Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Mystikal Programming with Beyonce the Cat

This video for me pretty much sums up how the rap/hip hop scene was won by the "illuminati"; seduction is a powerful tool, if you walk into an Eyes Wide Shut type sex scene you're not exactly going to think "shit... these girls have gone through hell and I can't trust these people"; they usually look happy enough anyway, nope they're going to immediately get with the program, so to speak. The look on the dude's face when he gets to the pillar-heavy mansion suggests this too imo ["no idea wtf is going on here, but I don't care cos they're so damn fine"], decided to cap the relevant images (there are more in there though). Like Outkast, it replaces a C with a K = 11 which is twin towers/mirror symbolism. Obviously both the videos are about a year or two old by now.

Also note the lion statues (important on royal crests/general elite things; King of the Jungle) The house reminded me a bit of the one in Taio Cruz' latest video, note all the lions and Taio's black/white top and things in it too.

EVIL|LIVE (note heart on stomach)


Peacock feathers (eyes) and mask obviously.

Kitty Cat - Sex Kitten programming [speaking of which, see Beyonce further down].

Note hourglass, used in programming, chess board below (this is like the finale when the girl is unmasked).

You saw the blatant sex-kitten suggestion further up; here is a video of Beyonce's Green Light (in Illuminati Systems [of MK; described in Illuminati Formula] green (light bulb in computer system of organizing programming/alters) is used to signify the cat alters that know they've been abused; also obviously emerald city is green; transformation colour [i.e Incredible Hulk]; etc) and Kitty Kat, bearing this in mind (the potential abuse) a comment from this post (where you can see her "sister"'s video also) perhaps is supported as it suggests Beyonce's age was faked and she is actually Solange's mother rather than sister. Obviously we can't be sure on that so don't dwell on it; she is dressed to look like a big cat (so cat/kitten programming), naturally starting with Beyonce's All Seeing Eye, obviously "you got the green light" also is giving permission for sex (more sex-kitten programming). This is called "Kitty Kat & Green Light" confirming this Kitten programming (we see people like Girls Aloud sponsoring things like Kit Kat for more suggestions at this type of thing in the music industry) and she also plays with a giant black house cat (things not to scale = dissociative, like taking small pill in Wonderland). Then after Kitty Kat ends, she goes all zebra wearing black/white latex and tings (pyramid resonance too), enjoy.


Anonymous said...

SOLANGE KNOWLES married and had her son at 16, respectively 17 yo. Rings any bell? In an interview taken at the beginning of their career as 4 back then DESTINY'S CHILD, BEYONCE (if I remember well) said that ppl object to them as being and looking more mature than their age (since u mentioned BEYONCE being older than 27 and to be honest I agree u).

Anonymous said...

This post made me remember Beyonce's disturbing children's clothing line for her and her mother's "House of Dereon":


Note high heel ruby shoes, butterflies etc.

Benjamin S said...

Great additions on the Knowles'. Ah the 16 year old pregnancy (earliest one they reveal publicly anyway); I think you are referring to Britney's Sis Jamie? Solange/Zolange too? kris; wow hadn't seen that, standard programming symbolism we see following these victims everywhere, thanks for posting it.


Benjamin S said...

Heh, thought this was pretty funny; just mentioned Jamie's pregnancy at 16 and then this story comes out.

Anonymous said...

No, Im talkin of Beyonce's sister, Solange. JAMIE LYNN SPEARS is another matter. And since we mentioned teen mothers, lets not forget Kiwi/Maori actress KEISHA CASTLE-HUGHES who had her daughter at 17, last year. More significant she was VIRGIN MARY in THE NA(T)IVITY STORY... How ironic!

Benjamin S said...

My bad, I thought you were referring to Jamie Lynn Spears [star of ZOe 101 of course] when you said "rings any bell?" [because she also became pregnant at 16 and gave birth at 17] that's the bell that rung for me anyway ;p Yeah I knew you were talking about Solange, apologiez for the confusion, did not phrase it very well. Great addition of Keisha; putting her in that role is standard twisted irony they so love to use on their victims. Check out her wiki page (from Oztralia etc) all.

Anonymous said...

John Legend also has a song out called Green Light feauturing Andre 3000. At one point he does the Satanic hand sign sort of.

Anonymous said...


Beyonce's new Album has a split personality

Anonymous said...

....so she's a sex slave-to the industry, elite, or Jay-Z?

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