on a talk show that wasn't aired and her family then put her in a drug rehab center for cocaine addiction. She's disappeared form public eye since. Note: she is friends with Carla Bruni (French first lady)

Anonymous said...

I don't get the "Z" mention of Gwen Stefani's necklace. I do know she has a habit of pimping out her children, disguised as "proud parent" show-off-ness. I seem to remember her wearing a tshirt with her 1st son's name on it at one of her fashion shows. Her newborn is named "Zuma Nesta Rock", (which is revolting) but maybe that's what the "Z" necklace is about, first initial of kid's name?

It bothers me that this woman does not seem to like being a white person as she is always appropriating other cultures in her private and public persona.

Benjamin S said...

Thanks muchly for the kind words 1st anony; wow, that's some powerful stuff I had never heard of before. I hadn't even heard of her, she had a doll made of her by hasbro too ;s (fitting in with recent posts). She's now with a 'wealthy Columbian' [ugh, sometimes you just want to go in Scarface style into the Columbian drug lord/sex slave traffickers compound and start freeing them all ;s obviously it isn't that simple though]. She said that her own father had hypnotized her from the age of two and then raped her... [standard trauma-based mind control programming, as you are aware]. Quoting Illuminati Formula, "Some of the first memories that female Monarchs recover are their memories of their fathers raping them." Here's a link to her wiki page, well worth reading.

This affirms my thinking on a lot of what I've been writing about in this blog tbh, thanks a lot for bringing Karen Mulder to my attention, she certainly demands more research on my part and a post on her. I wonder what made her programming go haywire [it's probably a risk in all of them, shame when one actually inadvertantly recovers memory; people still don't take any notice, "she's just your average coked up model... she's in rehab now so she'll be fine... back to sleep I go"].

I'd been planning a Carla Bruni post for a while, in the sense that that asshole Sarkozy basically got her as a reward (from those controlling the MCMs) for serving their agenda. Had found a few symbolic images of her (with checkerboards etc) but never got round to it; probably mix it in with a post on Karen in the future [want to get a few movies out of the way first though].

Again, thanks a lot, as horrific as the whole thing is, it is certainly brilliant evidence for what is really going on in the world.

2nd anony poster, I viewed the Z necklace as on the surface representing her kid Zuma (Zu/Zo similar, they always give kids of MK victims messed up names), could also represent Oz because the necklace part that encircles the neck is the O and the Z obviously, so OZ. I personally don't believe Gwen has any control over the cultures she presents/appropriates in her videos and things; it's not her real persona, no way of knowing what her true persona is, who knows maybe she's a white supremacist without all that programming :P (that is a joke, don't see anything wrong with appropriating other cultures and ignoring your own; I have no sense of "whiteness" or "Britishness" or anything like that at all..)

Cheers again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply Benjamin. Oh yes Z=OZ sorry i missed that, it's pretty obvious.

I forgot to mention that one video she has with the mirrored room, everything is gold, the two asian girls wearing helmets and re enacting the Rapunzel story. All the "G"'s You might have mentioned this one already. If so, my apologies as i am new to your blog and still exploring.

Thank you so much

Benjamin S said...

Heheh, no problem. Also zebra, black/white clothes is a major theme in that video, I didn't watch it in too much detail because it was all so blatant (it's in this post btw), so didn't pick up on the Rapunzel theme, another MCM known as the 'Russian Rapunzel' (listed as her alias in wiki) who fell to her death from a NY (+1=0Z) tower in real life earlier this year, read comments too for more info. No need for apologiez, glad you mentioned it because I hadn't synched it up to the Russian Rapunzel yet so cheers!

Anonymous said...

How could i have forgotten to mention her! She "jumped" from the 9th floor, and for some reason that resonated with me. That number had been coming up for me a lot and still is. Thank you.

RW252 said...

Karen Mulder > Fox Mulder


RW252 said...

Sorry for the 2nd post.

As I was reading about Karen Mulder on wiki, I noticed that there is no picture of her. Isn't it strange that someone who's had millions of pictures taken of her doesn't have one on a page that is about her?

Anonymous said...

Westlife have a video where one of the members of the band gets his head shaven . Some checkerboards and all that "good stuff".
I have no idea of the name of the video. Saw it on now defunkt Synchromystic Forums.

Benjamin S said...

Re: Karen Mulder, I mistakenly said she was with a wealthy Colombian now when she actually left him a few months before her "breakdown" in 2001 (interesting that it happened in that seminal year too), she has since taken some of her claims back (and apologized to the Prince ^^), obviously this is just a result of intensive programming in "rehab" and she is now firmly back under control appearing on the catwalk on July 1st 2007 with some of the other major MCMs. And the fact that she still maintains she was sexually abused as child by a family member; which as Illuminati Formula states is because her programmer allows this memory (original abuse) to be less dissociated than later memories when the higher-ups (i.e. Prince Albert) use them as sex slaves, leading the victim to blame the original abuser rather than the programmer in control at the present moment. But that's all for another post on the subject. You mentioned she was managed/handled by Elite Model Management; you can see their MK symbolic ('elite' MIRRORED) logo in the first post on Coco Rocha, who is also handled by Elite [their World part of it].

rw252 I was automatically thinking along X-Files lines too (Fox = occult/MK name also), link to one of my X-Files posts you may not have seen. Bit odd that there's no picture also, though it isn't that uncommon on wikipedia [someone has to be bothered to update it].

Corbeau, the video is for the song (only one I could find with head shaving anyway) Queen of my Heart (Queen of Hearts = trigger in Manchurian Candidate). Think that's the one they mean anyway; dude shaves his head, the staircase looks vaguely spirally, all those lights (luciferianism too) creating a checkerboard(ish), probably find tonnes more looking at their other videos (worse than torture however, so that won't be happening!). Cheers mate.

Thanks again all for commenting.

Benjamin S said...

That should be family friend not member, but obviously that's just changed because her memory has been scrambled, it was more likely her father than not. Rehab should be psychiatric hospital too (her stay there was paid for by Elite models' president... confirming he wanted her there for programming purposes imo [I highly doubt it's due to his concern for her wellbeing]).

Also, on Fox Mulder; David Duchovny just checked out of "rehab", wanted to link to show the prominent red shoes and the sun light reflection on the promotional shot for the show at the end of the page. Also check out this 19th Century NY castle that "Adrien Brody (The Jacket and other MK movies, a favourite of Polanski) bought his FAIRYTALE PRINCESS" link. Some info on J-Lo's 'breakdown' 6 years ago. And Madonna wearing some odd glasses probably as part of her daughter's programming.

Anonymous said...

Pharrel is fascinated by freemasonry

Mel said...

Wow fantastic blog, please keep up the great work !

Did you know that one of the Sugababes V3.0 has been shipped to rehab in Germany due to a "breakdown"? Actually it is Amelle, who was the newest...It sounds very fishy, and so was her constant presence in the tabloids as "caner" and trouble maker...


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