Monday, 13 October 2008

Checkered LiLo is Marilyn Monroe

Quick post to fill the void; YEY for LiLo, she has launched her new collection from her clothing line (Paris' one also is MK suggestive), named after.... Marilyn Monroe's (going to be going more into Marilyn and modern day people like her in the sex-slave industry post at some point after a couple of movie posts) birthdate '6126' [06/01/1926, she died in 1962] according to this link. She had previously launched it properly a few months ago, as usual with some kind of occult connection going on for ritual/programming (note the Eygptian symbolism). The top image with her wearing a checkerboard pattern (not black/white mind) comes from this Daily Mail link where apparently her "relationship" with Mark Ronson's sister Sam is on the rocks.

Note zebra patternish (grey seems to substitute white for her, same as checkerboard pattern at top and bottom of this post which is also grey/white). From a few months ago at some kind of launch. Edit: And whilst we're on the subject of MK Slaves fashion gimmicks, Britney has a new fragrance (they all get them; I've shown a few in the past, here's Anne Hathaway's one, note phallic Eiffel Tower and such) out called HIDDEN fantasy (wonder what that's referring to!) which I havn't looked closely at so have probably missed something obvious. Kind of reminds me of Labyrinth style spheres with Christina looking all lost and confused like Alice, but Christina's one below this image (2nd one, first one has a Marilyn Monroe vibe to it; Xtina programmed at Mickey Mouse Club of course btw, more MM usage) has even more of that theme going on.

Note "Heath Ledger's Double Life" as well as all the standard Marilyn Monroe (presidential model MK'd sex slave) comparison that all attractive MK victims seem to get. [I assume these images were posted elsewhere at the time so apologiez if they were]

All images (note hexagonal net) from her Marilyn Monroe photo shoot from earlier this year from here.

These were based on Marilyn Monroe's last photo shoot alive. This link has a description of it that is fitting: In 1962 [year she died], photographer Bert Stern shot a series of photos of Marilyn Monroe that have collectively come to be known as “The Last Sitting.” Taken during several boozy sessions at the Hotel Bel-Air, the photographs are arguably the most famous images ever captured of America’s most famous actress: Monroe, sleepy-eyed and naked, sips from a Champagne glass, enacts a fan dance of sorts with various diaphanous scarves, romps with erotic playfulness [probably in sex-kitten alter] on a bed of white linens. Six weeks after she had posed, Monroe was found dead of an apparent "barbiturate overdose". [speech/sarcasm marks + emphasis added]

Christina Aguilera (programmed Mouseketeer) is another one (Anna Nicole was also often depicted as Marilyn) who redid this photoshoot.

Lindsay Lohan is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe (like Mariah Carey and other Media Monarchs):
She said: "If you saw my house, I have a lot of Marilyn stuff. I've got this painting of her in my house. It's eerie because it's a picture and it's kind of like a cartoon, and there's a big bottle of pills next to her, and they've fallen over." link.

"Lindsay Lohan has purchased the Los Angeles apartment that movie legend Marilyn Monroe once called home. The 20-year-old, who is currently in rehab at the Wonderland Center in the Hollywood Hills, is expected to move into Monroe’s former two-bedroom apartment after her treatment is completed." link.

From the same link: "Anna Nicole Smith was closer to being another Marilyn Monroe that Lohan is. Anna even died in a mysterious way as Monroe did. Is Lohan planning to go down that same tragic road? Could be, if she doesn’t stay off drugs and alcohol."

Both Marilyn and Anna Nicole (above) were MK sex-slaves (amongst other things/alters), both died of "drug overdoses". More on Anna Nicole etc over at Freeman whose new season of interviews has started by the way.

This can also be considered MM Marilyn Monroe similar; credit to this link for a lot of this info on MM/modern day celeb comparisons (it has info on Madonna invoking MM also).

And to come full circle back to modern day MK slave, "she" has chosen to go to a Halloween (I'll have that covered ^^ probably be a few Alice's and Dorothy's and such for programming) party as Sarah Palin... [this link is very scarey] I don't she'll be tattooing her lipstick on though (seriously whotf does that, doesn't it hurt... all part of the programming + giving the right outward image).
She wore this checkerboard top at the XXX (made to look like 2 double-crosses, deffo symbolic anyway the way the logo for it is, see above) Diesel (wasn't Vin Diesel XXX ^^, all the roles they get are for ritualizing their MK'd existence (also why Tin Diesel does the voice of the Iron Giant, more Tin Man MK symbolism); need to get started on Babylon AD with synchromystics criminally ignoring all the blatant mind control aspects [genetically altered young girl being programmed by a new age cult in an isolated monastry, told to avoid all outside influences (cos it would mess with her programming, and it does), her mind is "like a computer" paraphrased, twins birth, Wizard of Oz mentioning and various others... I'm starting to think all of synchromysticism (edit: the majority of the bloggers are excellent btw [i.e Aferrismoon and other links to the right on this page], it's the pie-in-the-sky/"everything's the work of the universe/'kosmic konsciousness'" ones that get under my skin) is just a distraction from the obviously conscious use of MK and occult symbolism, which I don't see how you can view as two separate agendas when it's the same people putting them both in and we know they (programmers/the elite's belief systems/etc) are obsessed with the occult] Does anyone else share my concerns? I'm probably just bitter that I don't have the capacity to make awesome videos like theirs! Check out the latest.) Rock and Roll 30 year anniversary [note purple carpet] thing.


Michael Skaggs said...

OMG Ben!

That was amazing, what a break down of info! Excellent work bro per usual here at your blog.

So Lohan is headed for an Anna Nicole Smith moment huh? Hmmm.

Peace bro.

Anonymous said...

The nickname LiLo reminds me of Ciara who references herself as CiCi in the new video.

Call me 'Cici', let's go and I know that you see me
Can't be just like, can't make that happen
'Cause I am the original and you ain't got that swagga

The "heart" around her eye is interesting.

,She grew up on Army bases in Germany, New York, Utah, California, Arizona, and Nevada, since her father was in the United States Army.

No shit?

Record releaseparty was at a amusement park.

She has a contract with agency called "Wilhelmina Models".


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Marilyn Monroe stuff. She is fascinating in the sense that she was a totally broken person and all these young starlets are creepily lining up to be just like her

Also check out this amazing 8 page forum

Anonymous said...

Regarding CIARA, 3 years ago wiki mentioned the fact that rumours said she was born male and the person we see today is the result of surgery, hence transsexual. Now u wont find this anymore in her wiki bio. Same goes for her relationthip with LIL BOW WOW, the mention they were involved disappeared from both his and her wiki bios. As far as Im concerned, when I looked 2wice at CIARA, I couldnt help noticing her male attributes: wide shoulders, longer arms and not quite a womanlike face...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to mention the increase in TWIN births in the industry. Recall what Springmeier said about twins programming being important to them ties into Mengele experiments genetics etc. Also the increase in the birth rate in H-wood in general, weird, From the yougest like Jamie lynn SPears to older ones like Halle Berry and Marcia Cross. There's an obsession with knocked up actresses and "bumps" Its like they all have to have babies. What is that all about? obviously some kind of societal programming, as well as a new crop of victims for the MK machine. Could there be some kind of genetic manipulation of these new H-wood babies going on?? -LH

aferrismoon said...

I blame Betty Boop and the WAMPAS Baby Stars for all this 'female' MK/Action of Universe i-doll-ogy.
The beginnings of Hollywood and Disney
If things get under one's skin , remember MM starred in the 7-Year Itch.
I don't think I could bear any one blog in isolation, its when they all mix together and a stream of synchro-though emerges that all the subject matter, the opinions and beliefs, philosophies, polemics, the crimes, murders wars and lies, all of it falls away and for a blessed , timeless moment - revelation [ almost]
The blogs = the chariots and the subject matter = the yellow brick road, maybe.


Dedroidify said...

I just wanted to share how disgusting I find LL to be ;p

I mean wtf is going on with the face here:

Family guy recently joked at how everybody bangs her in the most recent Illuminati Jesus episode.


Anonymous said...


Great Post!! I totally agree that the MM/MK programming is being ramped up. Especially with the "I got your crazy" MK princess Britney back in full sorceress form. The Fembot programming in Britney's "Womanizer" is totally schizophrenic and no doubt meant to breakdown/dumbdown the psyche of those not in the know about the masonic/luciferic/occult symbolism. I recently saw advertised "The Muppets' Wizard of Oz" with the as you saw "Media Monarch" Ashanti. Who in my oppinion along with other R&B/Hip Hop 'Stars' are mindlessly invoking the same symbolism. Like Jay-Z says in his song Blue Magic, "Open Ya Mind
U See Da Circus N Da Sky". Hinting at the occult sorcerers use of Archetypal/zodiacal symbolism in their Media/MEMes/Medes programming rituals. Keep up the good work. I feel ya.

Anonymous said...

Even Jenna Jameson is having twins.


Dedroidify said...

Hey Ben check out this li'l joke ;p

Anonymous said...

Madonna invoking Marilyn:
(Looking very Anna Nicole in this pic....)

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