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Kate Moss is the Black Lodge in the Haus of GaGa

This one reminded me of the 'red room' in the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks, image of it here from this post. Obviously standard black/white duality, zebra theme going on on these MK'd supermodels/slaves. Image from here.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are ending their relationship by the way; not that it's earth-shattering news or anything ;s what about the children :'( [note Madonna's skull and bones and Lourdes' black/white usage (a lot, note the preview image of the link with her in a black/white striped top).

War Machine Colin Powell made a random appearance at the ironic 'Africa Rising' benefit, see link where programmed MMC Christina Aguilera made her first live performance since having a baby.

purple shoes on red carpet (probably some stuff in that top too), and her as a leopard (so cat).
One new up-and-coming, expect to see a lot more from her in the future is Lady GaGa (7171 ,17, 7, Masonic G etc; note interesting info from wiki like she performed at the Oztralian Make Me a Supermodel [I have older sisters and have seen a few episodes of those type of shows and they are always loaded with the stuff I talk about]) and looks a lot like Christina (in terms of the hair and things). Here is some interesting stuff from wiki on her that to me suggests her MK'd existence (also plenty of evidence in her videos below):

Note her red shoes [before changing to the blond Christina-esque look]. Her videos always have MCM's in them (see below).

Lady GaGa was born in March 1986, in New York, to an Italian family. She attended Convent of the Sacred Heart School [located at #17 (AG) Mangate street, 73 in area code + oldest all-girls school, founded in 18|81 in Manhattan (madhatter), note it's symbolic SH logo on their site; standard Catholic programming center probably ;S(I was raised a Catholic btw)] and, as a little girl, she remembers singing into a plastic tape recorder to the likes of Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson. By age 4, Lady Gaga had taught herself to play the piano by ear [amazing! wonder how...!], and when she was a teenager she penned her first song. When she was just 14, she was playing open mic nights at New York’s Bitter End, and by the age of 17 she got early admission to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

Lady Gaga started working the local Lower East Side club scene, performing then-hits like "Beautiful Dirty Rich" while donning her unique stage outfits. 2006 she started working for Interscope Records and began to write songs for other musical groups, such as The Pussycat Dolls.

In August 2007 Lady GaGa performed at Lollapalooza.

But yeah, I really wanted to post the new Pussycat Dolls video (another one) which consciously ends with a small butterfly sitting on Nicole's hands, more suggestions of their MK. After this video (they are on the same label) just wait and Lady GaGa's ultra-symbolic one will play [this seems very random, it's part of the official video on youtube for some reason too), note the checkerboard, mirror, zebra, conscious one eye covering and the blue electricity bolt symbol thing below the eye that she always does, various others worth noting too.

I Hate This Part - Pussycat Dolls

This one 'Beautiful Dirty Rich' has her writhing inside a black/white elevator and other MK symbolism, also the occult $ bill features heavily, but the main theme in this is black/white zebra.

Beautiful Dirty Rich - Lady Gaga

[I wanted to add Beyonce's and Ciaras new videos and others but no time tonight so I might just do some kind of MK'd singers who are portrayed as cyborgs type post] Also, this was always to be expected but it looks like Heroes is about to go Mind Kontrol Krazy with Hayden's mom being kidnapped and controlled (note that she mirrors everything the guy does, this is a standard technique used in MK I've written about a few times, and obviously the Marionette puppets and all that... shockingly blatant). Just a couple of screens [elluminati did a great post on the episode before this by the way] from that scene to finish. I have to say I'm enjoying this season much more than the previous ones, probably because just because it's all gone extremely dark and depressing though ;P (will not spoil with why) You hear Malcolm McDowell's (son of Royal Air Force worker; he named one of his kids Lily... it's worth bearing in mind that most/if not all of the actors you are watching in Heroes are likely MK'd) character talking about the New World Order!? [Others will probably post on this I'm sure so I won't go into other bits of the episode, just this scene because I've talked about Marionette puppets in MK a lot and resonates with my blog]

Standard uglyass, middle-aged, generally nasty looking programmer.

She is programmed to (obviously it will just be explained as the guys 'power', but again it's all about the subtext) mirror his actions.

Note all the fairy-tale type themes that is a big part of MK.

Marionette puppets are consciously focused on (it is cut to [just after half (one eye of) a clown doll thing is shown, not explained very well, Edit: originally had a video link here but the copyright fascists at NBC deleted it, here is a link to the character's wiki (Elle, played by Kristen Bell who is a person I really want to write up, inadvertently releases him), he caused a number of "suicides" etc], rather than the camera just panning straight to it, showing it is conscious and there's some intent behind it)... the next few episodes should certainly be interesting!


Anonymous said...

I always watch these modelling shows even though I´m not into fashion and I hate the way these kids are treated. They always get stripped of all willpower basically and are told again and again they must go along with the "controllers" be they some editors, judges, photographers or other fashion world type person. The australian version of make me a supermodel is something else though in my opinion... it´s absolutely LOADED with mind control symbolism. It´s way more blatant imo than on other such shows. Maybe because it´s OZ :)

But Tyra´s extravaganz is basically blasting what is subtle into our faces so we won´t notice it!


Benjamin S said...

Absolutely, I completely agree with your insights there; the Oztralian one stands apart from the rest in how blatant it is imo, good to see other people noticing such things.

You mentioned Tyra Banks (Freemasonic Bankers that control her), she's about to be included in a LiLo post I'm working on (post in a couple of days) where the MCM Tyra plays a doll that comes to life, with some interesting promo shots with her as a 'life-size' doll/mannequin just turned real, with butterflies on her dress naturally... [not the movie poster in the wiki link]

Right now Living TV is airing the season where an Alice wins ^^ She has since signed for Elite modelling agency in NY (totally suspect, mentioned them a few times in the past) and with MANNEQUIN Studio in Singapore... the intro music of the show goes "Give in to the moment, feel the CHANGE". One of the (potential) MCM's is training with a butterfly on her back as I type in this episode. That's just from like watching about 3 minutes of it, with only half an eye on it so there's obviously tonnes more there. IMO these shows aren't as painful to watch as some people might think (same with all the celebrity type crap on MTV), if you are aware of what's probably going on behind the scenes and can pick out the symbolism and things.

Tyra is set to appear in the Hannah Montana movie (is it weird that I'm actually looking forward to seeing that :S, the show Hannah Montana is equally as loaded with this MK symbolism, I've been thinking of starting a blog solely dedicated to that show + Miley ;P, too many damn things to cover!) fighting with Miley over a pair of shoes (I wonder if they're red ^^).

Cheers Halkatia.

Peter said...

I've been following your blog for about a month, Thanx Benjamin for diligently exposing this blatent evil in the media. I wanted to point out that in Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" video, about 3:06min (i think)on youtube posted on her channel, there is a part of the song that gets very dissonant with lyrics repeating the word "sex" sounding like "sex-s/x-six..." and Gaga dissociates while touching a television tube, closeup shot of man talking in muffled speech, in a split-second the words "join free,, a palindrome number i can't make out, and the color blue" appear on the tv screen. easily a call to a standard illuminati alter. I've been reading the illuminati formula, up to maybe page 200-sumthin.
Thanx again for your diligence in this, man. Peace:~P

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