Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Quick political post. If you are still not convinced about the Country Music industry's fundamentally 'evil' nature (drug smuggling... not just the music!), then look no further than Sean Hannity's 'Freedom Concerts' (these things are always ironically named), featuring all the standard MK'd Country Music stars (LeAnn Rimes performed for Bush etc), including.... Billy Ray Cyrus [Miley's dad]! His comedy show really cracks me up; Billy's involvement has bewildered Hannity's robotic fans naturally (Billy Ray supported Bill Clinton [wonder why?... all MK'd], has some album cover that is "anti-American" or something); their ignorance is rather adorable. If Barack Obama is murdered by random neo-nazi nuts, it will be almost entirely Sean Hannity's fault (if you've seen his show you'll understand why); I posited that this sort of thing could be the case in this post. FreeDomination. "Can the 'black Jesus' escape an assassins bullet?"

Anne Pressly played an 'Anne Coulter-type character in the film W' by the way, then was subsequently murdered in a "random" frenzied attack; no doubt a blood ritual sacrifice (her appearance in W was all a part of it) like I said in the last post. She worked for Channel 7 so had 7's all over her, more Freemasonic blood ritual indications.
Check out these cabbage-patch dolls they made of these political puppets [cheers commenter pointing them out], here's a link. Video below showing Sarah Palin's confused state.

And below, how these campaigns are never about real issues or anything that has any basis in reality (it's all about fear); it's all about dividing the people, keeping the masses constantly arguing amongst themselves over nothing-issues to keep them distracted from actual problems and actual criminals that need to be dealt with. [Edit: Added in another Colbert vid showing more fearmongering leveled at Obama.]

And one more loosely interesting one from TDS.

Who's Nailin' Palin?

Previous posts on Palin/McCain/Obama/election (click on below labels)... it's all a meaningless sideshow; seriously vote Paris (note her red shoes; if she's not on the ticket just write it in, she is our only hope for "change" ;p).


Anonymous said...

For fun?

Anonymous said...

Is there any connection with the mind control of Mark David Chapman in Hawaii and Barack Obama?

crickwall said...

no, except that there is mind control in either case

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