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Jump Into The Water...

It feels like TV/Movies/Media in general has become a global MK experiment triggering outright programmed slaves and subconsciously effecting the dumbed down masses (cumulatively splitting their minds, making them more suggestible and thus easily controlled/convinced of lunacy). Edit: Celtic Rebel's awesome new set of videos on They Live and how they control the masses through movies etc is essential viewing by the way (only watched first part so far, spreading em out). Every damn show is MK it seems these days (cheers for tips, might check out that Numbers one too, usually do not enjoy that show mind)! SVU was so blatant too this week, the granny in a dissociative, child-like state talking about Rapunzel (synching up to this post) and the daughter singing a lullaby about the father and the mermaid?! Plan on writing it up (cheers for tips in comments, and yes I'm fully saturated from all that MKTV ;p), standard bi-polar cover for DID/MPD by MK, etc]. They're not even hiding it anymore, this show which I had not heard of is about a mind controlled secret agent at it's purest (something I've written about many times, their split minds), the change (into an alter) even usually occurs (except when it happens inadvertently) inside an elevator, which as I've said previously is symbolic of accessing another compartment of the mind (i.e. where the alter [and its programs etc] is housed; and the use of it in this way confirms this symbolism imo). Checkerboards are all over that show, standard one eyed shots, split mind symbolism (that painting in the screen cap in the elluminati post for example) and the rest that you'd expect to featured in a show about fragmented secret agents, but you can only fully appreciate it with the background knowledge on MK. Elluminati goes into it here. [P.S. If I've covered the same things as other bloggers then apologiez in advance]

Watching CSI last night I was struck by the obvious similarities between one of the victims (complete with black/white bikini) in the show and an MCM I wrote about called Ruslana Korshunova (look at the bullshit explanation her "life coach" gives [coughHANDLER/PROGRAMMERcough] gives [in this interview; "her internal world" he isn't hide anything if you've got your eyes open], also note she was part of Marilyn Models and other things pointed out in the posts' comments). By the end of the episode you find out that the victim had been hypnotized into jumping from the tower (using a post-hypnotic trance), the hypnotic trigger/command being "It's time for your honeymoon"... I cannot ignore what I wrote in my post on Ruslana where I speculated this was likely a part of the hypnotic trigger ("jump into the water", in the episode is exactly what the girl thought she was doing in her hypnotic trance [those exact words, verbatim (the phrase 'jump into the water') to mine were spoken at the end of that case by Catherine shown at the end of this post]; I'll quote from my post: "Ruslana, jump into the water when xxxxxx(trigger)" [the outright '(trigger)' being "It's time for your honeymoon" in the episode]. I speculated this because the street Ruslana (AKA Russian Rapunzel) lived on was Water Street, but also because this is the type of hypnotic command you'd expect to be used in this kind of situation [admittedly I should have explained it in more detail, I wrote that post abit too emotionally to get into the details of how she may have been triggered to jump out of the window].

Note the happy/'not a care in the world' face just before she jumped, (also the bikini is black with white stripes) Ruslana was described as being "on top of the world" before her apparent "suicide". Makes you wonder how many other "suicides" were simply 'jumping into the water'.

When picking up her fragmented body (all the bones are, hence why it is so floppy) one of the CSI's says "Should have taken the elevator down." (just explained elevator, they love to use subtle MK humor ^^) then the dramatic The Who's [Who are you? confusing identities song] theme comes on. Aside from the painfully boring bits (any involving Sarah, I thought she left godamnit! Why must she suck so hard?!) CSI is not so bad imo, previous posts of mine on the show are here. After the intro and some random scenes, we're back with Catherine saying: "To fall is like flying. It's the sudden stop that gets ya." Then Nick: "Momentum's a bitch." [Moment/Momento/Momentum all subtle MK references due to memory, not being able to remember moments of your life, experiencing 'the moment']

She lands 'coincidentally' on the bus with lots of yellow on it.

Note the 5 + rectangle/cuboid shape like a coffin.

fragmented bones

Her room is all white and pure, quite a reflective floor too.

32=# of white or black squares on checkerboard.

Note hexagonal honeycomb (worth clicking), the last # ends with 137 [13, 7, 37=777], the phone is a Motorola [M symbol on front].

CSI always comes up with lovely shots panning across Las Vegas, which is obviously an illuminati stronghold [hence the ridiculous amount of illuminations going on at night time on all the symbolic buildings]. Note the Disney-like palace with the red and blue cones, the MGM [13713], and of course the pyramid with illuminated capstone, which CSI always loves to focus on in particular.

This crime also resonates MK as it was "pure rage", the primal-alter (not quite a split but getting there), when you "lose it", described it a bit in this post. The perpetrator 'pops' out the girls eyes (MK symbolic, loss of eyes) with his fingers, apparently they "pop like grapes". The shattered glass here symbolizes this because the kid just "snapped" (split/fragment/shatter) or "broke down" (broken/shattered glass) after he realizes his lover (pretends to be his mother) has lost their kid to a nasty gambling debt dude.

Nice reflection shot, the woman died from blunt force trauma to the back of the head.

Back to the main victim (of my post), the hypnotist/programmer used the standard mirror (note they have consciously positioned it so Catherine's reflection is seen) programming technique (more on this below).

This was used to help project the image of the beach in the girls mind (putting another image of the beach on the mirror aids this significantly [creating mirror images/visualizations in the mind]), an image of a beach is placed on every mirror in her room.

As well as the mirror usage, glass ornaments are a major feature of her room.

It's "her choice" to 'jump into the water'. [illusion of free will]

The hypnotist's first apparent motivation is monetary, this kind of thing can be done in reality (even without the programming those in the episode went through [they thought she was just your average friendly hypnotherapist trying to cure them of smoking addictions or whatever], as Derren Brown has shown, can't seem to find the one I remember [at racing track makes someone think he has the winning ticket] but this one of him paying with blank paper illustrates it sort of; all about the power of distraction/suggestion).

Standard purple + dissociative spiral + all seeing eye. VIVIANA seems symbolic + CONWAY. And obviously, and probably most significantly the standard double M, Madame Marvelous.

Think that says C31 (331), the victims' odd name was Sprig (?) Greniger...

At Madame Marvelous' live hypnosis show she does the standard making people act as chickens. Dehumanization joke; we are animals to be prodded and experimented on; they are the only ones truly living, those eyes are theirs. Note her card is purple, her stage show is also pink/purple [dissociative colour, mix of polarizing red and blue; the color purple etc]

Obviously note the dissociative spiral in the eyes.

She describes how the guy she made think an onion (layers) was actually a juicy apple, "He was somewhere between Alpha and Theta... as far as he knows it was an apple."

Hypnotist (refer to her as MM): "I told her [Sprig] to picture herself in a teeny bikini, on a beach in Hawaii, running across the sand, jumping into the water, feeling fit and confident." Nick: "Sounds pretty simple." MM: "It is, and it isn't. Hypnosis just helps you go into different states of consciousness. I mean, Beta is your most conscious state that's what we're all in right now, and then there is Alpha, that's your meditative state, and then there's Theta that's your dream state, and finally there's Delta; that's that super deep sleep you go into after feeling really exhausted [i.e. after significant trauma in programming; brain trauma specifically increases delta brain waves]. I mean, have either one of you ever got into work and forgotten how you got there, forgotten the entire ride. [Nick nods, she is referring to Highway Hypnosis here] Well then essentially you've been in a hypnotic state, I mean being in love all you see is good, being in grief all you see is bad. It's all altered states and we float between them." [like the rage/primal alter I described in the other murder case with the no-eyes symbolism, "mood-swings" I have discussed in the past as being low-level personality shifts/altered states] She is describing the different brainwave states here [described in IF also], these names are given to the four basic models of Monarch slaves [i.e Beta alters primarily are sex-kittens] too according to Illuminati Formula. Even the language she uses can be considered hypnotic/dissociative as she uses alliteration and ryhmnes (i.e. teeny bikini, feeling fit and confident).

She combs her wig as she says this, infront of her light bulb mirror. Also obviously note the twin Anubis' (I think they are) showing how this hypnosis/mind control dates all the way back to the mystery schools of Egypt and whatnot. On that 'highway hypnosis' type of dissociation, I discussed it loosely in my Speed Racer post (in that during boring lessons as kids we would dissociate to get away from the bordem in our minds). This happens in many things like that; another example in the episode of this is the woman who had her eyes guaged out who is addicted to gambling, and they show her in an altered-state while everyone else whizzes past her (showing time essentially speeds up for her when she is at the table gambling in her altered-state).

As well as the people whizzing by her (not really shown in the image), half her face is consciously illuminated [symbolizing her split mind].

I'd like to quote Illuminati Formula here, in regards to how these altered-states date back to ancient times, as well as the flashing/strobe lights I've talked about often [also a part of highway hypnosis at night time, and riding a train at night (with all the lights flashing by and such) can trigger these relaxed altered states] :
It was discovered that if a strobe is flashed into the eyes at ten cycles/per sec. or 10 hertz (hz), the brain will retuned itself to that frequency. The brain will downshift from a beta state of consciousness down to an alpha or below. The entire cortex is influenced by the strobe light. Actually, this was just a rediscovery of what some of the ancients had discovered. Flashing lights have been used by people to go into altered states for a long time. Ptolemy, the famous ancient Greek astronomer built a wheel that would flash sunlight, and people would stare at this contraption and go into an altered state. As with many inventions, they can be used for good or bad. The following machines are things that anyone can purchase, just like a stun gun or a cattle prod. An array of mind-altering electronic devices have been created over the last few decades.

This change in brain wave states during hypnosis is depicted visually in the program as the heart is shown to relax and the electric activity (measured by EEG) in the brain is also highlighted as changing [this seems to be a good site on brain wave states and hypnosis]. This is done during a hypnotic regression session with another victim (one that is alive obviously) of the hypnotherapist scammer trying to remember him, but the programmer (hypnotherapist) is said to have put a "block" in (amnesia wall): "A command, to keep her remembering what happened." Then describes that this (the hypnotic programming) cannot be done in 30 seconds, but needs to be done during programming sessions where "he [she, the hypnotherapist disguises herself as a man at the bank] must have implanted a post-hypnotic suggestion with a word, or a phrase as a trigger." Nick: "Could you get anyone to do anything even if it's against their moral code?" [paraphrased] Hypnotist working for department: "It's all in the phrasing, you don't say 'rob the bank' you say 'liberate the money'" Catherine: "So anybody says liberate the money and this works?" Hypnotist: "No, it has to be the same voice [programmer's] who planted the suggestion."

Back to the other case (addicted gambler with both eyes popped out), we find out a prostitute (many of which are MK victims in reality) has the victims' son due to someone telling her to take him to day-care, she naturally wears red shoes and has butterfly jewelrey (on her left arm, click image below).

Note the guilty MM programmer is portrayed wearing leopard skin, a cat alter reference.

They figure out the hypnotherapist (programmer) is the guilty one and confront her with the evidence (finger prints on phone outside building, facial match to the disguised 'man' in the bank etc) and all is revealed, including the hypnotic trigger which leads her to 'jump into the water' and is, "It's time for your honeymoon" at which point the victim immediately enters the post-hypnotic trance...

She picks up her phone marked M [M/W/3] and the trigger phrase is spoken by the programmer [another example of this in fiction would be in Manchurian Candidate where the hypnotic/trance/somewhat child-like state is triggered by their full military name/title spoken over the phone in a certain way] leading the victim to jump out of the window (potentially exactly what happened to Ruslana), but not before putting on her bikini and getting her beach-towel (because she's about to jump into the water of course).

This post-hypnotic trance being triggered is symbolized by a flash of light (symbolizing what I described earlier in regards to flashing lights).

Note below, in her trance changing into the bikini, this mirror also has an image of the beach on it. [it seems to be on every mirror, reasons described earlier]

Catherine (at the generic 'gotcha' part of the show): "You told her to picture yourself on a beach in Hawaii running across the sand feeling fit and confident. You told her to jump into the water." And that's the last we hear of this Ruslana resonating case, they stole my idea! Forgot to mention that this 'jump' type program resonates with my Pheobe in Wonderland post.

This is something I've been meaning to point out in fashion-industry posts but I forget; you'll often see the model (go look next time your in a shop) covering a specific letter with her head. In Vogue it is usually the Masonic G and in Elle it is usually one of the L's, I'm sure this has some deeper symbolic meaning for each individual MCM that we are of course not aware of.

Edit: Added a few images of Ruslana at the end (one eye, apple + tree, kenzo etc, images from here), if only this was a case in CSI:NY (where this happened to Ruslana) rather than Las Vegas it would have been an even more perfect match. Check out this article on Ruslana's 'confused internet postings' before her death which would have also played into the programming, i.e. "My dream is to fly. Oh my rainbow it is too high." and "It hurts, as if someone took a part of me, tore it out, mercilessly stomped all over and threw it out." the article also states how IMG 'handles' other models like Kate Moss [more here]. Back posting again in a couple of days, mundane false-reality commitments to deal with.

Their perfume ads are always shockingly blatant (labyrinth 'dream bubble'/sphere, opening door, Ruslana/Rapunzel's reflection, climbing the tower of red apples then reaching out to grab it [like she could almost fall] etc. here's the making of) I remember seeing this a number of times, had no idea it was Ruslana comitting the 'original sin' [taking the apple, society is run by insane, misogynistic/etc pedophiles, the evidence is clear if you're not living in cloud-cuckoo-land... REVOLT!!!] for Nina Ricci perfume, synching up to Christina Ricci.


aferrismoon said...

I saw this one. Check this weeks, Nick's daughter goes awol
On the vivian Conway is written Lose...Quit
Miley Cyrus switches to Smiley Iris, and Iris = greek for rainbow as well as part of the eye.


Anonymous said...

You blog is very informative and really helps me to 'watch' tv when Im seeing it. It is almost like speaking two languages. I now go back and rewatch old movies and shows and can easily see and hear what was already in my face! I agree with your observation that more and more shows are based on and not even trying to disguise their MK themes...that said Showtime has a new series coming out that is fittengly called 'The United States of Tara' and is about a woman living with disassociative identity disorder!
Keep up the good work!

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