Sunday, 19 October 2008

It's cool to know nothing!

I've been avoiding posting this video, purely because the Kaiser Chiefs are painful to listen to and I wouldn't want to put you through such trauma but meh (I'm sure some people like them, they are pretty catchy tbh); their album is called "Off With Their Heads" [Alice in Wonderland programming, most kids these days exist in a drunken/drugged up stupor, "off their heads" as it's sometimes called, those numbers on the symbolic album cover = 31, the Eyes Wide Shut-esque masks probably representing the manufactured personalities (through [neuro-linguistic, predictive, programmed celebrities as an archetype to follow etc] programming in the media) that has been forced onto the unwitting masses.]
Never Miss A Beat - Kaiser Chiefs

And "Everything is average these days". Can't disagree with the lyrics + overall theme, they're obviously aware of the agenda having the president/politician turn into a cyborg (which they actually are essentially just programmed robots) featuring... makes you wonder how it is possible people don't wake up when rock bands are throwing it all in their faces [note the machine that basically manufactures personalities (cheerleader, jock, politician, goth, etc etc, all 100% 'elite' created personalities through their total control of the media)].


Anonymous said...

I'm posting this here only because it's somewhat music related. Read an article regarding Bruce Springsteen's daughter who won some kind of equestrian event, and her coach had this to say:

"I call Jessie 'the computer,' " said one of her trainers, Stacia Madden of Beacon Hill. "You just program her and hit enter."

Ohh snap.

Dedroidify said...

When their single "I predict a Riot" was still playing here, the riots in France began after some cops forced those kids into an electrical power cabin and Sarkozy - not yet president then - threw some oil on the fire...

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