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Tripping while Stripping in the Dollhouse, and Programming with a Pole

The Uninvited: more checkerboards in horror movies, note that the glass of milk shatters on the checkerboard floor. Based on this blatant Korean film, "A Tale of Two Sisters" [starts off in a mental asylum etc], reading the wiki is a must: "The camera turns 360 degrees to reveal that Su-Mi has been in the house alone with her father the past few days and that the conversations and events she had previously had with Su-Yeon and her stepmother were the result of her schizophrenic mind; Su-Mi was in fact a multiple personality." [Asia are way more blatant on the whole issue than the West] names of the girls in English are Rose and Lotus... clicky.

This is just a quick few MK synchs/programming in the MTV spinoff of [Hulk] Hogan Knows Best, Brooke Knows Best. Brooke Hogan is like the rest of the MKittens (probably not the best name for them admittedly), like Paris etc who get their own TV shows and things to give the appearance of normalcy and also shape the minds of the youth using them. Paris' latest TV Show for instance has standard MK suggestiveness, with it's first episode entitled: "Welcome to the Dollhouse" which is the same name as TTLG's post on Whedon's new show Dollhouse, which is total MK obviously, did some posts on it in the past, no doubt I'll have a field day once it starts playing (considering going back and analyzing Firefly/Serenity too). Various other things with that title; from this movie apparently, the Pussycat Dolls' second episode of their TV show also was called Welcome to the Dollhouse (look at the other episode names too), and in Nicole Richie's novel (sure) the protagonist lists it as one of her favorite movies... wonder why!

Queen Mary's Dolls House. Inside images from here, note the checkerboard patterns (especially on the outside of it).

Anyway, in Brooke Knows Best; the one that jumps right out at you is the spiral staircase [cyclone from oz effect, spirals are dissociative/hypnotizing, spiralling into an alter-reality etc] that is always prominently displayed in each episode because it's in her own apartment.
Activities involving a lot of spinning usually are inhabited by mind control victims; like ballet, figure skating, gymnasts and things like that. Obviously not all ballerina's (etc) are MK'd, but it makes sense that victims of spin programming would be given careers that involves lots of spinning; pole dancing is no exception as you spin round the pole (pillar? House' cane represents this, and stripping is featured in that post along with a fragmented mirror reflecting a stripper). This Daily Mail article made me laugh... "The truth about lap-dancing clubs bringing sleaze to the High Street and why there's NOTHING we can do to stop them"... I say bring on the sleaze! [without any programming or anything evil though obviously] And fuck you and your fake moral outrage!

This type of thing is illustrated in The Dark Knight where the entire Russian Ballet is essentially just a tool for billionaire's (because they're all totally controlled) to use when they feel like it [Russian ballet originally was designed for entertaining royalty, things don't change].

When you dance to music you can enter a dissociative/trance state (increasingly so in modern day clubs, with all the flashing lights, ridiculously loud beats and other methods of dissociation [wtf is with that foam shower thing, I've been in it a few times; I wonder if it's ever so slightly like being waterboarded!! but people seem to enjoy it when I just want to gtf out of there]). Dancers (ballet, pole-dancing etc) usually practise in front of a mirror for building up mirror images in their minds, and also helps because they can start not recognizing the image (of themselves) in the mirror and start seeing it as a separate/alter-personality (usually occurs after a split), all that spinning and programmed choreography (mirror image of a dance) obviously helps in this process too.

This girl [note mirror, illustrating what I'm talking about] Izzy is the latest British girl to be "lucky" enough to get into the Russian ballet and their ridiculously harsh training regimes (really programming to make them ultra-flexible etc. this harshness is common knowledge). Russian ballet was originally made for entertaining the royal court.

Britney immortalized in wax as a pole dancer. Image from here [also another wax Britney pole dancing there to] She is literally a pole dancer in her video for Gimme More (below, note blond girl with ).

Saw this a few months ago and wanted to do a post on it [tonne of synchs I don't remember right now], poster fits in with this post though.
Speaking of Britney and other MK Slaves (Jenna Jameson obviously too), here's Britney in the black/white top; and also Miley in one of her "leaked" stripper shots as a zebra too.

"The Butterfly"[note black/white socks in that video]

"[Then go into] Very Bad Kitty"

"And Bad Kitty it up"

"This one is called the Tinkerbell" [the Peter Pan move is also shown in that video]

As soon as they get the ridiculous high-heel shoe things on and they start dancing sexily (allegedly, the mum and daughter [Brooke's mom (pictured below in butterfly/moth dress from same episode finale of the season) attended the Pole Dancing lesson also] seem like carbon-copies of each other in terms of the fake-looking faces they have) and such; the music starts, "She moves her body like a cyclone" repeats over and over, here's the video for that song, Baby Bash ft. T-Pain - Cyclone. Showing the spinning/cyclone/spiral (staircase) connection also.

"The Double Fairy"

She couldn't resist going upside down, naturally all her "friends" film her and put it on the internet ;s.

Odd obsession with circles this show has.

Note rose flower thing in the window, heart on her chest, those lizard type things whatever they are either side of the rose, tattoo = ownership.
When Hulk Hogan get's mad (you wouldn't like him when he's angry.... seriously!) at a video of her on the pole gets on youtube (all scripted/planned), she says "Well it's me spinning on it." Hulk says "My mind has been racing from the Dollhouse in Fort Lauderdale, to Oz [hello?!], to the Penthouse, to Brooke being naked on stage." Interesting mind you've got there Hulk!! And his final bit of advice: "Don't be spinning around hitting your head or anything."

A short video on that OZ Gentlemen's Club (not really worth clicking, preview image shows all I wanted to show really; first 30 seconds is unrelated advertisement), note that the neon sign is yellow (confirming it's programming/yellow brick road usage) and there's a heavy use of purple also ["the girls arn't for talking to"... smart observation :S]. Brooke Knows Best episode here, if you want to confirm something I've said on it.


Anonymous said...

Benjamin S said...

Thanks a lot, as usual wonderful addition [perhaps people could start typing some kind identifying nickname when commenting anonymously so I can thank the person properly for all the brilliant links/info I receive in comments], fits perfectly into the post illustrating how these ultra-flexible (evidence of programming) gymnasts/etc are used by the "elite" in that way, one of Putin's quotes almost make me physically sick. And the newspaper has been shut down now! Amazing how blatant it all is.

Anonymous said...

totally mind controlled!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I posted 2nd time same subject, but it showed me an error at the beginning.

Ben, this is for u to understand better the double/imposter stuff:
And yes, the PAUL MCCARTNEY we see now is not the one from the beginning of THE BEATLES. It needs smartness and keen eyes to notice the difference.

1. Back to POLANSKI, I read he also had an affair with an underage/teenager CARRIE FISHER and the whole mess was nipped in the bud shutting her mom, DEBBIE REYNOLDS, up, one way or another.

2. The case of the model JILL WEATHERWAX sprang to mind:
One of those who was involved with her at that time was murderer/mob MICHEL ADAM, boss of shit TV channel FASHION TV.

Anonymous said...

Check out the name of the Mexican president and the symbols behind Shakira The Sheep.

Anonymous said...

Here's another article on Kabaeva:

-Lady Hadenough

Michael Skaggs said...

Primo Story my man!

Ben, your blog has boomed amazingly bro! The work, the tie ins, the connections are all there for anyone willing to see!

I hope you back up your blog from time to time, just incase you know, big brother decides to pull the plug on some of our stuff and uses a fake story like "server melted" or something lame like that.

This syncs with me because a friend last night at work was JUST talking about Zombie Strippers--and how much he liked it! I know, I work with nice people but they are still caught in the matrix programming.

It seems a prophecy Tsarion spoke of from the ancient celts where "Women would have no shame" is obvious right now, I so loathe money, people will do just about anything for it, mind you to stroke their own ego with it.

Great work, and no doubts on the Ballet as Billionaire's playthings.

Peace bro.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely a victim of spinning and remember everyi l time id feel id had sexual contact while asleep id awake with mg body laid out in a spinning ballerina stance... I just saw mg nephews daughter do the same thing.

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