Sunday, 19 October 2008

Kittens by OzMozes and Naomi Watts is an Entranced Angel

Random new MCM advert here, obvious sex kitten reference with the lingerie and the tiger, top-hat, circus swinging etc. Edit: Rawwwwwwwwwwwr! Fixed videos.

Dim Osmose
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Naomi [Ellen] Watts is worthy of a massive post herself (Mulholland Drive, 'dated' Heath Ledger, half Oztralian, originally a model, classmate of Nicole Kidman in Oz, and have you seen Eastern Promises which I watched last night going into MK'd sex-slaves, tonnes of checkerboards and tattoos shown as marking the group's property, very interesting if you have the relevant background info, the ending seemed a little sudden though [that sex-slave post btw, will come in about a week after I'm away for a couple of days, and a LiLo post]), but I thought this was was interesting as she runs around in a trance before opening the door to enter an almost Wonderland type place filled with stars (what these MK'd 'stars' are).

One random entranced model butterfly ad here [Edit: Raquel Zimmermann is the model btw + fixed video].

And another entranced by the butterfly advert for Surf, as the MCM goes through the sheets/rabbit hole (she literally tumbles) into basically a lemon-tree Wonderland.


Anonymous said...

Dont forget another OZ ELLE: ELLE MACPHERSON, aka THE BODY. Married at 21 with her handler, 20 yo older, Jew GILLES BENSIMON. Also married last time to SWISS banker ARPAD BUISSON. Like many other topmodels, dabbled in acting. Her 1st movie was ALICE:

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ads, how sick are these ads particularly the X Box one's

Can;t find on U tube but dissassociate model going to her handler note the disorentating qualities - for Clarke's shoes, song about 'desire'

Anonymous said...

Tigers appear to be a program in the MK celeb world of late. Not just cats, but tigers specifically.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out those X-box ads anon. I had noticed them myself, and yes they are creepy

Benjamin S said...

Absolutely anony, loads of other MK'd Elle's and MCM's from Oz left to cover I'm sure ;p. Elle's other films are equally as MK suggestive... Sirens... the Mirror Has Two Faces... Jane Eyre [child abuse]... The Edge [plays an MCM, 'trophy wife' for billionaire] Great info on her personal life too, cheers for that.

100% agreed on those xbox ads, seen them too, v freaky, considered posting them but decided against so thanks for pointing them out. Here's a link to that Clarks ad, nicely spotted [there's even a checkerboard at 0:09 as well as the 3d illusions and other dissorientating tings as you point out, reflections etc]! She even walks past a cat at one point (on the cats/tiger thing, I just view any cat reference, big/small/kitten/leapard/lion/etc with the MCM/MK'd celebrity as a cat/kitten sex-alter reference as they predominantly view themselves as cats, i.e Dean Martin (occasional handler) wanted to bring out a set of slaves pulled by a leash and wearing tiger outfits like 40-50 years ago on his TV show (according to IF). Last night I was randomly watching an episode of The Simple Life (in miniscreen, whilst playing nu pro evo on xbox 360 actually ;P) and Paris' wardrobe is a big post in itself, first she has zebra dress thing on, then she changes to a tight leopard skin short-dress thing and her personality is way more sexual and (passively) aggressive (this was all in the same episode, other standard traumas like eating bugs is shown also). In this week's Style (comes with Murdoch's Sunday Times) the first image in Kate Moss' photospread (not the cover) has her wearing a 'Panther-detail dress' to illustrate this some more [these high profile MCM's are essentially passed around the 'elite'/celebrity circuit as sex-slaves, more on that coming in a week or so]. But yeah I'm sure you are right and there's probably some reason why tigers are being pushed specifically over other types of cat at the moment. I've got a post in the works on the movie 'Cat People' (ridiculous how blatant the MK symbolism is in that) so I'll probably go into it some more there. Speaking of ads with random kitten references, this one for Natwest has standard checkerboard symbolism [and surveillance, pyramid/A undertones], and randomly ends with "I bet there's a kitten in there" as a bank worker hands a bag back to a mother with baby she'd just forgotten (obviously from basic psychology used in advertising this makes the viewer think that the banks are caring, kind and considerate, which is obviously the polar opposite of what bankers really are).

Thanks again all.

Anonymous said...

Wow- Has anyone noticed that the star shaped symbol Naomi Watts presses down on to open the door in that Angel perfume ad is nearly exactly the same as that clock in Laura Dern's apartment in Inland Empire?? Does that shape/symbol have a significance?

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