Thursday, 30 October 2008

Shepherding the Sheeple in the Luciferian World Order

Thought this ad was interesting; the MCM is mesmerized by the light (like moths as I've said which are attracted to the light/Moth|Thoth?), then grows wings then many of them do this and fly towards the light (the new shopping centre), naturally through the London Eye, by a pyramid capped building and others. Here is Leona Lewis performing at the opening of it today. Those moth wings can be viewed as butterfly wings I guess, they're pretty easily confused anyway; and obviously Angel/fairy wings. [Edit: Making of video.]

Note the triangular frame roof, circle within circle + point within circle.

Speaking of angels, this seemed odd; "Tinkerbell voices Speaking Clock" (you call 1,2,3... beep beep beep [triggering the victim deeper into the right trance-state].. the time sponsored by accurast is), probably used to trigger a child-like alter with whatever programs they've given it. Note butterflies and such in below trailer for Tinker Bell. Mae Witman (click to see her various roles; President's daughter in Independence Day, like Mia she appeared in In Treatment, as Rosie) voices her; and will be the voice for the talking clock for a period of time. And speaking of MK'd Bell's, Kristen Bell was back in Heroes as Elle Bishop; and there were some interesting electroshock scenes along with Hayden Pan, as well as the Marionette puppet scenes I need to write up.

Tinker Bell used to be one of the Disney Princesses (which I go into a bit in my Disassociation Through Disney's Enchantment post) but then Disney created the Disney Fairies. I was going to include a Clarks TV ad with some interesting imagery, but could not find a decent one to embed; in searching for the ad though I came across this little chestnut [important to note that the magical world/alter-reality is first seen in the mirror by the little girl before entering as the princess (trigger phrase "Proper little Princess"?), magic shoes, wicked witch etc].

Edit: Re-reading through the comments I should have added this; obviously Paris' dog being called Tinkerbell; her new perfume is called... Fairy Dust (cheers commenter as I had not seen this; here's a preview video of the ad [can't find the actual video ad, but you can obviously predict the themes]).

"Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?" [note phallic wand etc]

Finish with the advert portraying the masses as sheep, from the trainline [they're all trapped on the metaphorical 'Freedom Train'].


aferrismoon said...

Butterflies or Moths?
Ever seen that japanese film 'Suicide Club' which starts with 50 schoolkids all happily jumping in front of a train.
The etymology of 'butterfly' came about as the butterfly's shit looks like butter [apparently]


Anonymous said...

Tinker bell programming developed at Tinker Air Force base Oklahoma-This programming makes alters think they are like Tinkerbell in that they will never grow up or age

Anonymous said...

sorry, the links got messed up but the first one is mariah with hello kitty and a lollipop

Benjamin S said...

Aferris mate, yeah they're supposed to be Moths (added in the making of where they describe the luciferian motives for using moths as in they're attracted to the light, the actual advert is called 'Moths'... the sheeple are insects).

Suicide Club sounds v interesting, deffo download it; I just watched Pulse last night with Kristen Bell (look at all the hands grabbing all over her in the movie poster [check out the checkerboard floor scene at the start of the movie from 3:21 here; get's more blatant at 4:48]; I have huge suspicions about Ms Bell) and it has similar themes (people committing suicide randomly or turning to black dust; though it's the result of a computer virus fucking with everyone's heads which is probably symbolic of the media's macabre, isolationist effect on the masses) which is based on a Japanese horror Kairo (obviously themes that resonate with much of modern society). Asian movies with MK themes are pretty entertaining, much better than the crappy American remakes anyway that try to be less blatant. And did not know that about butterflies.

Anony, no probs; cheers for those images they'll probably come in handy when I eventually do a post on the Ozbournes [ozzie osbourne had "bi-polar disorder", cover for MPD/DID etc; standard MK'd MTV Family] and Mariah [that first image is featured in this post btw]. And invaluable info on Tinker bell programming, cheers.

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