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Former Mr Gay UK 'slit lover's throat then marinated his diced flesh with fresh herbs'

Haven't done a straight-up copy and paste job of an article about a frenzied, mind controlled killing. This one obviously bears all the hallmarks of that, including cannibalism also. Haven't done one of these in a while so might be expected for new readers; this case is not for the faint-hearted. Here's the link. Edit: Speaking of potential MK celebrities falling apart; this happened to Meatloaf [Angelina Jolie as a kid appeared in one of his videos, here's the 33 year old at the premiere with Clint Eastwood] at Q [17] awards, the excuse was "vertigo", they should have just called it a "mystery illness" like the rest of them! Also they've already put MK'd (he suffers from MPD [intentionally created of course]) Barry George to work! Daily Mail link and my previous post featuring that case (since then he has been found not guilty in court).

The first winner of Mr Gay UK [all of these competitions, and I mean all of them including X-Factor/Miss Universe etc. are designed so their own property wins, i.e Leona Lewis] murdered his lover, cut out part of his leg, seasoned it with herbs and fried it in olive oil before trying to eat it, a court has heard.

Anthony Morley, 35, stabbed Damian Oldfield, 33, in a violent and frenzied attack in his bedroom after claiming his victim tried to rape him.

But after cleaning himself up he went to the kitchen, chopped up the human meat, scattered fresh herbs and fried it in oil before allegedly sampling it.

Former Mr Gay UK Anthony Morley (l) allegedly murdered Damian Oldfield before chewing part of his thigh

Morley, a trained chef, later walked over to a nearby takeaway restaurant wearing only a dressing gown and flip flops and told stunned staff: 'I have killed someone, call the police.'

The extraordinary and gruesome story of murder and cannibalism was outlined to a jury at Leeds Crown Court on Monday.

Prosecutor Andrew Stubbs, QC, warned jurors details of the case were 'unpleasant and disturbing.'

He added: 'In carrying out your task in this trial you must not allow the horror of what took place to cloud your calm assessment of the evidence.'

Mr Stubbs said the two men knew each other for some years and had previously been in some kind of homosexual relationship.

Oldfield was openly gay and worked selling advertising space for a homosexual lifestyle magazine. He was described as 'flirtatious, promiscuous, naturally outgoing and bubbly.'

Morley was 'less sure about his sexuality' and had relationships with both men and women in the past. He had also won the Mr Gay UK contest in 1993.

On the day of the murder in April this year the two men exchanged text messages during the afternoon and met up in a bar in Leeds, where they both lived.

In the texts Morley told Oldfield he had 'never been properly happy being gay' and his 'former lover' suggested 'try me... I'm not your average poof.'

They exchanged increasingly affectionate messages and arranged to meet, with Morley stressing he 'wanted to take it slow'.

Later that night both men ended up in the bedroom of Morley's house, the court heard.

They had been drinking beer and were both about three times over the legal limit for driving.

Mr Stubbs said police officers called to the scene in the early hours found Oldfield's naked body on the bedroom floor with blood everywhere.

Forensic analysis of the scene revealed evidence that sexual activity had taken place between the men.

The court heard no struggle had taken place although there were signs of 'great violence'.

Morley used two knives taken from the kitchen downstairs to kill Oldfield.

He allegedly slit his throat, cutting a vein and artery in the process, stabbed him with great force in the chest and also stabbed him 19 times in the back.

The evidence was consistent with the victim lying under the duvet when he was ferociously attacked from behind, falling on to the floor in the process.

Mr Stubbs said after Oldfield had died Morley 'cut away a piece of his chest and nipple and placed a bank card over the wound.'

He also cut away a section of flesh from his victim's right thigh.

Mr Stubbs told the jury: 'Having killed him, the defendant carved away a piece of flesh, took it downstairs to the kitchen, seasoned it, fried it and tried to eat it.'

Cooked meat recovered from the kitchen bin matched Oldfield's DNA profile and saliva taken from it matched Morley's.

Mr Stubbs said when Morley told staff at the nearby takeaway what had happened he said: 'Someone tried to rape me so I have killed that person.'

After arriving at the police station he said: 'I know what I have done is wrong, he tried to rape me, at least he won't be able to do it again.' [total mind control; he really has no idea wtf is going on, you don't chop someone up and eat them just because they tried to rape you... they were probably both MK'd mind]

Morley has denied a charge of murder. The court was told he was 'at the very least' guilty of manslaughter, but the jury would have to consider issues of provocation and diminished responsibility in deciding if he was guilty of murder.

The case continues.


Michael Skaggs said...

That is just fucking sick man, but we've seen this in MK/Monarch programming--the murdering, the cannibalism, "being gay" even though he was not comfortable with it...
GEE-zus, wtf with the bankcard? Wonder which bank? Perhaps an unconscious clue? Or maybe a plant to keep us glued to the story, who knows.

Be well bro!

Anonymous said...

MK ULTRA like robots mimicing the treatment that MK slaves receive to become doll-like
Cyber girl Repliee R–1

Benjamin S said...

Totally Fin sick man! We see it all the damn time nowadays ;s [reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera mask killing too; so blatant] The bank card was placed over his chest, so perhaps a "bankers controlling his heart" type subtle hint thing going on? Or that his heart/himself can be bought and controlled? I probably shouldn't even post these really; no doubt has a negative effect on anyone who reads it.

Absolutely anony; excellent spots! Had not yet seen that latest one; I posted on the older story in this post [from a less MK, more transhumanist perspective], thanks a lot will do a copy and paste post on that story shortly.

Michael Skaggs said...


Well, you and I might have a thicker skin than most, but I just worry about you bro, sometimes when you get hip deep in the sh*t it gets to you, just remember to go cleanse when you need it. There is good in the world, we are just always given the bad.

Be well my friend!

And yes, Anon, great spots.

Anonymous said...

Why make movies when you have real-life like this?

icky icky ewwwww!

My curiosity makes me read it! hehe

RW252 (my password isn't working so I have to post as an anon!)

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