Monday, 20 October 2008

Phallus in Wonderland

While doing some work with TV on in background naturally, another MK'd musician's crib was on (The Bravery's drummer; remember Blink 182's drummer is also probably MK'd) and could not ignore a music video the guy mentioned as influencing his 100% checkerboard floor (all over his house pretty much), seems to portray Alice drinking LSD imo, then near the end she is cut into pieces and eaten as a cake [cannibalism, split mind in pieces/parts, also on one of the images in this post] etc. The poster is from an Alice in Chains (interlocking rings = chains, mental prison) tour and the title of this post is from this. More on Tom Petty, lmao he's the incredibly annoying/boring character 'Lucky' in King of the Hill.

Wanted to post this one for a while now; Gwen Stefani's [nice black/white top they've picked as her image in the wiki link ^^] Alice in Wonderland inspired dissociation video: "What You Waiting For?" Previously posted a couple of Gwen's videos.
What You Waiting For? - Gwen Stefani

Also her memorable performance on a checkerboard stage of the same song at the EMAs a few years back. I'll be covering the EMAs (on 6th November) probably in the same way as I did the VMAs. Edit: And they just love feeding this blog it seems... Katy Perry is hosting it (to my delight admittedly)! I'll do some posts in the build up on the weird UFO/abduction [Katy gets abducted in one of the latest] promos that MTV has made for them, perhaps the (fake) aliens are finally going to unveil Robbie Williams as their ambassador on Earth! Check out her official blog ["KITTY PURRYS BLOG"] for more random images of her with big cat-skin, a new t-shirt with herself portrayed as a kitten... she is always displayed in this way.

Here's her song with EVE, 'Rich Girl' [based on some jewish fiddler on the roof thing] Note the butterfly stickers in the japanese girls' room with the Gwen and Eve dolls, the bird cages on the ship etc.

Edit: Well whilst I'm here posting, I might as well throw in a couple of symbolic No Doubt (her former band, probably contains some of her handlers) videos, first has loads of checkerboard, black/white (and red) symbolism, the song is Hey Baby.
Hey Baby - No Doubt
In the video for the classic song Don't Speak, the drummer wears a t-shirt with a checkerboard on it, with the word MADNESS (for the band portrayed on the checkerboard) written above it, Gwen wears a third eye.


Anonymous said...

What do you make of the Oranges (and Oranges that are rotten on the inside)?

Since we're also on the topic of Wonderland, the NBC TV series CHUCK - CIA, NSA spy spoof - is produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision.

It also has CIA agent femme-fatale Sarah Walker working at the "Orange Orange" store.

Anonymous said...

Should also have mentioned the Green Door making an appearance in both the Don't Speak video and Chuck.

Dedroidify said...

No Doubt are from Anaheim, aka the "Magic Kingdom", aka their first album title - the "Tragic" Kingdom, another album is called "Return of Saturn"

Anonymous said...

My comment about the Wind it Up video was erased? Sorry if i offended anyone.

Benjamin S said...

The oranges that look all juicy on the outside but on the inside they're dirty, abused by maggots etc. I think represents the beautiful exterior of many of these MK victims (all the ones I've written about; Gwen Stefani here, Anthea Turner another one from the past few days), but inside they are really the opposite of that [traumatized, abused by disgusting programmers (aka maggots), fragmented etc.]. In Oz programming fruits are used to represent programs, which may have something to do with it too. The fact that the word is the same as the fruit would probably be used in dissociative programming [colour an orange green/red, (give them LSD or whatever) call it an apple; get them to bight into it leading to a shock. This seemingly pointless activity would have various motives behind it (i.e testing how effective the programming has worked on the victim), I feel it is likely used (or variations of it like you see in hypnotist shows)]. In color programming, orange represents guard alters, "heavily programmed for obedience" (Illuminati Formula).

I've heard of that show Chuck, never seen it though; just another one of the many MK shows being pushed lately. Chuck immediately makes me think of the psychotic Chucky doll in Child's Play. And also MK'd Chuck Norris (programmed at US Air Force, WALKER Texas Ranger etc) of course ;P

Might give Chuck a chance, and jeez Sarah Walker [SW/S&M] is probably reason enough to watch it! And that Green Door is pretty self-explanatory (Dr. Green/Mengele etc), but Children of God's MK'd cult leader using it as a term for molesting children should clear up any confusion. Nice catch.

Dedroidify, cheers for that great info. Loved your South Park post + the rest btw, man I've really got to write up the latest Simpsons (starts with Oz cyclone [in reverse going from color back to black/white, for more confusion], Homer threatening to beat Bart with 'those thick magazines, the ones with all the advertisements' (paraphrased), symbolic MK adverts I always show in those mags ;p Bart's twins, symbolism inside the elite's 'McMansions' etc.

Last anon, don't know what happened there, something must have screwed up because I don't have a comment in my email, I guess blogger messed up at the time of your posting, there's been no deletion on my part (I strictly only delete spam and accidental comments/double posts). Feel free to post it again and be as offensive as you like ;D, v annoying; but I assure you I have deleted nothing.

Cheers all.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to SKYLAR DELEON. Symbolistic name 100% anyway...
A bit of fun... Check out in the last link, the name of a convict, JFK, awaiting trial...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hmm..where to start?

I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before.


Anonymous said...

Kerry Katon and her 'handlers'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Gwendolyn [WENDY for short]=blessed ring

Stefani or Stephen [from the greek]=Crown

Gwen could be bloodline. Her son's name is KINGston

Husband Gavin Rossdale ROSS=Rose Scottish Rite?

Anonymous said...

When Gwen did the photoshoot for her first song Don't Speak (red dress/holding a orange) she was filmed making horned hand signs outside the doorway of a Masonic Temple in Anaheim.

The video for Hey Baby shows a red pentagram in the opening scene, the song was used in 'A Girl Like Me' a film about Ed/Gwen Araujo a transgendered teen who was murdered on 3/10/2002 (Gwens 33rd birthday). There is a scene in another video called Bathwater showing a man dressed as Gwen, the Saturn album cover has an urn on the bath which represents the bathroom where Ed/Gwen will be murdered 2 years later.

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