Monday, 27 October 2008

Inland Empire: White Rabbit

A few random videos from David Lynch's Mind Controlled Consciousness Opera.

The film covers various MK'd groups of people; mind controlled Hollywood slaves, Hollywood hookers (often one and the same though, hence Laura becoming one), eastern european sex-slaves/hookers, and various others [their consciousnesses meshing due to their shared trauma; assuming it's all created in the MK'd Eastern European prostitute's head through dissociation is too simplistic and a cop-out imo.... something more is happening; their MK'd, totally traumatized/fractured consciousness have merged (go into it at link near end)].

Below video is one I guess from More Things That Happened that I hadn't seen.

"I think I've been hypnotised or somethin"

"Come on Baby, Do the Locomotion"

And the final scene of Mulholland Drive [focuses on Hollywood slaves; Naomi Watts character's grandparents sold her out] Carissa's In2Worlds MK movie analysis has much more on Mulholland.

I for one do not believe that Lynch really believes in/practises Transcendental Meditiation (yes I've seen his interviews on it) or even really likes coffee! [based on what I've seen in his work like Twin Peaks and his movies] Thought I'd paste the bit on TM from Deeper Insights Illuminati Formula (it isn't very relevant). I go into Blue Velvet, Inland Empire and Twin Peaks somewhat in In Shattered Dreams. And yes I'm sure TM has many positive benefits.

Years ago, back in 1974, this author was a West Point cadet who was watching the U.S. Army introduce TM into the academy. It was presented as a scientific technique, and many officers, some friends and other cadets availed themselves of the chance to train themselves in TM’s mystical method of training. A fellow cadet who was already trained in martial arts quickly learned the techniques. After initially maintaining a safe distance, this author decided to investigate TM after I got out of the military. The U.S. government gave substantial grants to get TM introduced into this country. Fortunately, Christians didn’t sleep long, and exposed that TM is Hinduism. Everyone that is taught TM is initiated into it by the TM instructor singing a puja (worship) song in Sanskrit which is a hindu devotional song while incense and candles burn. Until the Christians exposed this, our national government went blithely along in promoting Hinduism into our public schools. For instance, the Dept. of Health, Education, & Welfare gave a $21,540 grant for 150 high school teachers to learn TM. TM has grown to be a powerful organization, with many organizations set up attached to it. It has its international headquarters at Hotel Sonnenberg in the Swiss village of Seelisberg. When I investigated TM back in 1975, this TM instructor who was friends of mine, talked about her experience at Seelisberg. From the conversation with her it was obvious that people had had to surrender their will to the organization to go to Seelisberg, and some mind altering experiences had taken place there. She participated in the Siddhi program to be able to dematerialize, walk through walls and levitate. But the program clearly had emotionally disturbed her and others who had been in it. Once a person is involved in the higher levels of TM, you don’t just walk away from this cult. From my personal observations, I discovered that TM is involved in some types of mind-manipulation, and that the organization is not above using deceit on unsuspecting people. What then becomes doubly interesting is that after observing these things, I learned that TM have a large interest in the cranial osteopathic techniques which can alter the mind and personality of a person. For instance, this author has obtained a list of TM instructors in Santa Monica, CA area who are also Doctors of Cranial Osteopathy. (But bear in mind, this whole thing is bigger than labels, when people are interested in the occult they study eclectically.) These TM Cranial Osteopaths are concentrated where TM has a secret MUM Mountain, CA training site. There are cranial doctors in the nearby towns of Aptos, Capitola, Cupertino, Hollister, Los Gatos, Salinas, Santa Cruz, Saratoga and Watsonville. It’s boggles the mind that 12 cranial doctors are needed for the rural area near MUM Mountain, while L.A. only has 10. Concentrations of cranial doctors occur in close proximity to TM centers, particularly around the Maharishi University in Fairfield, 10 as well as the secret MUM Mountain training center. Other cranial DOs who are part of TM are scattered about the United States.

Another observation which I made, was that some of the people that got really big into TM are still searching for something to fill the voids and needs of their life. TM didn’t turn out to be as big of an answer as they expected. TM is not the final answer. However, the Maharishi who brought TM to America has a college in Fairfield, Iowa (the Maharishi International University) and 20 North American "heavenly communities" operating in the quest to create a heaven on earth. The Maharishi International University has been used for medical experimentation on people. The close connections between the leadership of TM and the Illuminati leadership suggests that TM is being used as another haven for the NWO’s mind-control to be perpetrated on unsuspecting victims. There are bone-setters in India also. Perhaps the Maharishi got his original interest in the potential for mind-control via skull manipulation in India. Wherever the interest came from, it is evident that TM in America is involved in skull manipulation for its mind-control results.
Here is his advert for Gucci, featuring dissociatively dancing MCMs and Heart of Glass playing, various disorientating and hypnotic imagery etc.

His video on the truly demonic iPhone, can't help but love the guy ;p

Britney Spears video post part 2 on the way shortly (sometime tomorrow anyway).


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

In "Mulholland Drive" ..the guy who is sleeping with the director's wife was "Billy Ray Cyrus" the father of MK "Miley Cyrus"< Odd that conection Lynch-Cyrus. Is a strange world..

Benjamin S said...

Wow, that I did not know. Haven't watched Mulholland in a while (esp with thinking along the lines of this blog), been meaning to watch it again lately... reading Bill Ray's wiki I can remember seeing him in it now (just mentioned him as performing at Hannity's "Freedom" Concert in the 2nd latest post). From what I wrote in this post, his appearance in Mulholland Dr. doesn't surprise me at all and convinces me further of Lynch's involvement (not that it makes me think less of his films mind).

Cheers, and for the links 1st anony.

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