Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Traumatized 5 Year Old Japanese Fembot

Must thank commenter again for providing this excellent link [very interesting video]. This is quite apt though: "But, as our video shows, Repliee [Reptile? Reply, reptile?] looks less like a realistic robot and more like she has come straight out of a Japanese horror film." [Japanese horror films (and most Western ones for that matter, which are often just remade Asian ones i.e the Ring) are loaded with MK] It is based on a (probably traumatized in reality) real 5 year old girl, the expression on her face shows this; as do the glazed over eyes and things [the music doesn't help either ;p]. Also the green dog collar thing could be significant.

This one is also rather disturbing ["I do not like it when you touch my breasts"], previous posts on loosely related things.

Bring in the fembots! No one can resist their charm.. quite; I regard fembots usage in the media as a mix of transhumanist (get everyone to accept fucking machines and such) and also symbolic of MK slaves (as in they are metaphorical [and can literally (got more blatant ones ((you can tell the real ones from the fake ones)) from the porn industry, where these victims are often used in films) think they are in their mind through programming] robots)

Random Austin Powers [remember ALL secret agent stuff has mind control undertones because most of them are MK'd in reality] fembots clips [note their heads explode through Austin (Oz-Tin) sexual trauma/abuse ^^] + Britney, the ultimate fembot serving the "boys" as the song suggests [her own head explodes at the end... hint hint!].

Check out this deleted scene also... I wonder why they would include that very short clip! [Britney's head shaking wildly]

Edit: Added an update on Anna Nicole; when they were giving her breast implants they perversely recorded the MK victim (here she is in her child-like alter, shown before; note 2 sets of twin pillars and facepaint/mask, she is not on drugs [none found in her system]) and all of her unrelated parts (to the surgery, see link) as she lay there unconscious, just shows the kind of mind these people who control MK victims have [different Howard Stern to the one in this post, I'm sure they have similar roles though]. The judge wouldn't allow it to be released because of how disturbing it is.


Anonymous said...

The robot in the wheelchair looks like Charlotte Gainsbourg.



Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to mention you shoud keep an eye on the celebrity kids dannilynn, suri, even angelina's kids etc. They surely are being mind controlled even as we speak. Suri was photogrpahed in a ritualistic red satin dress recently. She has a collection of hundreds of dolls, is dressed like a doll, and no playmates because her parents don't want anyone interfering with her upbringing [programming]. There's been a lot written on how early child programming is done with dolls as representations of alters-LH

Anonymous said...

sad shit

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